The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 3 : The story of Michael & Emily

"Mike, r u coming or not? We're getting late for class." Emily shouted from outside.

"Yes, just a sec." reply came from inside.

It was the 1st year of undergraduate college. Mike & Emily met on the first day of the college & instantly connected. They had similar interests. They both came from poor families & focused on studying hard to get success. Both were scholars from their respective schools & front benchers in

the class. Emily was impressed by Michael's looks & smart answers. Although he was poor, she thought she would have a great future with him.

About Emily, she was a beautiful girl with great curves at the right spots. As she was poor & couldn't wear expensive clothes or style her hair or any makeup, her beauty would not be recognized easily. She often stood in front of the mirror after bath & praised her beauty by herself. After seeing her

father's struggle to buy her even small things, she had decided that she would earn a lot of money in future. Her father even didn't have a car. She had always dreamt of a big house in a posh area & luxurious BMW car.

Michael came out with a smile & both started walking towards college.

2 months back, Michael proposed to Emily after spending time for 3-4 months. Emily also accepted as she liked his nature.

But both were just nineteen years old & have different plans for the future. Michael was a simple guy & was always happy. It's not like he didn't want to earn money but he didn't want to become too ambitious. He didn't run after money at the cost of his family or loved ones. Emily had larger dreams & wanted to become a millionaire at any cost. So it was difficult to tell if they would be able to spend

life together in future or not?

At college, when they entered the class, everyone was gathered around a corner. They went there to see what happened. It was Catherine brown's birthday. Everybody was wishing her. Michael & Emily also wished her.

"Tonight i had arranged a party at my dad's farmhouse.everyone must come." announced Catherine with a cute smile.

"I don't like to be with these rich guys. We should not go there." Michael murmured in Emily's ears.

"Why not? She's our classmate. She will feel bad if we don't go. Be ready by 8 pm & pick me up in a taxi from my home". Emily said in a commanding tone.

After class, everyone gathered & planned about the party.

" We will get branded wines & beers there as much as we want." one boy said.

" i heard that her dad's farmhouse is very luxurious. It has all facilities like a swimming pool, garden & a beach view." said another one.

" Please wear branded clothes only as there will be a lot of rich families coming." said a girl.

While Michael was getting nervous hearing this as he didn't have any branded clothes nor he can afford to buy or even rent at this time. But Emily was feeling excited going into such a rich party for the very first time. She already decided to rent a beautiful one piece for the night.

Everyone got separated & went home.

It was almost 7.30. Michael was ready to leave. He didn't want to be late. He wore an old suit of his father which was not a branded one but he looked handsome in it. He took money from his savings from a part time job & got out of home. He hired a taxi & went to Emily's home.

Meanwhile, Emily looked in the mirror. She was looking different in this new one piece dress which she rented from a nearby shop. She combed her hair & tied in a new hairstyle. Then she applied a light make up on her face & a red lipstick on her lips. She wore a high heel that she borrowed from a friend.

"Emily, come on, let's go. I am here. Michael called from outside. As Emily came out, Michael was stunned to see her. He couldn't recognise her. She was looking like a sex bomb. Although he never had lusty eyes for her parts, he couldn't stop from staring at her figure & other parts. His jaw dropped. "Is this the same Emily which i always meet?" All his feelings started to go down towards

his tool but he distracted his mind into his mobile. Indeed Emily was looking so beautiful as it was her 1st time wearing tight western clothes. Otherwise she would only wear loose jeans & t-shirts as it was not affordable to spend on dresses.

Emily came & sat beside Michael. Michael praised her beauty that she was looking gorgeous. But out of words as he was so conscious while talking to her. During the drive towards the destination,

despite resisting his mind, his eyes were staring at her exposing white milky thighs. Finally, they reached the farmhouse. While coming out of the taxi, Michael has to adjust himself to prevent her from seeing his hardness. Only he knew that how he kept himself from touching her thighs in the


"Wow, such a big & beautiful house." after seeing from outside, Emily said in excitement.

