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Chapter 11

After having a talk about good old memories with James, I was feeling better. He left the cafe after one hour while I'm still sitting here, having my fourth coffee.

Valentino is such an idiot! Yes! Valentino!....because of his dick like behaviour. I mean like seriously! What does he think? That there are no other girls in the gang! And yes....the description! When he said that it makes sense that I killed his friend because I match the description of his friend's killer, I really wanted to give him an award....Senseless Person Award!

Stop being sarcastic right now, Violet!

I just stared out of the window looking at the vehicles pass by. I sighed and removed my cell phone from my pocket to see that I have 30 fucking missed calls from mom. What the hell....!

Now, I don't think that this is about my room being messy!

Don't you think you realized it too soon?

Can you not sass me now?

Well, I'm just saying that, see how much you have grown close to these badboys. You even ignored your mom's call.

What are you implying?

That you are going to make the same mistake again.


I hate it when my inner voice is correct. I just hope that I won't regret being friends with these guys. I also hope that Coby, Seth and Jeremy were not pretending to be my friends like Val....I mean Valentino.

"One more coffee?" The voice brings me out of my thoughts. It's the waiter who has served me other four coffees.

"Yeah." I say and smile, which he returns and goes to bring my fifth cup of coffee.

Oh, am I forgetting something? Oh yes, I have to call mom!

I was just going to dial her when a sound of chair screeching on the ground makes me lift my head. I am surprised to see Coby sitting on the chair beside me and Jeremy, Seth and Val...I mean Valentino....standing in front of me.

"Hey darling!" Coby says with his oh-so-cute smirk which he thinks is a oh-so-sexy smirk.

"Can I get a break from those nicknames?" I say and chuckle at which all the boys laugh. I know Valentino is standing there but, I'm trying my best to ignore him and put on a happy face.

"No, baby doll " Seth says this time with a smirk.

What's with boys and smirks?

"So, why are you guys here?" I ask and they all look at eachother.

"We know what happened." Jeremy says.

"Listen Violet, I'm saying sorry on behalf of Val. He really didn't mean it. It's just that Max was one of our group and Val was very close to him so I guess he just-- " Coby started coughing after his rambling.

"Breathe Coby! Breathe!" I said and handed him the glass of water which was on the table.

The boys were standing behind him, patting his back, asking him if he is able to take in 'oxygen',if only they used this word in studies they would score good marks in science or if he needs to visit the hospital.

Are these guys serious?!

For God's sake, he is just coughing!

"I'm fine!" Coby said which made them shut up and sit on the chairs around the table.

"So....?" Coby said, looking at me and then pointing towards Valentino.

"Violet, I'm really sorry. I agree that I became friends with you for that reason but I started liking you." He said and everyone including me, was looking at him with wide eyes. When he realised what he said, his eyes went wide as well.

"I mean, as a friend!" He said quickly.

I don't know why but I felt a little hurt after listening to it.

"Valentino, if you started liking me as 'friend', then why did you blame me suddenly?" I asked, putting more emphasis on 'friend'.

"Well....you said you were in Skull gang earlier..." he said, a little nervous.

Woah! This is the first time I think he is nervous.

"Valentino,there are other girls in the gang too." I said.

"I know but....it's just....I'm so sorry Violet. I regret each and every word I said. Please forgive me." He said giving me his puppy dog eyes.

Aww...his look is more cute than Coby.

"Okay. I forgive you." I said with a smile.

Very well! Keep repeating your mistakes!

Shut up!

"So, are we on 'Val' terms now?" He said expectantly. So, he noticed the name change.

"Yeah. " I said and I was engulfed in a hug by everyone.

I'm so happy to have them as friends.

Don't you think you are forgetting something?

Ohh fuck! Mom!

I need to call her! I grabbed my cell phone to call her when my phone started blaring. The call is from a private number.

Is the universe against me calling my mom? Why are there so many obstructions?!

I swiped the green call icon to the right side and held my phone to my ear.

"Hey babe!" Hearing that voice made my heart stop. The voice I've been trying to avoid is what I'm hearing right now. My eyes went wide and my hand which was holding the coffee cup started shaking which the boys noticed, but the only thing that was going on in my mind was...

River found me!

"Too stunned to answer, babes? " he asked. I could literally imagine him smirking right now.

The boys were giving me worried looks but I couldn't care more than the fact that River is on the call with me.

"How did you get my number?" I asked.

"I have my ways babe." He said. He used to call me 'babe', I used to love it earlier but now it just disgusts me.

