The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 21 : The Interview

Today was the big day....

Michael was waiting outside the operation theater...It had been 2 hours already.. he was getting anxious now....

Suddenly a nurse came out. He stopped her immediately.

"Sister, is the operation over? How is my Nani?" Michael worriedly asked.

"Sir, We can't say anything right now. Actually she has lost too much blood. We are transfusing blood. We will let you know soon." She ran inside as soon as the blood bag arrived.

Michael started going too & forth in that gallery. He was constantly praying for his Nani's safety. another hour passed.

Dr.Miller came out & walked straight towards him.

"Michael, Operation was successful. But blood loss was too much. so we will have to keep her in ICU for observation. Don't worry. She will be alright."

"Thank you so much Sir. I will never forget this." Michael said with tears in his eyes. He was so much relieved after knowing that his Nani's operation was successful.

After Dr.Miller went away, He saw staff were shifting His Nani to ICU. he was not allowed to go as a precautionary reason & he accepted it for Nani. He heard the staff talk.

"Dr.Miller is such a gifted surgeon. At one point we all lost hope that she would come back. But he did it." one assistant doctor said.

"It seemed like he almost got her back from God's hands. She was gone." Another assistant added.

"He treated her like his own mother. That's what makes him special." The nurse said.

Michael was happy hearing this. He decided to thank Dr.Miller again & do something for him. He saw them settling Nani in a separate ICU room. Everyone was giving top service & care to her as she was their owner's Nani.

Michael didn't have much work here. so he went to Dr.Miller's office. He thanked him again.

" Thank you so much Dr.Miller. You did a big favour on me this time. In future if you need any help, always remember I will be there for you."

After a brief conversation he was about to leave for home, when Dr.Miller stopped him.

"Michael, I almost forgot to tell. I have set tomorrow's date for interviews for administrative posts. We have to select ourselves." Dr.Miller said

"Of Course Doctor, I will come. What time should I come?" Michael asked. He also wanted to keep a look on choosing as they want a good mind who can improve the conditions here. He didn't want to disappoint his father in his first business.

"9 am. they have shortlisted 5 best persons who meet the eligibility criteria for head post. All are from the best universities & top rankers. We will interview them ourselves." Dr.Miller said.

"I will be on time." Michael said & left for home.


It was already 8 am when Michael woke up. He remembered that he had to attend the interview. He got up quickly & took shower. He hadn't got much time to explore and set up things in his new house yet. He decided to do it after the interviews. He took his car keys & left for the hospital.

After parking his car in the basement of his hospital, Michael took the elevator to go to the third floor where the interview would be taken. He also wanted to check on his Nani.

He was in his thoughts when lift was stopped on the ground floor & opened up. 4 people rushed inside. They were all well dressed up. Michael saw the time. It was 8.55 am. "They must be selected as candidates for the interview." He guessed based on the worried faces of them.

Michael was just standing at last in his old suite. He didn't get time yet to buy new clothes. Based on his appearance, nobody could predict that he was the boss of this hospital.

All the people in the lift completely ignored him & started talking.

"I have heard that the boss himself will take the interview. He must be very strict and arrogant as He's so rich." One Guy said.

"The boss has changed. He wants an honest person for a job. That's why he fired all the staff of the old administration." another one added.

"You were not selected in the last five I think. How did you come then?" A girl asked, noticing Michael.

" actually I..."

"Maybe he is the fifth guy. We were so tense yesterday that we didn't recognise him." The guy interrupted Michael from saying.

Michael decided to keep quiet. He could check them outside only by this way. knowing that he was the boss, their behaviour would change, and he then would not find the right person for the job.

Lift arrived on the third floor. They all came out. A receptionist welcomed them & showed them to the nearby meeting room where the interview would take place. She suddenly noticed Michael. She was about to wish him when Michael stopped her with a gesture.

"Miss, when will the interview start?" One guy asked the Receptionist.

"Soon enough. Dr.Miller is already present inside. We were waiting for our boss to start." The receptionist looked at Michael & smiled.

"Where is the boss then?" another guy asked.

"Have a seat. Interview would start at any minute." The receptionist showed them chairs to sit. "Your interview has already started. Don't do anything stupid." She thought by herself & left after taking permission by a gesture from Michael.

All sat down nervously.

"I am feeling very tense now. What will the boss ask? What should we answer?" Michael asked in a tensed expression.

"Why are you worried? You will not get selected." The girl said immediately.

"Really? Why is it so?" Michael asked.

"Look at your suit. You didn't even wear branded suits. The boss will not like it. so he will not ask any questions to you." The girl said smiling.

"So Is this some type of a brand competition? Poor people like me can't afford to buy expensive brands. and I think I have worn decent clothes for an interview." Michael explained. He had to worry less about one person now as she was rejected in his mind.

"You are right. We should be hired by our talent. not just for our clothes. I hope the boss will think the same. by the way I am Stefan." A guy said. Michael liked him as he seemed down to earth type.

"We have to make him happy & nod him as he says. He will only select him only if his ego will be satisfied. All the bosses are the same." the second guy said.

"You are rejected too." Michael thought after hearing that guy.

" Stefen is right. We are the toppers from our colleges. At Least we have to believe in our abilities & present to them how we could manage the hospital in profitable ways." Another guy who's name was David stated his opinion.

Michael had shortlisted Stefen & David in his mind for the Job. Other three were rejected by the mindset of theirs. But wait, There were only four people other than him. They were thinking of him as a fifth person.

"Who is the fifth person? Why hasn't he arrived yet?" Michael was in these thoughts when suddenly the Lift door opened & A girl came out in a hurry towards the receptionist.

"Wow, She is beautiful. Who is she?" The guy who just got rejected in Michael's mind said.

"Ya, whatever." The girl who was also rejected said in envy.

Michael was not interested to look in that way even after hearing the praises about her.

"Excuse me, The interview will take place in this room only, Right?" The new girl came & asked the other girl.

It was the time when Michael was shocked to hear that voice.. He recognised this voice. How could he not??? It was definitely her voice…


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