Never Love The Badboy.

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Violet is a very fun loving girl. She has a bubbly personality. She has best comebacks for the people who try to do war of words with her. She is also a very good fighter. She shifts to California to find her brother but there are a lot of people in her journey. Four badboys, one ex-boyfriend, one best friend and few mafia members because of whom the journey will be more fun and adventurous

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Hold me close till i get up

Time is barely on our side,

No i don't wanna waste what's left, the storms we chase our leading us

and love is all.......


I shut up my alarm by literally throwing it on the ground.

It never really breaks, I've done it a couple of times. It is a digital one which is connected to my phone.

I smash my face into the pillow and groan because a stupid piece of metal woke me up from my peaceful sleep.

I go and take bath in the bathroom of our new house. My mom and i shifted here one month ago. We have finally got a little familiar to this place.

I wear my white knitted sweater and black ripped jeans. Then i slip on my titan watch. Then i leave my brown hair open and apply some makeup.

I come down into the living room and go to the kitchen where my mom is making pancakes.

"Good morning, mom" i say to my mom by giving her a peck on the cheek.

"Morning, Violet" she says giving me a warm smile.

She sets a plate of pancake and i savour it.

"So, how are you feeling? It is your first day at school today" my mom asks by sitting in front of me on the island.

"I'm a little nervous...i guess" i say by not being sure.

"Why honey?" my mom asks. "I just don't know mom. What if i don't find good friends like the ones from my earlier school."

"You will get great friends, don't worry" my mom says.

I eat my pancakes and rush towards the door and slip on my vans. I give a quick kiss to my mom and go to the garage where my car is parked.

It only takes 10 minutes for me to reach school.

When i get out of my car and walk towards the hallway of Rosewood High School, students stare at me and gossip about me. I also hear some boys saying that she has a good body. I just roll my eyes and pass by.

Then i go to the office and take my schedule. I see that my first class is English. The lady who gave me the timetable tells me where is the class.

I found my class and went there.

When i opened the door all the students started to stare at me.

"Oh! You must be the new transferred student.My name is Mrs. Patrik. Welcome, please introduce yourself" Mrs. Patrick says.

I come in the middle of the class.

"My name is Violet. I transferred here one month ago."

"That's it?" Mrs. Patrick says by raising her one eyebrow.

"Do you want me to give you my birth certificate and bio data?" i say sarcastically.

Some students laugh.

"Go take your seat" Mrs. Patrick says getting frustrated.

I start walking towards the seats but almost all of them are taken except one in the last row so i go and sit there.

"Hey darling !" a boy sitting at my left says.

"No one's your darling." i say

"Ohhh.... Feisty.... I like it" the boy says.

"You are feisty chick.... Where have you been all my life" says the boy sitting ahead of me.

"I guess hiding from the likes of you" i say giving him an innocent smile.

"Playing hard to get, eh? Anyway my name is Coby"

"No one is playing hard to get and my name is violet and the last thing i want to say is please let me concentrate on the lecture" i say in between my gritted teeth.

"ok!" he says giving me a mocking salute.

Then i start focusing on my lecture. After 15 minutes it starts to get boring. Then i take a glance at my right side where a very hot boy is sitting. I was so busy with Coby and the other that i didn't notice him.

He looks like a badboy. He is wearing a gray shirt under his black leather jacket and black jeans. He has well defined jaw line. Amazingly dark blue eyes which looks like ocean. He has many abs. I wonder how many it is under his t shirt.


What are you thinking Violet?!

You cannot fall in love with a badboy, Violet!

Don't dare forget that!

I shake away my thoughts.

"Stop staring at me." says the boy with arrogance.

"Are you Zayn Malik for me to stare at you?" i say

"Don't you think your mouth moves a lot" he says giving me that same arrogant tone.

"Well.... It is given to me to move so yeah? I will move it." i say

Before he could say anything the bell rings and not wanting to have any conversation with him i hurriedly walk away from the classroom.

But not before hearing "Bye, darling" from Coby.


Heyy guyss! This is the first chapter of Never Love The Badboy. Hope you enjoyed it. Love you.

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