The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 4 : Money or Love?

Without waiting for an answer, Jay held Emily's hand & took her to the dance floor. Emily felt a current passing through her body as she felt his hand. She couldn't resist him & walked with him.

When couples started dancing on his favorite tune, Michael was about to stand to go to Emily & ask her for a dance. However he saw Emily going to the dance floor holding Jay's hand. He felt disappointed. It was his fault as he didnt know how to express his feelings for her. Otherwise she would be walking with him to the dance floor. He sat back to his chair & saw them starting to dance.

Jay put his both hands around Emily's waist & started to move to the rhythm. Emily was hesisting.

So Jay held her both hands & put them around his neck & started dancing.

It was the most beautiful feeling Emily felt in recent times. She had received so much respect tonight. She was dancing with one of the most successful businessmen of her city. The distance between both of them while dancing became so narrower that she felt his warm breaths on her cheeks & neck. She was so much lost in the dance, that she even didn't recognize when the song ended.

" Thanks for such a wonderful dance". Emily came into her senses when Jay told this & planted a soft kiss on her cheek.

Emily blushed & said good bye. She went towards her friends.

"You are so lucky that you got a chance to dance with him" one girl said enviously.

" Have you got his cell phone number? Give it to us too. I want to be his girlfriend" said another girl.

" Go & propose to him already. Your life will become so successful if you marry him" one girl advised Emily.

Emily didn't reply. She hadn't thought anything about Jay yet. But she was excited already with his memories. "What am I thinking? He and I are no match at all? Why would he date someone like me when he can get whoever he wants?" Emily sighed.

Suddenly she remembered Michael. She didn't see him this whole time. She moved around to find him.

It was almost 12. So everyone said good bye & went home. Michael came out of the washroom & came out. He saw that most of the people started leaving.

"Hey Michael, where were you all this time?" he heard Emily's voice.

"I was here only. It was you that didn't see me." Michael thought & went towards her.

"I was talking to an old friend" he lied to her

."Let's go as it is getting late." Emily was in a hurry.

They both came out of the gate & Michael was looking for a taxi. Most of their classmates had cars so they left immediately. Emily sighed & looked towards Michael. " he can't even afford to buy a car"

Emily never thought about Michael in that way before. But after being with Jay for 1 hour, she didn't know what happened to her mind? Suddenly Michael's clothes were looking disgusted in her eyes.

He even never gave her a gift. His house seemed the worst house to live in whole city as she thought continuously while seeing Michael running from here & there looking for a taxi.

Michael always gave his best to make Emily happy. As he was very poor, he wasn't able to give her any expensive gifts but he always gave her roses every morning they met. He used to borrow notes of her & wrote his feelings on the last pages & would give back to her. But he never told her that & even didn't get her reply.

Was she even looking at his written feelings? He used to think that. He had decided that one day he will be so successful that he will make all her wishes true.

Michael saw a taxi which was standing far in the dark. He looked behind to see Emily standing on the road & said in a gesture that he will go bring that taxi. He was feeling bad as he kept Emily waiting for so long.

Emily nodded yes & was getting irritated. She was already getting late & thoughts of Michael's poverty making her mood upset. Suddenly a car stopped in front of her & doors automatically rose upside. She knew it was the same Lamborghini that Jay had. Jay came out of the car & said

"come on, let me drive you to your home."

"But I …." before she could finish her sentence Jay held his hand & guided her on the seat.

" No Ifs & buts… we are friends now. & i can't see a friend in trouble" Jay entered the car & said. He started the car & vanished in at full speed.

As Michael was about to sit in a taxi that he hired, he saw Emily went in Jay's car. He was


" She didn't even think about me? How could she go with him without even saying

anything?" he sighed & came out of the taxi.

"Where are you going?" a taxi driver asked.

" I don't have any money. So i can't afford this ride." Michael replied. He had money on him but didn't want to waste now as Emily was not there.

"Such a loser. If he can't afford a taxi drive, why did he waste my sleep." the taxi driver twisted his mouth & closed his eyes to sleep.

Meanwhile, Emily was stunned looking at the interior of lamborghini. She had never got a chance to sit in any luxurious cars. So soft seats, beautiful matt finishes on the dashboard, amazing music

system & a so rich look. She was quite impressed both with a car & Jay.

" So what are your plans after finishing graduation?" Jay broke the silence & asked.

" I want to do a post grad in business management & want to start my own business" said Emily.

"That's quite ambitious. Your thoughts are similar to mine. You will become a great

businesswoman" Jay replied smilingly.