"Not beautiful as you"... Michael thought but didn't dare to say. He nodded with a yes. As They went inside.

Most of the people have reached & started partying near the pool when suddenly someone asked :

who's that hot girl coming from the gate?

Everybody frowned & saw the most beautiful figure coming from the gate. "She is definitely not from our college. We haven't seen such a figure in the whole college." said 2-3 guys in anticipation.

When Emily came with Michael inside, everybody surprised even more.

"Emily?? I didn't know that she was the most stunning beauty of our college.otherwise i would have died to even hold her hand." one guy said.

"She was so gorgeous. She looks like a Hollywood star" another one said.

" That poor loser is so lucky to even get a touch of her hand." another guy sighed.

Suddenly, Emily became a hot topic of the party. Everyone was talking about her only & praising her beauty. Emily too heard 1 or 2 comments & felt excited. Today she got truly recognised by everyone. She didn't have many friends at college but suddenly everyone wanted to be her friend. A group of 10 15 people took her with them & gathered around her & started talking.

Michael was left alone after Emily was pushed away from him. He sat on a table near the corner &

watched everyone. He felt angry as everyone was staring at Emily with lust.

"Vroom vroom vroom". Heavy noise came from outside. Everyone looked towards the beach side as sound came from that side.

A red Lamborghini came in a full speed & sliding on sand, turned 1 or 2 rounds and stopped.

"Whose car is that? It's a lamborghini. It must cost around 5 to 6 million dollars." someone said out loud.

"If he is a young handsome man, i will marry him instantly" one girl said enviously.

" even if he's old, i am ready to marry him". Said another girl.

Emily was also curious. She had never seen such a luxurious car. Who will be coming out of that?

Everyone looked in anticipation.

Car door was open. A handsome man came out. He was merely 25 year old. He looked so elegant & perfect with blue eyes, nicely trimmed beard & curly hair. He wore an Armani suit that must cost 20000$. Every girl was staring at him & were thinking " If he can be my boyfriend?"

Emily looked at him & felt attracted to him. It was not like that she never saw rich guys before, this guy was different. She was a said girlfriend of Michael, & she didn't have any thought of cheating him till now. Although they were a new couple, & they didn't make their relationship public yet as

Emily wanted to first settle down with a job & also her mind said let Michael get success first, relationship can be made public after that. After all, she doesn't want her husband to be a poor guy.

" Finally you came brother. I was waiting for you. How could i cut a cake without you?" Catherine shouted in excitement.

"Oh, he is Catherine's brother. I thought who is richer than the Brown family?" one guy said.

"This family is so rich that they even can afford to buy the whole city." another guy said.

People talked about him as he entered & came towards the pool. He looked everywhere when his eyes glued to a beautiful girl who was looking at him. He admired her beauty in his mind & walked towards Catherine.

Cake was cut & everybody started partying again. After talking sometime with Catherine, he turned & walked towards the beautiful girl.

Emily's heart was racing as she saw the handsome man walking towards her with two glasses of champagne in his hands. She avoided looking in his eyes & pretended to talk with other girls.

" Are you Catherine's classmate?" a voice hit Emily's ears. She looked towards him & nodded yes.

"I am Jay brown. Catherine's elder brother. It's nice to meet you." said Jay.

"I'm Emily. Nice to meet you too." she replied in nervousness.

" You are looking gorgeous in this dress. I have never met such beauty in my life. That's why I had to come & meet you". Jay said. He was in fact impressed with her charming face & her curved body. How he hadn't seen her before if she is Catherine's classmate.

"I will make her mine whatever the cost," Jay thought in his mind.

Emily blushed. She was happy to hear praise from such a handsome & successful person. "He is so generous despite being so rich?" she thought while taking glass from his hand.

Suddenly Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" song started to play & couples started dancing. Without even hesitating, Jay brought his hand forward & asked

"would you like to dance?"......

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