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Lexi lives a miserable life with the constant teenage school drama AND her abusive father, who makes her life much worse. Steve Johnson, the guy who broke her heart moves to the same school as Lexi, adding more trouble into her life. As Steve swerves back into Lexi's heart, falling for her all over again. The pressure of not telling Lexi about the super-secret alliance made with her abusive father and the fact he is part of a gang becomes too much for him to bear. Steve's secret is threatened by a mysterious new neighbour, who so happens to be the leader of Steve's rival gang. The more Steve tries to hide his secret the more he loses Lexi to his enemy. The newfound jealousy that consumes Steve's body as Lexi starts to hang out with his enemy, makes Steve lose his mind, so much that he makes an irrational decision to kidnap Lexi. Note: Lots of violence, abuse as well as incoherent words.

Romance / Other
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Stabbed thigh

Note; Lots of mistakes and please don’t judge it because I will fix it when I have time and this is my first time writing a story on Wattpad so don’t forget to tell me what you think, vote and follow me for more updates


Lexi’s Pov

I wish I could just die in my sleep. Especially given that there’s only one person left in my family, whom calls himself my dad, for giving me life.

I don’t know what to do anymore without feeling invisible or disrespected. I don’t even feel like I deserve to breathe, eat or drink. I mean have you seen me? I’m 17 and a senior. I have ice-blue eyes with a bit of freckle over my cheeks on my small oval face. The worst part is I have a curvy body, but I just don’t know why guys never talk to me.

″Wake up you piece of shit... You have five minutes to get ready for school and to get down here. Don’t forget the longer you take the nicer the present I’m preparing for you will be.″

Ha-ha... he just said nice. He hasn’t done a nice thing for me in a decade. Hearing his condemnatory tone makes my shoulders tense.

I grit my teeth, shifting uncomfortably as I look at the outfit I need to dress in and the school supplies I must gather. Goosebumps rises on the back of my neck as I wonder what kind of ‘gift’ awaits me downstairs.

I set a timer. Twenty seconds. Anything longer than that and the man who made me will burst down my bedroom door. I scurry to rub soap over my body, pull on an outfit, and set another timer to do my hair and makeup. One minute and twenty seconds. Hopefully, he won’t be angry before the timer runs out.

The moment my right foot is was out the door, I hear his voice making me gulp nervously. I turn slowly to the man standing in front of me. The forty-six-year-old man now looking seventy. Years of drinking had robbed him of his youth.

″Not too fast, my baby girl. You are two seconds late and you didn’t even say good morning to your daddy or even give him a hug before heading out.″ He says in a wicked tone.

″Wait, what!! I...′ ′ I clamped my mouth shut, stopping me from saying something I’d regret.

Without thinking, I start to walk up into his opened arms then back out after three seconds with a blade twisted in the flesh of my thigh, and when I look up with tears streaming down my face, he looks back at me with a smirk splattered on his face.

″Well,” He shrugged and continued “That’s the only gift for you today and next time try being a bit quicker.”

Even though I knew this would happen, part of me wished for the opposite.

I walked out of the house with my jeans soaked in blood, and while walking, I stopped behind a tree, crying in pain, I bandaged the wound and changed into new clothes, knowing that the pain I was going to receive today wasn’t only from my dad.


Walking to school with a stab thigh was like I had pins and broken pieces of glasses in my leg.

My best friend Vanessa was waiting for me at my locker. When she saw me she waved like a lunatic and gave me the smile that could turn any guy into her dummy. She has the type of body and personalities that every girl wants, she is funny, and doesn’t care about what anyone thinks of her. Even though I love her, she can be really annoying sometimes. I call her Vass because her name is too long, it’s not like she doesn’t know that already. We’ve been friends since pre-school, so of course, she can read my mind like a psychic maniac.

″Hey, I missed you so much, how was your summer?″ She always knows how to start a conversation unlike me.

″Vass, I know you want to how much you missed me... but, could you please move your hands, you are choking me to death.″

″Oh, sorry.″ she said and smiled innocently with her right arm still around my neck.

I looked at her and stated firmly ″Well, my summer was good. How was yours?″

″I don’t think you want to know about it but anyways I will give you a hint, it involves being drunk in bed naked with random guys.″ She says making me scrunch up my nose.

″OMG!″ Vass says out of nowhere.

I closed my locker and that’s when I saw him.

The guy I spent my summer with and gave my virginity to. The guy that told me he loved me and didn’t mean to do what he did. Like how can you not mean to cheat on someone? How could I ever forget such a face?

Everyone and I mean everyone including the guys turned around to look at him when he walked through that door. Within seconds I couldn’t breathe.

″Hey, Vass, I’ve got to use the bathroom...″

I don’t think she heard me because I was in the bathroom by the time I finished my sentence. To be honest I don’t think I’m going to get out of here until I hear the bell.

″Lexi, get out of the bathroom. Today is the first day of school. We are meant to be looking at the new faces joining us, then deciding which guy is hot and which one will get in our pants.”

Shit, I still haven’t gotten the chance to tell her what happened over the summer.

″This isn’t the first time you have asked me that question. However, let me repeat myself again. No, and Sorry, I just really needed to use the bathroom.″

″Well, whatever let’s get the hell out of here because the bell will be ringing in one minute and I don’t want to get detention on the first day back at school.″

While sitting in class listening to new student introduce themselves. Which I didn’t really care until I heard the name Steve Johnson, aka S.J. I tried hiding my face with my book, but it was too late. Because He was staring right at me with a shocked expression. It felt like there was no one else in the room and we both couldn’t look away until Mr Hawkins fake coughed, which changed his shocked face into a smirk.

Just great... this is going to be a wonderful year.

Authors note

Please note that there are a lot of violence, abuse and drug usages in this story.

Thanks a lot for reading my story....please tell me what you think about it. Because tbh, I don’t know what I’m writing half of the time. oh... don’t forget that I will be counting on your votes.

Lots of love from Mimi...

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