The heir of A Billionaire Dad

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Chapter 6: Falling into the trap

After dinner, Emily was in her bed trying to sleep. It was almost 11 pm but she couldn't

sleep. Stress of arranging money won't let her relax a bit.

Suddenly her phone vibrated.

"Hello beautiful." a message pops up on her screen. It was Jay. she saved his number last

time. She was in a bad mood. She felt broken & left out both by Michael & her dad today.

"Won't you ever reply?" another message came.

Emily needed someone right now.& she was comfortable with Jay. so she decided to have

a chat with him.

"Hi Jay. how are you?" she replied.

"Ohh, so you haven't forgotten me. That's good for me. I am fine. How's you?" reply came almost immediately.

Emily felt her heart rate racing. She felt different while talking to this guy. But how did he get her number? She didn't give him. She wanted to ask, but decided against it.

"Of course I remember you. By the way I am fine" she replied after coming back to her


"How's your college? How was your day?" Jay asked curiously.

"It's ok. All good." Emily replied. It was the worst day for her.

"Not in a mood to talk? Is there any problem?" Jay asked.

"He is such a sweet guy. Even without telling, he sensed that I am in a problem." Emily

thought. "Should I tell him about my problem? Can I ask him for help? 10000$ is a very

small amount for a rich person like his caliber. But we don't even know each other very

well, how can i directly ask for money?" Her thoughts continued.

While her mind was in dilemma whether she should tell or not, her phone vibrated again.

"You can tell me anything. Don't ever hesitate. I am your friend & always here if you need

any help."

She read the message & thought how lucky she was to find such an amazing natured

friend in such a short period of time. He was so caring & worried for her. He already

showed how much down to earth person he was despite being super rich.

"Well you are right. I am in trouble." Emily decided to tell him.

"Please tell me the issue. There is nothing that i can't solve." Jay replied proudly.

"Actually, in three days i have to pay 10000$ e-learning fees otherwise they will kick me out of the college. And my dad had already refused to give any money. I can't earn this much amount of money in three days. I don't know what to do." Emily typed the message & after thinking for a while whether to send or not, finally she clicked on the send button.

"Haha, why are you so tense for such a small problem? Don't worry. I will pay your fees

tomorrow." Jay's reply came.

"No no, how can I take money from you? We barely know each other." Emily replied.

"I know you like to stand on your own feet only. But I am just helping you as a friend. You can pay me back when you become a successful businesswoman in future." Jay replied.

"Thank you so much Jay. You are such a sweet guy. You solved such a big problem of

mine just over a chat. I don't have words to thank you enough." as she wrote, tears were

flowing from her eyes in happiness. She was so relieved now. Once again this man had

deeply impressed her today.

"No need for thanks. You have to do something." Reply came.

Emily became worried. What does he want? What will I have to do? Does he want to sleep

with her just like other rich guys as a price of his deeds for her?

"What do you want me to do?" she typed with a trembling hand.

"You have to drink coffee with me tomorrow morning." Jay's reply came.

Again she felt relieved. He was really a gentleman & not definitely like others. She was pleased that he was the same guy as she had imagined. His image grew stronger even

more in her mind now.

"Sure, just tell me where should we meet?" she replied happily.

"Be ready in the morning at 9.I will pick you up from your home." Jay replied.

"Never mind.See you tomorrow then. Good night & thanks once again." Emily replied.

"No thanks & sorry in a friendship. Good night.see you." Jay replied.

He put his phone on side & smiled. He knew now he was very near in achieving his goal.

He already knew that Emily must be in problem for the fees as she was poor.

Catherine already told him in the evening that the college has asked them to pay fees in 3 days. So, he thought that this was the right time to lay a trap. & Emily already fell into his trap.

"Emily, you will be in my bed soon...." he felt excited & closed his eyes to sleep.

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