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Chapter 10







You must be thinking what's going on here. Well let me tell you. Today when I came to school I got a pleasant surprise which was we got five periods free because teachers were gone for some event. So boys and I decided to go out and chill somewhere....but there is a fight going on between Coby and I for that somewhere.

"I want to watch that movie!!" Coby whined, stomping his feet on the ground like a child.

"But I want to go to that amusement park!!" I whined and copied his actions.

"Please Violet, let's watch the movie. Pretty please!" He said, giving me his big puppy eyes. Urgh! That's not fair!

Well, two can play at this game.

"Please Coby, let's go to the amusement park. Pretty please!" I said, now I giving him puppy eyes.

"Argh! Come on now, you guys decide!" Coby said to the boys.

The boys looked at Coby and I, not able to say anything. I was standing behind Coby now since he had turned towards the boys. I brought my hand to my neck and made a action that I'll kill you and mouthed 'Amusement park'. Seth and Jeremy visibly gulped while Val was just staring at me.

"Amusement park! I wanna go there! " Seth said and I mouthed 'good boy ' to him.

"Yeah! Me too!" Jeremy said and I smirked. Seth and Jeremy looked at me as if I would eat them alive if they don't do as I say.

Am I really that scary?

"You guys are so mean! Val, where so you wanna go?" Coby asked Val.

He just shrugged.

What's the matter with this guy?! I mean come on, he was talking properly with me and why suddenly the change of mood? This guy is so confusing!

"Majority wins! Amusement park, it is!" I said and poked my tongue out at Coby who just rolled his eyes.

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket so I answered it without checking the caller Id.

"Where are you?" My mom yelled in the phone.

"In school " I said

"Come back home. Now!" She said, god, now I wish that I would've checked the caller Id before. I sigh and say, " what's the matter mom?"

"Come home! I have to talk to you about something! " she says. I know....it must be about my room being messy. Can't you just clean it, Violet? Rather than hearing those big lectures from mom.

"Oh see, my teacher arrived. I have to go. Bye mom. See you soon! " I say and hang up the call. Phew....

I walk towards Seth's car and see that it is full. Come on, don't let me sit with Val! I cannot bear the awkward atmosphere! Really!

"Can you guys make some space?" I say and they shake their head in a 'no' sign.


I open Val's car door and sit there. He starts the engine and we were off to amusement park. It was only few minutes in the car and I was suffocating because of the silence, so I just let my thoughts out.

"Why are you avoiding me?" I ask the question which I was dreading to ask since yesterday.

"No reason. " he says, keeping his eyes on the roads.

"Just shut up! You've been avoiding me since yesterday! Have I done something? " I ask and he stops the car abruptly and my whole body is jerked forward. What the actual hell?

" Who stops the car like this?" I asked angrily.

"5th August,2018. Flora House. Were you there that night?" He asks me looking dead in my eyes.

Whoa! Stop scaring me dude!

" Um...yeah" I say. I was with Skull gang that time and I went there for the mission.

"You are the one who killed Max!" He says angrily. Now I'm lost of words! What?!

"What are-" I go to say but he cuts me off.

"Don't act all innocent. I know you killed him!" He shouts, pointing his fingers at me. I could see pure rage in his eyes.

"Care to elaborate? " I say, showing him a poker face to let him know that I'm not scared although.....I am scared!

"My friend, Max. He was in that Flora house where he was shot. He was taken to the hospital in a critical situation, but before dying he said that a girl from Skull gang killed him. He said that she had brown hair and hazel eyes. Now, doesn't all this point towards you?" He says and scoffs.

He was not even there still he is making an assumption that I killed his friend. Nerve of this guy!

Wait! I realized something...

" You became friends with me at the first place to know whether I killed your friend or not, am I right?" I said and he looked hesitant....and I am right.

Tears were threatening to fall from my eyes. I just cannot believe he thinks that I killed his friend and that he is making assumptions just by a rough description. There are more than thousand people of that description for God's sake!

