The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 15 : The Present Life


Michael's eyes were widened. His head was spinning. He never saw this much amount in his whole life before. All his problems would have been over with this amount. Yet his dad said in the letter " he could call him if he wanted more money. How wealthy his dad was actually? He couldn't guess it. He was excited. He was really a rich guy now.

Lots of things have changed in the last four years since he left Arizona city. He graduated with a Gold medal as he promised to Andria. He studied hard for entrance & got admission in post graduation in MBA degree in a college of Tucson city. So he moved out with his Nani to Tucson city. He met Andria quite a few times in between. They were very close friends now. Andria wanted to help with his post graduation college fees & in finding home in Tucson city. But Michael rejected saying she had done so much for him. He wanted to do all things on his own now.

After moving to tucson city, he rented a small house in the poorest area of the city as he could only afford that. He started doing part time jobs to pay his college fees & rent of home. As he was now far from Arizona city, he couldn't meet Arun or Andria for the past one year. They were in touch by phone calls.

After coming to Tucson city, Nani got ill one day & on other check ups, was diagnosed with advanced uterine cancer. Doctors started her on chemotherapy, but advised the need for surgery to prevent spread to the lungs.

"Michael, if metastasis of the lung will occur, even surgery will not save her. We have to operate on her as soon as possible."

As a famous & such a large hospital, fees of surgeries were so high. But doctors that are skilled to do such kind of surgeries were in that hospital only. Michael started to save money for her surgery. But was not successful in saving much due to high fees & other expenses. Also, he just gave Arun 10000$ which he took many years back as Arun was in need of money. He didn't want to bother Arun by asking for money again. But even after 4 months of diagnosis, when Michael was unable to arrange any savings at all, he decided to call Andria for help. He even didn't have enough money to buy Nani's chemo drugs this month.

But how could he ask for Andria's help? She paid a lot of money for him already. He even used her flat for 3 years without paying a penny. So it would be really wrong to ask for money again. That's why he didn't call her & instead took money from John Kent for Nani's medicine.

Michael remembered that he had to give 1000$ to John today evening. He again swipe his card & withdraw 10,000$. After returning to home, he decided to call his father & hear his voice. He called on the number his dad mentioned in the letter. 2-3 rings went by & phone was picked up. His heart was racing.

"Hello." A voice came from the other side.

"Hello, Is that you Dad? I am Michael." he replied.

"Hey, My son, It's so good to hear your voice finally after many years. I missed you so much."

"I missed you too,dad. Where were you all these years? Why didn't you contact me?"

Michael had a lot of questions in his mind.

"I will answer all your doubts when I will be there. Probably next month. Just know that your dad was so hurt that he decided he will contact you only after he will become the most powerful man. I have known all your sufferings,son. I had always kept an eye on you. It will not happen now. I will explain all the details later on."

"Ok dad, Don't worry. I just wanted to say thanks for the money." Michael said.

" You haven't spent it yet? My all money is for you only. You don't have to thank me for that. Just give me a call if you need more. Don't hesitate at all. I have to attend a meeting now. Will talk to you later." his dad hung up the phone after saying.

Michael felt happy. He talked to his dad for the first time in years. By the voice of his dad, he felt that he had really become a powerful man. Michael noticed russian accent in his tone, maybe he was in Russia only for many years. "Please dad,come soon." he thought & left for the college to find John.

He entered the college & saw John & his friends were still sitting at the same spot. These guys had no other work other than sit & make a mockery of everybody else. Michael thought & went towards them.

"Hey John, take this 1000$. Thank you for your help when I needed it most." Michael said in a polite tone. Although he hated him, but he was the one who helped Michael at that time.

How was this guy able to get 1000$ in such a short time? They knew he would not be able to give the money back till the evening too & they would get a chance to insult him more.

But Michael indeed handed 1000$ before evening. Everyone there was surprised by this.

"Did you rob a shop?" one guy asked.

"Obviously, there is no other way by which he could have made 1000$ in such a short period." another guy added.

"He even must haven't seen 1000$ at the same time before." all started laughing.

Michael was angry. They were bullying him but in reality they were the real bullies. Especially John, who despite being a rich guy asked him to return 1000$ for 600$ that he gave. But it was not worth fighting with these guys. Michael had already a bad experience by fighting with a rich guy before so he avoided them & left for the class.

However, in the class,He couldn't concentrate. Slip of his account balance kept coming in his mind. What should he do now? He wanted to plan everything on how to spend these money. He was not like that other rich students. He decided he will not waste money unnecessarily. As he was rich now, he could start on working his plans. All the dreams of his will become true now.

But first he had to get his Nani to the hospital & get on with the surgery. He didn't want to complicate Nani's condition anymore. He decided to visit the hospital after the class…..

Pulseline hospital was the well known hospital not only in Tucson city but in the whole state. All the best cancer specialist doctors have been hired by them. They had so much success in curing various graded cancers. After becoming a big name, administration used to charge a very high amount to patients nowadays. So only rich families could afford to come for treatment. But for the well being of their loved ones, poor families also used to come there & get treatment by spending all that they had.

There were seven doctors in The special team of the Cancer department. They were also not happy with this attitude of the management, but their hands were tied by agreement contracts that they signed. They were not allowed to oppose any rules nor were they allowed to resign before the contract ends. They all signed at that time because of the availability of all the latest equipment there. They knew they could serve better to all people if they stayed in that hospital together. But they regretted as they were becoming a part of the management's unethical acts.

Michael entered the hospital & went to the reception counter. Before he could say anything, the lady recognized him & started cursing him.

" Why do you come again & again to ask the same thing? I have been told clearly that surgery will not be done before you make a full payment. & i know you don't have any money. This is not a charitable trust. Get out & don't irritate me by coming again. It won't make any change."

"But I wanted to say that…"

"Stop it. Why are you doing this? I have too much work. Can't you see that? I won't answer your same questions again." The lady said out loud & angrily.

All became silent. Her voice could hear clearly in the entire hall. Michael was angry now.

He didn't do anything to offend her. It was in fact she that was not willing to listen to him.

"What happened here? Why are you shouting in the hospital?" A voice came from behind.

Michael looked at him. It was a Man in a suite approaching them. He came & asked the lady without looking at Michael.

"I am extremely sorry sir. This guy comes here every week & wants us to operate her Nani free of cost. He doesn't have money. Still he tried to insult me today." the lady started crying in fear.

He was Mr.Taylor. He was the head of the administrative department. He was also the hospital owner's best friend. He was ruling this hospital as the owner wasn't interested in coming there. He could do anything here. So the receptionist got scared of him & lied.

"Ok. take care next time. You are not allowed to speak loud in this premises. & you, come to my office now." Mr.Taylor said arrogantly by looking at Michael.

Michael looked at the lady angrily. How could she lie about the things that happened? He would explain everything in detail. He thought & followed Mr.Taylor to his office…....................

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