The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 16 : The First Investment

After entering the office, Michael started explaining himself.

"Sir, That lady was lying. It was she who was not listening to me."

"Are you saying that you were not coming every week to ask her for help? Your Nani not in need of an operation?" Mr.Taylor asked in a cold voice.

"She was right about that sir. But I didn't insult her.& this time i was not gonna ask for help." Michael tried to explain.

"Is that so? So what were your plans? Did you want to threaten us this time?" Mr.Taylor got angry now.

"No,sir. Why should I do that? This is the best hospital that can treat my Nani well." Michael replied.

"Yes, we are the best in the business. And we don't entertain poor guys like you who want to take advantage with their cheap tricks. Do whatever you want, We won't treat your Nani free of cost." Mr.Taylor said arrogantly. He knew nobody would dare to harm this hospital, especially not this poor guy.

"Please listen to me sir, I have arranged operation fees. I brought the cheque of 3,00,000$ for full payment." Michael explained, showing his cheque.

"Ok. but you have to pay 10,00,000$ now. As you have tried to spoil the reputation of our hospital, we decided to charge extra." Mr.Taylor said. His evil mind thought about getting as much money as he can from this poor guy. By his clothes & nature, he seemed like a guy who would do anything to save his Nani. This was the opportunity for Mr.Taylor to earn a big hand. He knew this guy wasn't a rich guy. He was not an influential guy. He would pay anything.

What Mr.Taylor didn't know is that Michael was a different guy now. He just got rich. He was full of confidence now. He was not an old Michael who would bear every wrong deed & get insulted with keeping his head down. He had sacrificed enough.

"Why would I pay so much? I know the charges. Dr.Miller also told me that he would not charge his fees. So charges should even go down now. I won't give a penny extra."

Michael was angry. He decided to teach him a lesson. He guessed that his dad must be so influential that he will be able to help.

"Is that so? Then get out from here,you moron. I will not even let your Nani get admitted here. I am the boss here. We won't operate on her now. Do whatever you want." Mr.Taylor was fuming.

Michael felt scared for a few seconds. What will happen if they will not operate his Nani? What if he is not able to convince them? But he cooled himself down. He trusted his dad's word. He had belief in him. He decided to call him. & started dialling.

"Oh, so you want to call any influential person now? Do it. There is no one who will be able to change my decision. Call whomever you want." Mr.Taylor said with an evil smile.

Michael came out of office. His dad didn't answer his call. He felt worried. Just when the doubts were clouding his mind, his phone rang. It was his dad. He felt relieved & answered the call.

He entered the office after half an hour & without permission went inside & sat on a chair.

Mr.Taylor was shouting at Dr.Miller for providing a discount to many patients. Dr.Miller was standing with his head down & saying nothing. Suddenly Mr.Taylor saw Michael entering & sitting on a chair. He felt even more angry.

"How dare you enter my office without my permission. I thought you already ran after your so called influential friend couldn't have done anything." Mr.Taylor said in a proud tone.

"Get out from here now. I have other things to do." Mr.Taylor asked both of them to Leave his office.

"Stay here only Dr.Miller for 10 minutes. This guy has to apologize to both of us now." Michael said confidently.

Dr.Miller & Mr.Taylor both got surprised. Dr.Miller saw Michael's face. He looked different now. So he decided to stay. Mr.Taylor started to laugh. He said

"I won't apologize to anyone. Not you specially poor boy. Not even in my dream."

"You will. You have to if you want to work here now." Michael said in a cold voice.

Mr.Taylor was surprised. Why did this guy's tone change suddenly? He seemed quite relaxed now. Was he a really influential guy? He rejected the thought as he knew this guy for a long time. Beside owner Mr.Kent was his best friend. So he had nothing to worry about.

"Ok. let's see. What can you do to me?" Mr.Taylor said confidently & sat on his chair.

After 10 minutes went by, Mr.Taylor was smiling. Nothing did happen till now. He knew Michael was bluffing.& he had decided that he would make this guy disappear. At that time his office door opened, he saw Mr.kent entering the office.

"Hey Mark,why are you here?" Mr.Taylor stood & said. He was surprised to see him at this time.

Mr.Kent didn't even answer it & started looking around. He saw Michael sitting in a chair & went directly towards him.

"Sorry to keep you waiting sir. I hope you didn't have any troubles." Mr.kent said to Michael in a very polite tone.

Mr.Taylor was stunned. Why was Mark behaving like this? Why was he referring to this poor guy as sir? Mark was the most reputed person of this city. Why was he standing in front of a nobody? He couldn't understand anything.

"It's ok. But i didn't like this arrogant guy. He insulted me & Miller sir too. You were wrong in appointing him as a head of administration." Michael said looking at Mr.Taylor.

"I am sorry Sir. I just appointed him as he was my friend. He would apologize to you both now." Mr.Kent looked at Mr.Taylor angrily.

"Mark, what are you saying? Why should I apologize to him? You don't know him. He is just a loser who is nobody in front of us." Mr.Taylor said in anger & moved towards Michael.

"You moron,I will throw you out by myself." he held Michael's hand to pull him out of his chair.

But before he could succeed, he was kicked so hard that he fell down in front of Michael. He was shocked. His best friend,Mark just kicked him. He felt immense pain in his stomach. He was more angry now. He stood up & tried to kick Michael but instead got another kick & fell down again. Mr.Kent came forward & slapped him on his face.

"Mark,why are you doing this? Is this the reward of our childhood friendship? And for a loser like him?" Mr.taylor hurted by his friend's action. He was scared now. He knew that whomever this bastard had called was indeed a more influential person than Mark.

"Your arrogance deserves more than this. I had protected you for a long time despite your actions. But you are calling him a loser. Do you even know who he is? At Least you know Ramos, Right? Sir is a friend of Ramos." Mr. Kent said in a scared tone.

What? Ramos? Mr.Taylor knew him. Ramos was the biggest name of this whole country. He was so influential that even The President couldn't dare to say no to him. How did this loser know him? Did he call him? Mr.Taylor was so scared now. He knew he would be in deep trouble.

"Mark, you also know Ramos,right. Please tell him to spare my life. I didn't do anything. I will do anything." Mr.Taylor was pleading to Mark.

"He is not my friend. He won't listen to me. I can't help you.& i won't as you have cost me my hospital. Ask forgiveness from your new boss who just bought this entire hospital." Mark said.

Mr.Taylor & Dr.Miller were stunned. Michael was the new owner of this hospital. How could this be possible? Mr.Taylor was even more stunned when he saw Michael open his cheque book & sign his cheque. He handed Mr.kent the cheque of 1 billion dollars.

Mr.taylor's eyes widened looking at the amount. Who was this guy? Whom did he just offended?...... .............

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