The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 20 : Shifting to the dream house

"Hello Sir, may I help you?" Michael was greeted here with a welcome. He felt happy. These guys knew how to respect all their customers.

"I am looking to buy a good house. Can you show me some?" Michael replied.

"Come here,Sir. I will show you all designs of flats & bunglows. Just let me know if you like any." The sales girl said with a smile.

After 15 minutes, he chose a bungalow which was their most expensive construction in the best area of the city.

" Wait for a minute sir." The sales girl ran towards the owner's office. She entered & saw J.K builder's owner was talking to her boss.

"Don't let him go. We will humiliate him & then only will kick out from here. Look,the guy is there sitting." he showed him with a finger.

The salesgirl was shocked. She saw the pointing finger was on the customer who was just getting ready to buy their most expensive construction. How could they humiliate him. It would be a great loss for the company.

They stood up to go out to humiliate him. The sales girl stopped them.

"What do you want,girl? Her boss asked.

"Sir, we shouldn't humiliate him. Please don't do that." she started to explain.

"Why? Is he your boyfriend? That poor bastard just came here to insult everyone. Lets go Henry." J.K interrupted her. Henry started walking..

" Sir, he talked so politely to me. & he wants to buy a bungalow in rexel." she finally said.

Henry suddenly froze. His ears just heard the rexel area name.

"What? He wants to buy in the rexel area? Why didn't you tell me before? This customers will be handled by be only. There are not many guys who can buy a bungalow in that area in this city." Henry was excited. He decided to deal with this customer himself.

"You deliberately wanted to spoil our reputation & wanted him to shut down our company. I will deal with you later, J.K." Henry said angrily & ran towards Michael.

J.K was stunned too. Although Arihant builders were no.2 company behind him, their developed construction in the rexel area was one of the most expensive & amazing developments in the whole state. Was he that rich to buy that property? He couldn't believe it. He came out & started watching them from a distance.

"Hello Sir, I am the boss. It's a pleasure to meet you. Have you decided to buy a bungalow in the rexel area? Are you sure?" Henry greeted Michael & asked for a confirmation.

"Ya absolutely. I liked it so much." Michael replied. Indeed he liked it at first sight. Bunglows there were big & with an amazing design. It contained a garden with flowers on every side. It also had a swimming pool on the 2nd floor to relax which he always dreamt. There was a common gym for all the residents of the area & a big lawn for jogging everyday. He decided to buy it on that instance.

"Yes Sir, it is our best creation. I myself live there. It will cost you 8 million dollars. Should I explain to you about plans in loans?" Henry knew this guy must not be that rich to pay the whole amount at the same time. If he was that rich, Henry would definitely know him. He knew all the rich guys in the city.

But he was even more surprised when Michael brought out his checkbook & wrote the full amount,signed & gave the cheque to Henry instantly. Henry was happy & excited. He got the big deal today. He thanked God that he didn't do stupid act by hearing J.K.

He asked the salesgirl to do all paperwork & hand over to Michael in 3 days & asked Michael to come with him to his new bungalow.

"Come sir, I will take you to your new home & will explain everything." Henry took Michael out & opened his BMW car door asking him to sit.

"Please wait. I have parked my car just around the corner. I will come in a minute." Michael left after staying. Henry just stood there waiting.

J.K.'s expression changed drastically. He saw it himself. In a blink of an eye,this guy paid a whopping 8 million dollars for a bungalow. How much rich was he? Henry himself was going to do the work of a salesman for this guy. J.K was cursing himself for believing his employee even without knowing this guy. He was angry now.

He got out of the office & opened the glass door of his own entrance gate when he heard a sound.

A fast heavy engine sound came & a car stood in front of the office. Voice of the accelerator was so loud that J.K's employees came to the door to see the car. It was a Mercedes Benz AMG GT model. J.K knew this model. Nobody in this city still owns this model. Everyone became ready to greet this rich guy. Amber came out front. She knew in her mind that rich guys like him will buy so many expensive homes & that will get her a large incentive.

However, when they saw the man who exited the car, they were stunned. It was Michael, the same guy that they insulted in their office.

Amber was in disbelief. what had she done? J.K was so angry after seeing him again, that he came towards Amber & slapped her hard in front of everyone. Amber started crying.

"Because of you, today the company lost a 10 to 15 million dollars deal & a valuable customer. You are fired from right now." J.K said & went into his office. Amber had no choice now. It was her own mistake. She packed her things & left with a dejected look.

Michael reached at his new bunglow. It was amazing. It was a 5 bedroom 2 floored bunglow cum villa. Everything was so perfect about it. Henry showed him everything & left.

Michael decided to get necessory stuff from his old home & buy new furniture for this house. He visited his Nani & after that went to get all the stuff. There was nothing much to take away from his old house. He paid final amount to owner & left.

After 2 - 3 hours of shopping finally Michael was able to select the furniture. He paid for everything. They said they would deliver all the furniture tomorrow morning. He came back to his new home. He didn't have any bed today to sleep. But he was so tired that he didn't know when he dozed off.

Tomorrow was a big day for him. His Nani was finally going to be operated....

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