The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 17 : The New Owner

This is what happened over a call between Michael & his Dad.

"Hey Mickey, sorry I was busy. So I couldn't answer your call. Do you need money?" his dad asked on the call.

"No, dad. I need a favour. Have you heard about Pulseline hospital?" Michael started to ask.

"Ya, i have heard. It is one of the best hospitals especially for cancer patients. I know you want Nani to get operated there." his dad replied.

"Right dad. As I got money now, I came to pay for that only &....Michael explained the whole incident which happened since he entered the hospital.

"Who had dared to insult my son like that? He didn't know me. He will rot now. Wait for 10 minutes. I will call you back." his dad was so angry now.

Michael stood on the side. From his Dad's reactions, he was sure that Mr.Taylor will get what he deserved. He wanted to see what his dad could do. A phone rang after 15 minutes. He received it immediately.

"Mickey, the deal is done. I have just transferred 5 billion dollars in your account. Mr. Kent who is the boss of that hospital will come there in 10 minutes in that moron's office to meet you. Give him the cheque of 1 billion dollars. & you are the owner of this hospital from then on. He didn't want to sell this hospital. But I can buy anything. He couldn't dare to say no to such an amount. Besides, I had plans to buy this hospital. So it's our first investment in the city."

Michael was shocked. He couldn't believe it. His dad just made a deal & bought one of the best hospitals just over a call. He even transferred 5 billion dollars in his account. 5 billion dollars was such a huge amount. How much money does he have? How could this be even possible?

"Dad, how did you do it? Why do you want me to own it?" Michael asked. He had so many questions but decided to ask him when he will meet him.

"I told you that I was going to buy that hospital in the future. Better to buy it now. You have dreams to become a successful businessman,right? This is your first assignment. Show me profits & manage the hospital now." he ended the conversation by that.

Michael smiled. He decided to put all his mind in this hospital. He will show his skills & will show his dad even more profits than the hospital had been achieving.

"Thank you sir for the payment. Documents of changing ownership will take a few days. Hope you don't mind that." Mr.kent said.

"I don't mind at all." Michael replied.

"I will leave now sir. If you need any assistance,please give me a call." Mr.Kent said before leaving from there. Mr.kent came out & stood there looking at this hospital. He thought about the events that happened an hour back.

He was just relaxing at home after a hot shower when he received an unknown call. He answered

"Hello, Mr.kent?" a girl's voice came from the other side.

"Ya, who's this?" he asked.

"I am an assistant to a big boss. I can't tell you his name. We want to buy your hospital. We have evaluated the price. It is worth 600 million dollars. But we will give you 1 billion dollars,ok?" Marcella said in a cold voice.

"What? Are you mad? Why would I want to sell my hospital which is giving me so much of profit? And who's your boss? Why can't you say his name? Are you afraid that I will finish him if I know his name?" Mr.Kent replied. He was indeed the most powerful man of this city. He knew nobody could match him in this city.

"You are just not eligible enough to know his name. Accept the deal & forget your hospital." Marcella said without changing her expression.

"Are you trying to threaten me? Really you are a fool. I will never sell my hospital." Mr.Kent said arrogantly.

"Haha, stupid guy. Never mind. You will call yourself on this number in 10 minutes." Marcella said & hung up the phone without hearing anymore.

Who was she? Who was this big boss? Mr.Kent was not scared of anyone. But the way she confidently said the last sentence, it made him think about them. He decided to ignore & closed his eyes. Just then his phone again started ringing. He took the phone in his hand & saw the name. His hands started shaking. He was already sweating in the Ac room. It was Ramos. He knew who he was. Why was he calling him? He answered & after hearing one word, he felt so scared.

"Ramos…." A heavy voice came from the other side.

"Good evening sir, what can i do for you?" Mr.Kent said in a trembling voice.

" How did you dare to say no to my friend's deal? I will make you rot now. In 15 minutes your whole business will shut down & will be taken over by me. You will be on the road in an hour." a heavy voice said angrily.

