The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 5 : The disappointments

"May I come in Sir?" Michael asked at the entrance of Dean's office door.

"Come in" A husky voice came from inside.

Michael entered & stood in front of Mr.Crowley, The dean of his college.

"Who are you? & what do you want?" Mr.Crowley asked arrogantly.

"Sir, I am a 1st year student of this college.I am here to request you".Michael said in a

pleading voice.

"Request? What do you want?"

"Sir, I come from a very poor family background. I have paid my whole academic college fees somehow. Now I can't pay for e-learning I request you to exempt me from paying that fee."

"What? No way. Who are you? You are just a poor ba****d. You can't even afford to wear

shoes & want a special treatment? You are not a VIP. if you can't pay the fees, leave this

college & try another one."

"Sir,please try to understand.I am begging you.How will I pay so much of a fee?" tears

came to the corner of Michael's eyes but somehow he controlled himself.

"Instead of begging me, go beg on the road & start collecting the money. You have three

days only. If you won't pay in 3 days, you will have to leave this college."

"Sir...but…" Michael was about to say something.

"I don't want to hear anything.If you can't afford, why did you take admission in one of the most reputed colleges of this state in the first place.Poor guys like you don't deserve to

even be a gatekeeper of this college." Mr.Crowley said fumingly.

"Now get out & pay the fees. I don't want to see your ugly face & spoil my mood & day."

Michael was angry.Mr.Crowley didn't have to humiliate him. He could have simply rejected

it by saying no. Instead he made a mockery of his poverty. But he couldn't do anything.

"My days will also come." He sighed & left the office with a dejected look.

Meanwhile, Emily reached home & was lying on her bed. Tears were flowing from her eyes

as she was in her thoughts.

"How am I going to pay these fees?"

Her dreams & future would be shattered if she can't find her way out of this. Her thoughts broke up as she heard her dad's voice.

He was home finally. She went to the hallway to see him. Her dad was lying on the sofa.

From appearance, one could predict that he was very tired after the whole day's work.

"Dad, Are you ok?" Emily asked with a concerned look.

"Ya, a bit tired." Her Dad murmured.

"Dad, i want to talk about an important thing.

"Is this a good time?" Emily was hesitant while asking as she knew her dad's financial condition was not great.

"Just directly to the point." he replied as if he was not in a chatty mood.

"I have to pay 10000$ fees for e-learning in college. If I won't pay in three days,i fear they

will not allow me to study further in that college." Emily said in a worrying tone.

"what?10000$?" he suddenly jumped off the sofa.

"Ya Dad, It's compulsory.we have to pay that."

"Do one thing. Don't go to college from tomorrow onwards. You have studied enough" her Dad said.

"Dad? What are you saying?" Emily asked in a trembling voice with tears in her eyes.

"I already told you before that I won't pay an extra penny & 100004 is way too much for us." her Dad replied.

"Please Dad, don't do this. My all hard work will go in vain." she was crying now.

"Ok. If you want to study,go & study.but you have to arrange money all by yourself. If you

can't arrange,then leave the college." her dad said calmly before going for shower.

Emily sat on the sofa in shock. Now what will she do? How can she get so much money all by herself in just three days? It was impossible...…

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