Loving the badboy.

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Violet is a very fun loving girl. She has a bubbly personality. She has best comebacks for the people who try to do war of words with her. She is also a very good fighter. She shifts to California to find her brother but there are a lot of people in her journey. Four badboys, one ex-boyfriend, one best friend and few mafia members because of whom the journey will be more fun and adventurous

Romance / Action
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Author's note (Read it!!)

Hello fellow hoomans!

So this author's note is important, please read it or i'll send dogs at ur house!! *shows knife*

1. This book was written by my 12 year old dumb self but I edited it so yayyy!! If you see any mistakes, tell me in comments section. I'm an alien unlike humans so I tend to make mistakes. Don't hate me T-T

2. I'll try to update everyday, I'm a college student so if I can't update at the given day, I'm sorry!

3. This story has many genres like romance, teen fiction, mystery, action and chicklit.

4. Oh yeah and I love to play with reader's feelings so expect sudden plot twists uwu.

5. If you like the story vote, comment and review, please don't be a silent reader, your reviews helps me a lot to write more. So pweasse? Dewit?

That's it for noww!! You can move ahead to read more!!

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