The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 19 : Shopping time

After an introduction of himself, Steve started asking his choices for car,budget etc.

“Just show me what you have. I will buy a car which I feel comfortable in.” Michael said while sitting in a car. Steve showed him 1 or 2 basic Mercedes models, but Michael was not much interested. Steve looked at the employee room. They were

laughing at him. He ignored him & started showing the third car but Michael stopped him.

“Show me that one.” he pointed towards a car which was in the middle of the showroom. Michael instantly liked that car when he saw first after entering the showroom.

“Are you sure sir? It is the top model. & the most expensive of this showroom.” Steve asked.

“I am sure. Explain to me its features. I will buy it right now If i like it.” Michael said.

Steve was surprised by his confidence. It seemed he had already decided to buy a car today. But could he afford that car? He skipped his doubts & took Michael near the

car. Steve started explaining all the features in detail.

Meanwhile, all the employees were shocked. Why did that guy want to learn the features of that car. It was a Mercedes Benz AMG GT model. It was the newest and most expensive model. Only very few ultra rich guys could afford it. They just ordered

one car till now in 2 months. There was no way this guy could buy this car.

However, Michael liked its rich green colour. When he sat inside, he felt so

comfortable that he decided to buy that car only. Steve was just about to start explaining the features when Michael interrupted:

“I will buy this car now only. Is it available?” Michael asked.

“,..sorry.. Ya sir, it’s available. We have only one car ready in stock.” Steve barely could say. He was stunned. He never imagined his first sale was the car who even Ricky never could sell before to anyone.

“Take this card for a swipe. After the payment, explain in detail all the features on the road drive.” Michael handed over the card.

All the employees were completely in disbelief now. They saw Michael handing Steve his card. The manager ran towards Michael & all the employees followed him.

“Are you sure sir? Should i swipe the card?” the manager came & asked.

“Steve,go & swipe it.” Michael even didn’t look at the manager.

Steve went to finish the procedure. Ricky also saw that. But he knew for sure that this guy couldn’t afford that car. It was not possible. He thought Steve would come with a card in a few seconds & would say that there is no sufficient balance in that card. He

smiled & continued to explain the 6th car to the customer.

All other employees were eagerly looking at the direction of steve & waiting to see what was about to happen? They didn’t believe this guy.

However, Steve came just in 5 minutes with a wide smile on his face.

“Sir, here is your payment receipt. Other documents & procedures will take time. I will personally hand you tomorrow at this time. The car will be taken out in just a few minutes from the basement.” Steve explained.

What the hell? Everyone was in disbelief. How can this be even possible? He seemed so poor. & he bought the car just now. & not even on loan or credit card. He just paid

from his bank balance the whole amount of 1 million dollars. Their hands were on their head. They just lost the highest earn they could get on selling a car. Steve just earned

20 to 30 000$ minimum on this sale.

The manager also frowned. He cursed himself for not treating such an important customer properly. He knew Such rich guys usually buy many cars & he could have gotten other contacts too. He apologized instantly & took him in his office to sit until the car came out. Steve also went with them.

But the most shocked person was Rickey. He just couldn’t accept what happened. His head started to spin. He always wanted to crack a deal for that car since the car came before 2 month. But he could never find any rich guy yet. How could he get wrong in judging this guy?

“Ok, I will come later after deciding which car to buy?” Ricky’s customer said & left.

Ricky was so frustrated now. Not only did he lose the big deal by his own mistake but also the guy behind who he wasted his hour was just that type of guy who just wanted to enjoy sitting in cars. Ricky was cursing himself. All the other employees who were envious of Steve were laughing now on Ricky.

“Sir, this is a VIP access card for you. You will get a maximum discount on all our cars & you will have access to our limited editions too. Here is my card too sir. If you need any assistance in future. You can directly call me. ” The manager handed the card to him. He hoped that he will buy another car soon if they give him benefits.

“Your car is ready outside sir.” Steve said.

Michael came out with Steve & sat in the car. After 15 minutes of driving with Steve beside him, Michael learned all the important features. He dropped Steve at the showroom, Steve gave him his number to call him if any difficulties arise in the future

& left.

Michael also had to buy the house today. So he decided to drive to the area where all the reputed builders offices were present. He parked his car far from there as he wanted to buy only from those who respect him not by his car but despite him

being poor.

The most famous builders were JK builders. So he decided to go there first. It was a large building. When he went inside there were so many models of beautiful houses &

flats that were put for a show for buyers. Few of the staff were explaining in detail to 2

customers who were already there. Most of the staff was free sitting on their desk. He saw a beautiful lady. She was looking gorgeous. Michael went towards her.

The staff already saw this guy. Based on his appearance they knew he couldn’t buy even 1bhk flats. So nobody bothered much. Miss Amber who had just come after finishing her last deal of an expensive flat was sitting. She saw a guy in front of her.

“I want to buy a house. Can you help me?” Michael asked politely.

“What’s your budget sir?” Amber asked without taking much interest.

“Show me a good house or flat for 2-3 people to stay.” Michael replied.

Amber predicted his interest. He didn’t have much money for sure. & he was too young & dirty. He would not buy more than 1bhk lowest priced flats. Amber showed the smallest properties of their company. She showed 5 to 6 flats to him. Michael

didn’t like them at all.

“Your company has very good flats & bungalows. Why are you showing me only the same type of flats? Show me something else.” Michael commanded. He didn’t have a whole day to spend here.

“We have the best designer bungalows. But you can’t afford it. I am showing only as per your budget.” Amber was irritated now. She twisted his mouth & started showing the same type.

“I didn’t tell you my budget yet. How did you decide what I should buy & what I can not buy?” Michael felt insulted. He decided not to buy anything from here.

“Only VVIPs, businessmen, actors & super rich guys can afford our rates.& I know you are just nobody. So I don’t want to waste my time by showing all to you.” Amber replied arrogantly.

Michael was angry. But he didn’t want to create a scene here. So he just said “I am not interested” & stood up. He decided to go to another builder’s office now.

As he was about to go out, he heard Amber shouting loud.

“Look at this loser, guys. How can this type of guy get courage to come at J.K builders? Why can’t they rot in their slums?” She wanted to insult him as he had wasted her precious time.The boss came out of his office after hearing the voice. He knew the voice.

The boss always had an eye on her. Today he found the chance to make her his own.

“What happened dear? Why are you shouting?” The boss asked.

“Sir,this guy was just wasting my time & questioned our designs. He believes we don’t have a suitable house for him.” Amber said in anger.

The boss looked at Michael. Indeed he was an ordinary guy. The boss knew every rich guy in this city. How could this guy even afford his bunglows of millions of dollars? He decided to defend her.

“Well,you didn’t show me any good design at all. And I am sure about one thing: your staff doesn’t know how to talk with the customers.” he said while looking at the boss now.

“You moron, do you even know who I am? My company is the no.1 company in this field. All the rich customers buy our constructions only. You can’t even afford my constructions at all. Who are you?” The boss replied.

“Well, I won't tell you what I can afford. & you are not that eligible to know me yet.”

Michael replied & left…….

The boss was furious. He was insulted in front of everyone. They saw him entering the Arihant builders office. Owner of that builder was his friend.

He decided to go there & humiliate him…..

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