Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 9

"Two years ago. I was in New York, my hometown. My brother,Zach,one day left the house unannounced after our dad's death. My mom and I searched for him everywhere. We filed a missing person report in police station but even they were not able to find him. Mom was going through a lot of trauma. Her only support was me and my support was my best friend, James. He helped me find him everywhere but we were not successful. After two months, everything started going back to normal. " I said and stopped to breathe and held the car's door for support because I was going to need that.

"I was still missing my brother but James always kept me occupied so that hardly ever came to my mind. After the summer vacations, when we went to school, we came to know there is going to be a new transfer student. His name was River. He was a badboy, a player. I hated him from the depth of my heart but slowly slowly we grew closer. We spent a lot of time with eachother. I didn't realize it soon that I had grown feelings for him. I told him everything about my dad and brother. I kept my feelings hidden from him but I told James what I felt for River. James warned me that he doesn't seem like a good person but I ignored his warning. Few days later River asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. James always used to tell me that I'm getting myself into trouble but i was so dumb that i started ignoring him. River was very sweet and used to always take me on dates which made me more fond of him. Later, he told me that he was a part of a gang. I was shocked but he told me he had to do that for his living. He even told me that he would help me find my brother. He started training me and since my brother had already taught me a little bit of fighting, he didn't have to put a lot of effort on me. I was one of the most amazing fighters in Skull gang." I stopped and looked at them to see their expressions. They all were listening to me intently.

"When James came to know I was in a gang, he was so angry on me. But later we had a little bit of fight and then he said he was okay with me dating River because it's my decision who i want to be with. He was worried about me so even he joined the gang." I said and smiled. "We both patched up soon and we both were again bffs. When James entered the Skull gang, he started his search for my brother once again. One day after my training, I was going towards River's room when i heard a girl's voice from the room. He was telling the girl that i was just a toy for him and that I'm good in fighting that's the only reason he is with me. She asked him if he is really helping me to find my brother so,he said he just said that to me to make me join the gang. That's when I realized that he always used to avoid me when I used to bring my brother's topic. I left the gang later. I was very sad that he considered me only as a fighting toy while I actually loved him. He once called me later at that time and said that the gang members will kill me soon and that it was my biggest mistake to fall for a badboy. " I said with a sigh and continued.

"I was on a run for quite a long time. They even went to my home, that's when my mom came to know all about the gang stuff. James talked to the gang leader and then we made a contract that James and I will leave the gang and not tell anyone about their bases and secret information or else our familyand us will be killed. Later, James decided to join Scorpion gang because he wanted to be in this and I decided to live a normal life. Few months ago, I got a call from James and he told me that Zach,my brother, is in California. So I came here. Now James has also told me to join Scorpion gang so I'll go with them to fight important gangs." I finished.

I looked up at them and saw that they all are looking at me jaw dropped. I myself was shocked that I finally let everything out but maintained a cool look.

"Close your mouths before flies go in there." I said and chuckled and they all closed their mouth.

"That's a pretty...." Coby said.

"messed up past " Seth completed the sentence for Coby and Jeremy hit him.

"Oh...I'm so sorry, Violet. I didn't meant to-" Seth started saying.

"It's alright, Seth " I interrupted him and smiled.

"That River was idiot to let a girl like you go." Jeremy said and I smiled.

"Tell me when you see that guy. I'll kick his ass for you." Coby said and I giggled.

"So, now you are in Scorpion gang?" Val asked me.

"Yup." I replied.

"If you tell us that it is dangerous for us then you even know this that it is dangerous for you too right? " he asked me.

"But I've been in the gang earlier too so...it's alright. " I said.

"Any information about your brother?" Jeremy asked me.

"Yeah..." I said in a low tone.

"Mind telling us?" Coby asked me with concern flashing on his face. I smiled at the fact that he is concerned about me.

"James told me that he is somewhere...near me." I said.

"What?" Val asked.

"He is somewhere near my neighborhood but I never saw him and even if I might have seen him what if his looks have changed and I didn'trecognize him?" I said, looking towards the ground. I don't want them to see how vulnerable I look.

"Don't worry, Violet. We will help you find your brother, Zach." Jeremy told me and I smiled.

"Ahem....so should we go somewhere? " I coughed and said with enthusiasm.

"Yes!!!" Coby yelled.

Kid is back!

We sat in the cars and we headed to bowling. I was in a car with Val while other guys were in Seth's car. We both didn't talk to eachother. Whenever I asked him anything, he replied in monosyllables so I gave up making a conversation with and started looking out of the window. After five minutes, he broke the silence.