"First of all, there are a lot of people with hazel eyes and brown hair so don't make some nonsense assumptions and secondly, I killed no one,absolutley no one in that mission because I was a newbie that time and I didn't knew how to shoot, so killing someone is definitely not possible! " I yelled holding back my tears. He was shocked, I could tell by looking at his face.

"I cannot believe that all this friendship thing was nothing to you. God damn it, I even told you about my past that I've been hiding from everyone! I always had only one friend,James, but when I became friends with you guys I was so happy that so many people really cared about me.I thought you were nice to me because you were really my friend but I guess you just wanted information from me, that's the only reason you were being good to me." I yelled.

"Violet, I'm so so--" he started to say but I was already out of the car walking god knows where!

A hand grabbed my arm from behind and I was met with Val's handsome face.

Not the correct time, Violet. Not the correct time.

"I'm really sorry, Violet. I should've he--" I stoped him by show him my hand to signal to stop talking.

"I just remembered I have to go somewhere real soon so please leave me." I said calmly.

"Violet, please just lis--"

"We can talk about it later. I'm in a hurry. Please leave me." This time in a little stiff voice. He left my hand and I started walking towards the SUNNY CAFE. After reaching there I removed my cell phone and texted James to come here.

I should never be close to badboys! I repeated my mistake!

I waited for 15 minutes and then James was standing in front of me.

"What happened, oreo? You don't look good" He said as he pulled me in a hug.

I pulled out of the hug and told him everything. Later, we both sat there talking about good old times.

Valentino's POV

I am such an asshole!

"We know!" The boys said simultaneously. I guess I said that out loud...

After Violet left, I explained the situation to guys and to say that they were angry was an understatement!

"Why are you still holding on to Max's death?! It's already been 2 years!" Seth yelled.

"Forget that. Why in the fucking hell were you blaming Violet for it?!" Coby yelled, this time.

Jesus, what's with all this yelling!

"You know that putting an accusation of killing someone without any proof is not good, right?" Jeremy said.

"I know. It's just when she came to school on the first day, she had matched the description of Max and later when it was confirmed that she was in Skull gang earlier, I just couldn't help but think that she was the one who killed Max." I explained.

"There are thousands of people with that description, Val!" Seth yelled.

"Just stop yelling or else my ear drums will burst any moment now!" I told them.

"Where did she go?" Jeremy asked.

"I went after her after she got out of the car but she said we'll talk about this later because she has to go somewhere and that she's in a hurry. " I told them about what happened 1 hour ago.

"You know that it was just a excuse to go away from you, right?" Coby asked with gritted teeth and I just stood there saying nothing because...

I didn't knew it was an excuse to get away from me!

"Hold me back before I kill this guy." Seth said in a calm tone but, you can sense anger in his tone.

"How can you be such an idiot?" Coby asked shaking his head sideways.

"Okay guys, I'm sorry. Alright?" I said, running my hands through my hair because of frustration.

"Are we the one who you should say sorry to?" Coby asked, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"See, I tried to apologize to her but she didn't listen. " I said.

"You think that after what you blamed her for, she will easily forgive you. " Seth said.

"You should try hard to make it up to her." Jeremy said and I nodded.

I shouldn't have just blamed her. How can I just act like such a big jerk? Although i became friends with her because of the suspicion of her killing Max,but I really felt comfortable with her. She is just so funny and strong. She acts all tough but I know that it's all a barrier to protect her. She doesn't want her past to repeat itself. Sometimes I feel that I should just be with her so no harm can come near her.

Wait! I sound as if I like her!

No! I'm feeling this because we are friends. Yeah,that is it. Friends care about eachother. That's the reason. Yeah!

"Let's go to find her." Seth's voice brings me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah. Val, show us where you left her." Jeremy says and we all get into the car in search of Violet. In whole car ride, only one thing was going on my mind.

I'll make it up to you, Violet.

I hope you all like this chapter. There is an arrival of someone in next chapter and I know you might be finding it a little boring but I promise that it will be very interesting from next chapter onwards. Till then bubyee.


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