The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 18 : The First meeting

“ I have checked. Dr.Miller has told me that you have never misbehaved with anyone before. & you are extremely skillful & hard working. So don’t worry. For this time, I am forgiving you. But treat the people well whether they are rich or poor.” Michael said to the receptionist who just came crying & lying on his feet seeking forgiveness for her deeds.

“Thank you sir. I will never disappoint you again.” she replied & left. She was relieved. She was happy that the new boss was so humble & down to earth despite being so rich.

“We will do all the check ups today. After seeing reports we can schedule her for the surgery,sir.” Dr.Miller said to Michael.

“Please Dr.Miller, don’t call me Sir. you have to call me Michael only.” Michael didn’t feel good hearing Sir from such a reputed doctor’s mouth.

“Ok Michael, I will call & let you know once we confirm about surgery. Now let’s go to the conference room. All heads already have arrived.” Dr.Miller said. Michael nodded & started following him. They kept a wardboy in the room only for Nani’s care.

Meanwhile, In the conference room heads of All the departments were sitting & discussing. All head doctors, head nurses & important personalities were present there.

“I have heard that a very young person has taken over this hospital.Is that true?” Dr.Moore, head of medicine department asked.

“It’s true. Dr.Miller told me. That’s why this urgent meeting has been called. It’s an introductory meeting. I hope he will be a good person.”

“He is good. He is just in his twenties. He fired all the administration department which was indeed a corrupted one. So I think he will not do anything that harms doctors or patients.” Sister Monika, head of nursing department said. She saw him earlier firing the whole 5 man team of administration who didn’t oppose Mr.Taylor & gave him ideas of getting more money from patients.

“What? He’s just in his twenties. Yet he already took over the hospital. He must be a super rich kid.” the head of security said in a surprise.

Suddenly a door opened. Dr.Miller entered first & invited the boss to come in. Michael entered. Everybody stood up with respect & started tapping the table to welcome him. It was all new to Michael. He was given so much respect from the most respected persons of the city. He decided to prove himself & be worthy of this respect.

All came forward & congratulated him with flowers & handshakes. He thanked everyone & asked to sit in a polite way. They all were surprised. First they thought that their new boss would come in expensive branded clothes & will show off his wealth arrogantly. But instead Michael came in just a t-shirt & jeans which didn't look branded. He treated them so politely that nobody could guess him to be a billionaire. Real rich people do believe in staying low profile. They thought & sat.

Meeting was over in half an hour. All were satisfied & sure that the hospital was now in the right hands. They were given free hand to do things by their choice & always could give preference in helping the poors. Michael didn’t tell much about him in the introductory speech except that he was still pursuing his MBA. Michael gave suggestion to make Dr.Miller as an administration head to which they all agreed. But Dr.Miller refused by saying that he would not be able to work properly for his surgeries & could not give enough time in management too. So it was decided that Michael & Dr.Miller will appoint a new Administrative head after taking an interview in a few days. Michael instructed the PR team to advertise about the interview.

Michael went home after confirming that his Nani had taken dinner & slept. He ate maggie at home & lied on his bed. He was very tired. He didn’t realize when he went to deep sleep & woke up with a phone ring. He saw it was 7AM already. It was Dr.Miller’s call. He immediately received it.

“Michael, all the reports are ok. We will post Nani for surgery tomorrow. Are you ok with that?”

“Ya,Dr.Miller. I don’t mind. It’s totally on you.” Michael replied. He was relieved finally that his Nani would be operated on soon.

“Ok. we are scheduling her tomorrow at 7 pm.” Dr.Miller said.

“Sure. I am coming in an hour to give her the news.” Michael hung up.

So today he didn’t have to worry about the surgery. His Next plans were to buy a car & good house. He decided to skip college today. He wanted to go to a car showroom today as it was difficult to go to hospital which was far from his house. He already had a driving licence so he could easily buy a good car now. He liked Mercedes cars more so he decided to visit a Mercedes Benz showroom. So after meeting his Nani, he walked half an hour to reach the showroom & entered inside.

Wow….He was amazed by the view there. He didn’t know much about cars. But there were so many beautiful models of Mercedes Benz cars there. He got confused. “It was my mistake to come without a little bit of research about cars.” he thought while searching for someone to help find a suitable car for him.

In an Employee room, All employees were busy eating burgers which was a treat by one of them, Rickey. It was Ricky’s birthday today. He was a talented salesman. For the past 3 years he was winning the best employee award for his company. He was a favourite of both manager & the owner. That had made him arrogant now. He felt himself superior to all the other employees. He never missed a chance to show off himself to everyone. That's why he was giving everyone a treat on his birthday.

Everybody had noticed from a glass window of the room that someone was entering inside the showroom. Initially everyone wanted to run towards him, but when they saw a guy in ordinary clothes & they decided against it & started enjoying their free meal. They knew this type of guy. Everyday they encounter 1 or 2 guys like this who just want to take the experience of sitting in an expensive car & take a few selfies & go without buying as they can’t afford it. So it was just a waste of time to explain the features to him.

“Anybody want to serve that guy? Somebody has to go.” The manager said out loud. He too wasn’t interested much.

“He’s a poor bastard. He is just here to take a chance to touch this car. Let him & enjoy your meal guys.” Ricky said confidently. He was an expert in that. His guesses had been correct most of the times previously. So The manager believed him this time too. & didn’t bother much. Suddenly, A man in a Raymond suite entered the showroom. Everyone noticed him. Before they could act anything, they saw Ricky running towards him. He greeted him & started showing cars.

Michael sighed. He understood they didn’t come for him because of his looks. He looked very ordinary. He had to dress up like a rich man now. He decided to go shopping later on. He saw where Ricky came from. He went towards that room.

“Anybody want to help me find a car or should I contact your boss?” Michael announced at the door.

The manager came instantly. He knew his boss won’t even talk with a poor guy like him. But he didn’t want to spoil the reputation of the showroom. If the other customer would hear this, he would lose that customer too.

“Sorry sir, all were having their meals. I will assign someone to assist you. Just a minute,sir. Steve, go & help our customer.” The Manager said with a fake smile

“Yes Sir.” Steve came hurriedly from behind. All were looking at him & were smiling. Steve was a loser in their eyes. He just joined here 3 months back & couldn’t sell a single car yet. The manager too didn’t like him. So,he used to give Steve this type of task which he thinks is not a useful one.

Steve too knew the behaviour of all towards him. He used to ignore them as he didn’t afford to lose the job. He was from a poor family. & all expenses were dependent on this job. He wanted to go earlier only, because all the customers were similar to him. But at that time one of the employees stopped him. He instantly came forward this time, as he had no problem explaining features to any customer whether the customer would buy the car or not. As soon as he left with Michael, all started laughing loudly.

“Look, 2 losers in the same frame. What a joke?” one employee said.

“Now they both spend at least an hour looking at every car & then that poor guy will leave by saying ...I will come tomorrow after deciding and will never come again.” another employee said in arrogance.

They all were laughing at these two & at the same time were jealous of Ricky. He was showing higher models now to the other guy. He must get the big fish again for the umpteenth time. They knew what was going to happen. Another failure for Steve & yet another big deal for Ricky………

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