"Is River the reason you avoided us before?" He asked me.

"Um...yeah..." I said, embarrassed.

"We will never use you." He said, his eyes on the road.

"I know! It's just when I came here I didn't wanted to get involved with any boys after all that." I explained. He remained silent for the rest of the ride. When the car stopped, I opened the door and dashed towards the bowling center because I couldn't handle that silence anymore.

"Hey Violet! Wanna bet?" Coby asked me.

"What bet?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

"Whoever has less points will do a dare what other person says." He said.

"Game on, Coby. " I said and smirked.

He went ahead and he hit all except one. He looked at me and smirked.

"Your turn." He said, handing me the ball.

"Val, Seth and Jeremy before me." I said.

The best part should be left for last after all.

"Aww...are you scared?" Coby cooed teasingly.

"Aww...you see, I'm far from scared." I replied with a sarcastic smile.

Seth was completely a loser at the game while Jeremy hit only three bottles and Val hit all except one. The same score as Coby's.

"Your turn." Coby said.

I took the ball and stood in the perfect position and rolled the ball.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's how I won over the badboys.

"Woah! You are so good at it!" Seth exclaimed and I laughed at his face.

"Coby..." I said, looking towards Coby, giving him an evil smile.

"W-what?" He stuttered and gulped.

"So my dare is..." I said rubbing my hands together.

"What is it?" Seth asked with full of excitement. Of course, he will be excited, afterall it was Coby who was in trouble.

"You see that wall over there..." I told him pointing towards a wall where a lot of people were standing and they all looked at it.

"Um...yeah..." he said.

"Go there and talk to the wall and pretend that it's talking back with you." I said and smirked.

"What? But there are so many people there?!" Coby whined and we all laughed.

"That's the reason why I'm sending you there, honey. " I said giving him my baby smile.

"You are so evil!" He huffed.

"Oh...am I?" I turned to the boys and asked. Seth and Jeremy shook there head sideways and replied with a no while Val was still giving me his silent treatment.

"You guys change parties so easily! I cannot believe you people!" Coby exclaimed throwing his hand in the air while talking.

"Now go! Shoo!" I said and pushed him on his way to embarrassment.

He started talking with the wall and people surrounding him were looking at him as if he has come from some other planet. Seth, Jeremy and I were laughing so hard while Val was smiling at the idiocracy of that guy.

Some people went to him and asked what he is doing or if he is okay and he told those people that the wall did break up with him. We all were laughing so hard that few people were looking at us like we are other species.

Later, we told Coby to come back and his cheeks were pink because of all the embarrassment that I caused him.

"You are going to payback soon, missy." He told, pointing a finger at me.

"We will see, mister." I said and we all laughed.

My laughter was interrupted by the ringing of my call. It was James.

"Oh guys! It's James! Let me attend this call then we will leave." I said and they all nodded.

"Hey bear!" I greeted James.

"Hey Oreo." He greeted back.

"So, what's up?" I asked.

"The sky." He joked.

"Ha ha. Very funny." I deadpanned

"Hehe sorry. Anyways I called you to tell you that James was seen in the grocery store five blocks away from your house." He said.

"What?!" I yelled which gained the guys attention so I waved my hand in dismissal to say it's nothing.

"When?" I asked.

"Today in the morning, you were in school." He said.

"Ohh" that was all I was able to say because I was shell shocked that my brother seems so close to me yet he is so far.

"I just called to tell you that pay attention to your surroundings, okay?" He said.

"Okay. Thanks James." I said.

"Welcome, my oreo. " he said and chuckled which made me smile. After he hung up the call, the boys and I left the bowling center.

While going back I sat in Seth's car because I knew Val would give me silent treatment which I could not handle. Seth dropped me at my house and I went inside and saw my mom in the kitchen.

"Hey sweetie. " my mom said.

"Hey mom, how come you are early today?" I asked here.

"Not much work today so I left early." She said.

"Okay, I'll go in my room then." I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed to my room.

"I'll call you for dinner!" She yelled and told.

"Okay!"I replied.

I went in my room and fell on my back on my bed. The first thought that came in my mind was Val. Why was he not talking to me? Have I done something wrong? Did I say something to upset him?

I was not able to take him out of my head and kept on thinking about various reasons for him being angry at me.

I know that it may be a boring chapter but I had to tell her past at once so I decided do it in this one. The dare given to Coby was the prank which was given to me by my friends and it's really embarrassing guys😳.

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