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Chapter 12

"Whoa! Your bed is awesome!" Coby said for I guess the 5th time.

That guy has not left my bed since he came in my room. The boys are roaming in my room as if it is a tourist site!

"Coby! Stop jumping on it!" I shouted at him but that guy is too childish to understand it.

I went towards my bed and stood up on it and grabbed Coby's ear and made him sit down. Phew...too much work!

"Oww.... You are so mean." He said and folded his hands on his chest and huffed.

Why am I friends with a five year old?

"Stop behaving like a child!" He just huffed again.

I just shook my head at that idiot. Wait....what is this other idiot doing?

Seth is trying to wear my crop top. The keyword being trying because it is too small to accomodate that giant's body.

Once again, why do I have idiots in my room?

Bcoz they are your friends.

Yes....the one's who have escaped the mental hospital.

I went towards Seth who was so engrossed with the top that he didn't notice me coming towards him.

"Seth, what are you doing?" I asked calmly with a fake smile.

"Well I was just trying to wear this and see that how can girls be in this tight shit whole day being comfortable." He said without looking towards me and with a serious look on his face.

If he was so serious about his Math exam then he would've at least passed it!

I again just shook my head at the idiot in front of me and diverted my attention towards Val.

And here I am met with another act of idiocracy!

Val is using a fucking staightner!

I ran towards him and plugged it off. He turned towards me and gave me an angry look. This guy is getting angry at me because I saved his god damn hair?!

"Why are you so desperate to burn your hair?" I asked with gritted teeth.

"I was doing it properly, okay?" He said and shrugged.

"Oh really? Touch your hair and tell me!" I said and he touched his hair and pulled his hand back.

"Oh shit! It's hot!" He yelled.

"Oh yes! It is!" I said and turned my head to another side and Jeremy came in view. He was looking at my photos that were on the wall.

At least one person is in his right senses!

I walked over to him and stood beside him. He sensed me near him I guess because he smiled looking ahead. We both were silent for good one minute. The silence was not awkward or anything, if anything it was very comfortable. We both were just looking at the photos and trying to feel and sense them.

"You were pretty cute when you were small" He said, pointing towards a photo where I was eating a chocolate. I guess it was taken when I was three or four.

"Am I'm not now?" I asked teasingly and he laughed

"No" he said and I fake gasped and kept my hand on my heart and said," how can you say that? I'm so hurt!" I said, wiping a fake tear off of my face and he chuckled.

"No, you are not cute. You are beautiful now." He said slowly.

Okay! Was not expecting that!

I just looked at him and he looked at me. We just stood their staring into eachother's eyes, trying to understand the other person. We were brought back by the yell of my mom telling us that food is ready. I just took a step back and so did he.

"Yayyyy!Food!" Coby yelled and we all laughed.

We all went downstairs and had our food. The boys and my mom became more good friends than boys and me. The dinner table was filled with laughter and joy. It was after such a long time that I saw mom happy and that also because of the boys which was more astonishing to me.

I went to sleep as soon as the boys left. I was hella tired because of all the River and Val drama.

The next day I woke up early and took my peaceful shower to calm my nerves.
River is going to be at school today and I am very scared.

Wait.... Am I forgetting something?

Yes, I am. But I don't remember what.

Anyway, I wore a black jeans and a turtle neck white crop top and applied a little bit of make up and went downstairs. I took a toast from my mother's hand and dashed towards my car.

When I reached the school parking lot, I saw Val's and Seth's car which means that the guys had arrived at the school.

I was going to walk out of the car when I remembered what I was forgetting.

Damn it! I forgot to inform James about River!

He is going to kill me alive. No...no...I guess eat me alive. No....burning me alive would be more painful, right?

Stop these thoughts! You are scaring me!

My conscious yelled and I just rolled my eyes. I removed my cell phone and texted James.

Hey! Don't kill me but....River is here in California and he is attending my school. I came to know yesterday but I forgot to tell you. I'm so so so SORRY!🙏😘

If I want to save my dear life then i'll have to stay away from James for at least one day so thay he could cool down his temper.

When I looked out of the window I saw River standind in front of my parked car, smirking.

I was shocked but I kept my face neutral. Even after two years, his face is just like earlier. There is not even a single change in him. Two years ago that face used to show me his million dollar smile and used to win over my heart in just a second but now I just feel hatred towards him. Maybe...

I cannot stay in my car forever of course, so why not just get out. Or else should I wait for him to leave. But this guy is too stubborn, I know. He will not budge until I am out of the car so I just opened the door.

Here goes nothing!

