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The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Michael Roy was an ordinary student, & was very poor. Because of his poverty, his so called girlfriend left him & insulted him. his classmates also humiliated & looked down on him. But who knows, after reaching home one day, he received a letter from Russia stating that it was from his dad after so many missing years would change his whole life? "my son. Your dad is the most powerful person of this country. I know you will have a lot of questions. you have suffered a lot. But now i will make sure that you won't find a single problem in your whole life. I am transferring 10 million dollars for a start as your daily livings. Just make me a call if you need more." Then the story of Michael started suddenly from an extremely poor guy to the richest kid of not only his city but of a whole country. He bought houses, few extreme high model cars, visited most reputed places & top most services. The most important thing, not only his girlfriend & classmates, he stunned many most reputed people of his city Arizona & other cities too. This story describes the journey of a young man's poor lifestyle & his lavish lifestyle. It also describes how he handled billions of money & became the greatest of all.

Romance / Mystery
Rakesh Patel
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Chapter 1 : Journey of An ordinary young man

" hey loser, come here." a husky voice came from behind as Michael roy was walking towards his college class. his morning mood faded in the air instantly.

Michael nodded & looked in the direction of a voice. He sighed & went towards the voice.

The man in front of him was John Kent who was one of the richest businessmen of the city, Mark Kent's son. He was college's most arrogant character & Michael's classmate.

" You useless piece of trash, You were supposed to give my money back today. Were you running away from me just now?" John asked loudly.

"No..." Michael couldn't say more. Seeing five or six most influential boys of college in front of him, he can't afford to say much.

As a very poor background, Michael worked very hard by doing part time jobs & night shifts. He got admission in a reputed college for management studies on his own. But with a very old grandmother as his only family & high rates of college fees of a reputed college, he was always behind on money. After paying fees for the 1st two semesters, now he didn't have any savings on his sleeve.

Last week when Michael's grandmother got ill, he had no money to buy prescribed medicines for her. As a poor guy who wears old clothes in such a college, obviously he didn't have a single friend. Despite nobody ever wanting to be friends, he always tried to help everyone in academics as he was god in study. yet because of his poverty these rich students kept distance from him when it comes to friendship.

So, after getting rejected for getting money from 3-4 classmates somebody advised him to go to college's richest boy John. "He would definitely help you as he never disappointed anyone." Michael sighed & thought " Most of the guys & girls from this class spent 500-600$ per day just for fun but can't even land him 300$ for his grandmother's medicine?"

Michael went to John as a last hope & when he saw John giving 300$ immediately from his pocket, he was overjoyed.

"I will return the money next week".... Michael said with a smile..

" Of course you have to... but you have to give 600$ back next week".. John said in a cold voice..

Michael was stunned.. how would he be able to return double the amount in a week... he had no other option but to nod. He felt pity for himself & tears rolled in the corner of his eye. I have never done anything wrong in my life & always help everyone. then why i have to suffer a lot?? he thought while walking away.

Today was the day Michael was supposed to give John 600$ back. As he couldn't arrange the money, he was afraid.

"Poor Bas***d", If you can't pay even 600$, how can you stand & study among us? We all have such a high status in society. How do you dare to even talk with us then?" John was determined to insult Michael in front of the whole college.

" I know these kinds of poor boys. They just want to become friends with John & take advantage of him." one of John's friends said.

" look at his clothes. He wears 2 pairs for a whole month. I feel disguised looking at him." another one said while twisting his mouth.

" I want my money right now. If you can't give it, I will make sure that you don't get your degree completed from this college." John said furiously.

" Please don't do anything. I will pay your money by evening for sure." Michael pleaded in a trembling voice. He knew what John was capable of & all his future was dependent on this degree. His dream of making money & paying the hospital bills for an operation to cure grandmother's cancer will be ruined.

" Let him give till evening's time dear. I felt pity for him". Beautiful voice came from the side. It was John's sister, Susan Kent who was standing by her Mercedes Benz car & listening to them till now came & said.

Susan Kent was one of the most beautiful girls of the college & was in her last year. She was tall , had long slender legs & a gorgeous figure which can make one die for. Many boys have an eye on her but nobody has dared to even talk to her as she was Mark Kent's daughter who can make anyone disappear & also she was also very arrogant who humiliated everyone because she was very rich.

Michael looked at susan. He had a crush on her since he saw her on the first day of his college but didn't care to go for her as he wanted to concentrate on his studies. But whenever he got chances, he always stared & filled her face in his mind to enjoy her beautiful face.

However….. A Slaaapppp…

Suddenly, a slap was planted over his cheek by Susan ...."how dare you stare at me? You can't even afford to see at my heels."

" You Jack a**Now you have to pay 1000$ till evening as you have offended my sister. You have until the evening otherwise you will be out of this college." John said in a decisive tone.

Michael was so worried. He was humiliated first & then was asked to pay more than three times of the original amount. How will he be able to pay this amount? 1000$ was not a big amount for other guys , but for Michael who couldn't even get 10$ ice cream in childhood because he only had a grandmother who didn't have any money on her, it was a huge amount.

Michael walked out of the college gate with heavy feets. He couldn't afford to attend the class now as he has to arrange a lot of money in a half day. Finally he planned to go to a pizza shop which was nearby where he worked part time as a waiter. He wanted to borrow money in advance if the boss was willing to give.

Michael entered the shop & went straight towards the manager's office. Mr.Elliot, The manager just came out of his office & saw Michael.

"Why are you early for a job?" he asked.

"I….need payment in advance."Michael replied hesitantly

"What?? You fu***g moron, how dare you ask for money in advance? You are just a part timer here. I won't give you a penny." Mr.Elliot said in a loud noise arrogantly.

"I haven't ever asked to pay advance before.i m asking now as it is urgent sir." Michael said politely.

"You poor guys disgusted me.just get out & come for work on time.you people never want to do any work & just look for money." Mr.Elliot replied in a cold voice.

Michael was getting angry because he always worked more and got cut in salary & never said a word. But somehow he kept his calm & said…"But Sir…"

However… a slap!!!

"How dare you argue with me? This is my brother in law's pizza franchise & I'm firing you right now. Get lost & never show me your face again." Mr.Elliot angrily said

"You have no right to hit me like this sir." Michael was also angry now.

"Is that so? Security!! Show him what i can do…" Mr.Elliot shouted loudly.

2 tall security guards came & one of them hit blows to his face & chest & they throw him out on the road.

Michael felt disappointed. All his future seems to be ruined. He can't go to anyone as no one in this city would have landed him money.. feeling depressed of his condition & suicidal thoughts , he walked towards his home.

however, something is about to change....

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