"Thanks for encouraging words. I will work hard for that."

"Good spirit. All the very best." Jay replied

They reached Emily's house. Emily said thanks & came out of the car. However she heard his voice shouting her name.

"Emily…... here's my card. Call me whenever you need any help". Jay gave his visiting card in her hand from the window & left.

Emily saw his car disappearing in the dark so fast. She looked at the card.

Mr.Jay Brown CEO of brown industries.

Brown industry was one of the leading companies of the country that manufactured steel products. She indeed met the most influential person of the city. She couldn't

believe that such a rich guy was her friend now. She saved his phone number in her mobile & entered home.

After 5 days…

" Michael, let's go to class & don't forget to bring my notes which i gave you yesterday". Emily shouted from outside.

" Coming…" Michael replied as he finished the last sentence in the last page of her notes.

He couldn't sleep well for 2 nights. He never felt these feelings. Seeing Emily with Jay made him so envious that he thought Emily would leave him for Jay. all those events made him realise how much he loved Emily. He wanted to be with her forever. Finally he gathered courage & asked for her notes yesterday to penned down his feelings on paper as he was not good at speaking.

"Dear Emily, when i first saw you, i knew you were the one who could fill me. You were always with me when I needed some comfort. We both like each other. But I have realised now that I can't think about my future without you in it. I will work so hard & will make your all wishes true. I will never let tears come out of your eyes. You're always the first and the last thing on this heart of mine. No matter

where I go, or what I do, I'm thinking of you. Grow old along with me.You are the happiness of my life,you are the smile of my lips, I am alive to see you anytime, your cute smile gives me power to work even harder.Will you spend the rest of your life with me? "Each time I look at you, I just smile to myself and think, 'I certainly could not have done better'. You are perfect the way you are.

I love you, honey."

Michael closed the notebook and handed it to her & both started to walk towards their college.

"Emily…" suddenly a voice came from behind.

As Michael & Emily both turned around, they saw Jay with a brand new BMW 5 series car. He waved his hand towards Emily & called her to come there.

" I'm coming". She said & ran towards Jay.

She was stunned & couldn't believe that it was a BMW 5 series. It was a very costly car. & BMW was her dream car.

" Wow, this car looks amazing" Emily couldn't stop saying.

" I liked it so instantly I bought it yesterday," Jay replied.

How much rich this guy must be. He can buy whatever he likes. Emily was now so much under the influence of Jay.

" I was going to meet Catherine at college. Let me drop you there" Jay broke her thoughts.

" actually i am not alone. I was walking to college with a friend." Emily replied.

" Call him too..i will drop you both". Jay said in a disappointment. He thought he would get some time with her alone. & even planned to ask her for a coffee after her claas.

Emily waved & called Michael..

They both entered the car & they left. Michael didn't want to go with Jay but also didn't want to leave Emily alone with Jay. So he did not resist at all while sitting in the car.

The BMW 5 series was really a superb car. Excellent outer design, brilliant interior & so much comfort. Emily decided that she would definitely buy this car in future.

"What's the price of this car?" Emily asked Jay.

"Not much. 65000$ only." replied Jay.

Not much? It is too much. It was almost a year's expense for Michael. How come this guy says it's not much. Michael thought.

However, Emily was not that surprised. She kept a follow up of most BMW cars so she knew that their costs are on the higher side.

They reached the college & wave goodbye to Jay.

However , on entering the class they showed a notification outside. Everybody was reading &

entered the class without worrying much. But when Michael & Emily read that notification, they were shocked. It said that they have to pay 10000$ fees in 3 days for new started online study.

Michael couldn't believe his eyes. They sold their paternal house for the whole tuition fees. He couldn't afford to pay any extra money. He had savings of around 3000$ but he also had to pay rent for the house. He put his hand on his head & sat there. How would he pay that?

Emily's face turned pale after reading. Her dad somehow got the loan for her study & was not willing to pay any extra money now. It was impossible to get so much money for her. She became so worried.

They both entered the class with a heavy mind. Michael had decided to visit the dean after the claas. His thoughts interrupted when Emily asked him in a slow voice: " Mike, would you help me in paying these fees?"

"It's impossible to pay my fees for me. How can I help with your fees?" he was tense.

Emily felt insulted & didn't say a word. After class Michael ran towards the dean's office. Emily was talking to her friends. When her eyes were looking for Michael to go home, She couldn't find him.

She was angry on him. So she didn't wait for him & left for home....

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