I didn't look in his direction and started speed walking towards the school hall ways without sparing him a glance. I saw Seth standing beside my locker. When I reached my locker, I kept my hand on Seth's shoulder and started panting because of speed walking.

"Whoa! Why do you look like you just ran a marathon?"he asked, raising his one eyebrow.

" I saw River. He was standing in front of my car." I said after gaining my breathe.

"What? Where is he?" He started looking behind me.

"I don't know. I just ignored him and speed walked here." I said.

"Okay. We will search him later but now let's go to our first class and stay with one of the boys, always!" He said with stern eyes.

"Come on, i'm not a baby and i'm not scared of him." I lied and he scoffed.

"Ya...ya...you are not scared of the guy because of whom you just speed walked here." He said.

"Okay okay, whatever. Let's go we are going to be late for class." I said and dragged him to the class.

When we reached the class, we went and sat in the middle of the class. Later Mrs. Patrick arrived, followed by River. His eyes roamed around in the class and settled on mine after searching me.

"He is River." I told Seth and he didn't say anything and just stared at him.

"Students, we have new student here. Please introduce yourself."Mrs.Patrick said. Girls were litteraly swooning over him.

If only they knew his true side.

" Hey! My name is River. I shifted here just few days ago. I love football and I would love to be friends with you guys. I can also see a familiar face here." He said and smirked.

I inhaler a sharp breathe and held Seth's hand tightly. He looked at me, I saw him turn from my side vision because my gaze was fixed at River. Everyone was wondering who was that person who was friends with such a hot guy.

"Hello Violet." He said, smirking.

Everyone's attention came to me. I looked at him and faked a smile. Everyone started whispering to eachother as to why am I always friends with hot boys!

Can't these people keep their nose in their own damn business?!

"Okay. Go and take your seat." Mrs. Patrick said and River went and sat at the last seat near the window.

The rest of the lecture went in blur. I kept my attention only on the lecture but I could feel River staring at me.

After the bell rang Seth and I went towards his locker because I had already taken my books for the next lecture. He took out his English book and then we saw Val, Coby and Jeremy walking towards us.

"Hey!" I said.

"Wasup? You were late today." Val said with a toothy grin.

"Umm... Yeah..." I said, keeping my head down.

"She saw River outside her car waiting for her so she was late." Seth said for me. When I looked up I saw all the boys' jaw clenched. Whoaa....even Jeremy. They all were thinking about something and staring at the lockers behind me with a heated gaze.

Poor lockers!

"Umm.... Guys....we should go...or else we will be late." I said through a stutter and they all looked at me and nodded. I had Geography with Val. We both headed towards the class. On the way, Val was so silent that it was making me uncomfortable. We entered the class and sat down at the seat at the back.

After five minutes, our professor entered. Throughout the lecture, Val was quiet. What is going on in his brain? But i'm happy that River is not in my this class at least.

After the lecture ended, everyone packed their stuff and started walking outside. I held Val's arm and he turned around with a questioning look.

"What happened?" I asked.

"What?" He asked raising his eyebrows.

"Don't give me question for a question alright? You have been awfully silent. Like just few minutes ago you were like 'wassup' and now you are like completely mute. Like what the hell dude. It is scaring me. You all are so weird and suddenly you are acting so matured. Stop creeping me out for god's sake." I said throwing my hands everywhere. He looked at me with amusement without saying anything.

"Don't you have anything to say?!" I screeched this time. He just shrugged and started walking ahead and I just stood there comprehending what happened.

The nerve of this guy! He shrugged. JUST SHRUGGED AFTER MY AMAZING SPEECH!

I huffed and started walking towards my locker to fetch my books for the next lecture. When I reached there I saw River standing there and smirking.

Oh god! What type of trouble are you putting me in?

Okay so the options are I walking away from him and getting detention for not bringing my book or else walk up to him and face him and show him that I don't fucking care even if he is here.

The first one sounds good enough!

But I don't want to hear lecture from mom about how detentions should be avoided and all that shit!

Second option, it is.

I walked towards my locker and opened it and kept my geography books inside and removed my french book. He was standing beside me, looking at me.

"You are still the same." He said.

I turned to look at him with a blank face.

"So are you." I said.

"I see that you are very famous in here. Heard that four hot boys are your friends." He said with a smirk.

"So?" I said, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing. Just saying." He said and shrugged.

"Anything else? Or may I leave?" I asked sarcastically.

"Ohh yeah...I came to know that you have joined the scorpion gang." He said.

"Any issues?" I asked with blank face.

"Nope" he said and came dangerously close to my face and my breathe hitched.

"But be careful." He whispered in my ear and walked away

Careful of what?


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