"Stop calling me that. I'm no longer your girlfriend. " I said and he chuckled.

"Feisty as always." He said.

"What do you want? " I said, a little stiffly.

The boys were making some weird hand gestures and asking me something but I didn't understand what they were asking.

"Just wanted to give you some information. I'm in California and I'm going to apply for your school. So meet you soon." He said and hung up the call.

My phone slipped from my hand and fell down. I couldn't help but think that my ex is back.

River is in California.

He is coming to my school.

We both are going to meet again.

Our paths are going to cross again.

Coby was waving his hand in front of my eyes, Seth was shaking me and Jeremy was calling out my name. I was not able to pay attention to them since I was not able think anything straight.

Suddenly, few drops of water was sprinkled on me and I was brought out of my daze. I saw that Val was holding a glass of water and was wearing a worried expression.

"What happened, Violet?" Seth asked, worriedly.

I wanted to say something but I couldn't. The words just couldn't come out of my damn mouth.

"Look at me!" Val said, keeping his hands on my shoulders and looking me dead in the eye.

"Breathe. Inhale." He said and I inhaled.

"Exhale. " I did as he told.

I guess that oxygen reached my brain to make it function properly again.

"Now tell us what happened! " Val said.

"He is here guys! River is here!" I said and broke down.

Tears started to fall from my eyes. Val engulfed me in a hug and I could feel his warm body although our clothes were their, acting as a barrier.

I cried and cried and cried.

It took them at least 15 minutes to cool me down.

When I was a little stable and could properly form humanly said sentences, I spoke.

"What am I going to do? He is in California and he is going to come to our school! I don't know what to do. It's just freaking me out. What if he m-- " my rambling was stopped by Coby.

"We will not let him harm you. Don't worry." He said and hugging me sideways.

"He is very dangerous guys. You don't know h--" my sentence was stopped by Seth.

"We are equally dangerous, Violet." Seth said, giving me a small smile.


"Guys, give me a lift to my house! Mom called me earlier! I'm sure it's related to this." I said. They nodded their heads and without any words started walking towards their cars and I trailed behind them.

If anything happens to mom, I won't be able to forgive myself.

Within 10 minutes we were in front of my house. I kept a gun under a flower pot before so I removed it from the hiding spot and signaled the guys to wait there but these guys are too stubborn.

They walked towards the front door putting their hands in the pocket as if they are going to some party.

Are these boys for real?

I opened the door a little to see if there is any movement in there.

There was no one in there but I could here soft sobs from inside the house. I opened the door and saw that my mom was sitting on the couch, crying.

I ran towards her and hugged her, dropping my gun down.

"What happened mom?" I asked her.

"Where were you? Your life is in danger honey. He is here." She said while sobbing.

"I know mom. I know."

"Are you in that business again, Violet? I told you to stay away from all of it. Why don't you ever listen yo me? We have to leave here. Pack your bags we are leaving." Mom said.

"Mom, I'll be okay, alright? I have my ways to protect myself. And the reason why I shifted here is because Zach is here, mom. He is here. I have to find him." I said and she looked at me with wide eyes.

"He...is here?" She asked with a stutter.

"Yes mom." I said with a smile.

"But this place is not safe for you, honey." She said.

"Mom, I told you I'll be alright. " I said and saw that boys were standing behind the couch and listening to us.

"And these boys are my friends. They said they'll protect me." I said and looked at them with a smile which they returned.

"Yes mam. Violet is our friend and we will not let him come near her." Val said.

"Oh thank you, boys. And just call me Vanessa." She said and smiled.

"Vanessa, don't worry. We won't let anything happen to her. " Jeremy said and smiled.

Where are their smirks now?

"Oh see...how foolish of me...Violet's friends are here and i'm just sitting here. Let me bring you guys some food." She said and got up.

"There's no ne--" Seth went on saying but my mom cut him off.

"No! You guys will be here for dinner as well! No arguments with me!" She said and they all replied with 'okay'.

"But mom, how did you know he is here?" I asked mom.

"I got a call on landline and he said i'm here Violet and I recognized his voice." She told.

"Okay...." I said. I need to find out how he found out that i'm in California and how come he got my phone number and landline number.

Mom went in the kitchen to prepare food and boys looked so uneasy standing there. I looked at them and chucked.

"Come! Let me show you guys my room!" I said and led them upstairs where my room is.

Whoaa! River is back! Crazy ex is back! Now there will be more twist in the story guys! I'm going to introduce more characters in next chapters. River is going to attend Violet's school as well so there will be more drama. I hope you guys like this chapter.


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