"Please sir, i didn't know that he was your friend. I will give it to them. Forgive me,sir. I am just like an ant compared to you. How will I dare to say no? I will call them myself & will let you know in just 10 minutes. Give me 10 minutes sir, please." Mr.Kent was pleading.

"Ok. 10 minutes." Call was hung up.

Mr.kent called Marcell's number immediately.

"I told you you will call yourself. Are you ok with the deal?" Marcella said with a smile on her face.

"Yes madam,please forgive me for my arrogance. You were right. I am not an eligible guy. I will give my hospital. & 600 million dollars is ok for me. I don't want extra please." He didn't want to anger Ramos anymore by asking for more money.

"Our boss is very kind. He decided to give you 1 billion as you have maintained the hospital well. Go to your hospital. You will find the boss's son in your administration office. He will hand over a cheque to you." Marcella replied.

"I will reach there as early as possible. & will help him in any way possible." he said. Marcella hung up the phone. Mr.kent ran for the hospital in his car as fast as possible. & also informed Ramos sir about the deal.

Mr.kent was relieved now. He started walking out of the hospital. Some thoughts were still playing in his mind. Who was this guy? Who was his father? He must be super rich. He cursed himself for neglecting the deeds of his friend taylor. If he himself managed this hospital, this situation would never arise.

Mr.Taylor frowned. Michael was the new boss now. He knelt down immediately in front of Michael & held his legs. He didn't want to lose this job at any cost.

"Sir, please forgive me. I couldn't see who you are actually. I am ashamed of my act. I will do whatever you say. Please spare me this one time." Mr.Taylor pleaded with tears.

"First you have to apologize to Dr.Miller. Kneel in front of him." Michael ordered.

"Sure sir. I will." He stood up & knelt in front of Mr.Miller. "I am sorry for insulting you doctor. Please forgive me."

Dr.Miller didn't bother much. He was happy that this guy was getting what he deserved. He used to insult all the doctors & was very cruel on patients. He was just thinking about how to get more money from patients. Dr.Miller didn't say anything.

"Pack your things. You are fired from now on. I don't want to see you again even around this hospital." Michael said. He didn't want this type of money seeker,arrogant & cold hearted guys in his hospital.

"Please sir. Show some mercy. I will do only what you say. Don't take away my job. What will I do?" Mr.Taylor was crying now.

"You should have thought about that before when you insulted Doctors & were looting patients so much. Now no use of pleading to me. I will come back in 10 minutes, if I still find you here at that time, you know what I can do to you." Michael siad & stood up to go out.

"I understood sir. I will go now. But please spare my life. Don't send guys to kill me." Mr.Taylor said & started to pack up his things.

"Dr.Miller, you are the head of doctors right? Please arrange a meeting for all in the conference room after 1 hour. I will introduce myself & you guys can brief me all about here." Michael said & went out.

Michael took out his bicycle from parking & started going towards his home. Security guard ignored him & went away. How could he even guess that a young boy with a bicycle was the new owner of such a big hospital?

Michael was thinking. He had so much work to do now. Right now, he wanted to bring Nani to the hospital & admit her. Now he didn't have to worry as it was his own hospital. He reached home. Took a taxi & brought her to the hospital. Dr.Miller was waiting for them. He asked a wardboy to finish all procedures & took them with him to a VIP room on the 3rd floor.

However, the receptionist was surprised. Why did Dr.Miller himself come & take them to the VIP room? Michael was just a poor guy. She just insulted him. What changed now? She asked the wardboy who was completing all the procedures of admission.

"Haven't you heard yet? The young man is our new boss. He bought the hospital from Mr.kent. He even fired Mr.taylor." the wardboy explained.

Everything was spinning around her. She couldn't believe it. She had insulted her boss & even lied about that. She screwed up big time. What should I do now? I can't lose this job. I have to apologize to him. She ran towards the 3rd floor…...

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