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Chapter 13

Right now, I am behind the school building talking to James, who apparently came running to school in search of me after receiving my message. Well, when I saw him I thought he will comfort me but, the guy just lashed out on me!

"Are you crazy?! How can you be so ignorant?! Do you have any idea how much dangerous River is? No, of course not. You don't have a single fucking idea of how dangerous he is! I see that you really want yourself in trouble, don't you?!" James yelled.

And what am I doing? Well, i'm just looking at my feet and not uttering a word because this guy is really scary right now!!!

Oh yeah...one more thing!

Guys are with me....do you wanna know what they are doing?

Those assholes are standing behind James and silently laughing!

What have I done to deserve such idiots as friends?

"Are you even listening to me?!" James yelled and I jumped a little.

Oh my gosh! Stop scaring me!

"Y-yeah" I said, stuttering.

"Okay! So it's final! I'm joining this school!" He said.

"WHAT?!" I shouted.


"But, you are busy with the gang aren't you? Why are you doing this? I can take care of myself! I am strong, alright? I can literally lift that piece of--"

"I know you are strong. No doubt in that but, you think he is alone? There are other people who are helping him so even you need me and the guys." He explained. He is right, though.The boys were also giving me the serious look so I just sighed and nodded.

"Oreo, i'm worried about you that's why I am doing this, I hope you understand it?" He said, softly.

"Of course, I understand, bear. I'm sorry. I should've told you sooner." I said and hugged him.

I heard few coughing sounds and diverted my attention towards the boys.

"You forgot about me, Violet?" Coby said, making a fake sad frown. I just laughed and engulfed all of them in a warm hug.

"So, you all know James?" I asked after coming out of the hug.

"Yes, he is the one who decides where will the members go for fighting or where will they go to buy drugs. In short, he is the in charge of everything so everyone knows him." Val explained.

"Isn't that dangerous for you? " I asked turning towards James.

"Don't worry about me, you doofus! I can take care of myself." He said and ruffled my hair.

Not my hair!

"Oh so you hate it, huh?" Val said.

I guess I said that out loud...

Val came striding towards me and bent down to meet my eye level. He suddenly came a little close and my head on instinct moved back. My heart was jumping in my chest. He brought his hand up in my hair and ruffled them and walked away. Later, everyone started moving towards me and ruffled my hair and went to their cars. Now, I was standing behind the school building alone with my racing heart!

Can you stop?!

Hey, It's not my fault that he is so hot!

Just control yourself! Now you can stop!

Sorry about the fact that I can not stop dancing after looking at him. Humph!

Wow, now I have started talking to my heart. Like talking to my brain was not enough!

I straightened my hair which were everywhere on my face, with my hands and started walking towards my car.

I went straight to my car avoiding all the gazes especially, Val's.

Later, I headed straight towards my home. My gaze was fixed on the road ahead and I was humming to the song that was playing on the radio.

Honestly, I don't even know the song but, I just love the tune so i'm just doing 'mmm hmm' to it.

When I was only four blocks away from my home, I saw a guy crossing the road so I slowed down the car to let him pass.

Wait! He seems familiar!

He crossed the road and opened the door to a car, that's when I noticed his hand. He had a small tattoo of a letter 'V' on his wrist. Just like the one, my dad had.

The calligraphy seems similar too...

That's when it striked me!


He had started the car and was ahead of me. I accelerated my car a little and followed him from behind so he doesn't come to know that i'm following him.

We were driving in our neighboring lane, later he took a swift turn and started driving on a road which lead to a cemetery and a cafe.

Okay...so how can you be such a big idiot? Are you just born with it or you learned it from someone?

Here goes my brain!

What do you mean?

Just because that guy has tattooed a 'V' on his wrist, it doesn't mean he is Zach!

James told that Zach is in my neighborhood and this guy has a lot in common with him. Although his face was covered with mask and glasses, he had those chocolate brown hair of Zach and the 'V' tattoo. That's a lot of proof!

Go ahead fall in trouble! I don't know what I did to deserve to be a brain of such an idiot!

Urghh....shut up and let me concentrate on driving.

He was going really slowly and after three to four minutes we reached the cafe but, he didn't stop there and went ahead and as expected, I did not leave his tail. The only place left is the cemetery, now...

That is the place where my father's tombstone lies...

A sudden wave of sadness filled me. Is he really Zach? Is he going to meet dad? If he is Zach, will he come back with me? I didn't even notice my tears falling from my eyes until both of our cars came to a hault.

The guy or Zach or whoever he is walked out of the car, I did the same and started following him there too. Sneakily...


Can you keep your words to yourself?!



He walked towards the fourth row.

That's the row where my dad's tombstone lies...

He walked past three tombstones and stopped.

In front of my dad's tombstone.

He removed his mask and glasses.


He is here! He came to see his dad, can't he come to see his mom? His sister? I was hiding behind a tombstone of some Kathy Jules. He was speaking something but I was not able to figure it out because of the distance. He just sat there and it seemed like he was talking to the tombstone of dad.

I really really wanted to go there and ask him why did he do this to mom? To me? It was not like he didn't knew what happened to me after dad's death. Tears were just rolling out on my face and I didn't even bother to wipe them.

Zach used to tell me i'll not let anyone make you cry but, today, he is the one who is making me cry!

He just sat there for one whole hour and even I waited there for him. There was no way I was going to go their and disturb their son and father moment, no matter how much angry I am.

He stood up after another 30 minutes. I copied his action and he started walking towards his car. I followed him out and when I was going to go to him and bombard him with questions, Mr.Lenon, the watchman of the cemetery yelled,"Hello Violet!".

This gained Zach's attention. He turned and his eyes met mine and widened in horror. He climbed inside his car and started the engine. And I hurried inside my car and started following him.

Damn! He's fast!

I was just following him when it started to rain. It was hard for me to search him in the rain. He suddenly took a right turn and speeded at the max limit and within seconds he was out of my sight! I started searching for him in the lanes of that street when I was coming out of the 5th lane, I took a turn and a truck came and crashed into my car from my right side.

My head banged at the dashboard of the car and I felt few drops of blood dripping from my head. My eyelids were being heavy. I was feeling a lot of pain. I was slowly loosing my conciousness. Somehow I managed to take out my phone and dialed Val's number, which was on my emergency list.

He picked up the call after the first ring.


"Val...he-elp m-me." I somehow managed to bring those words out of my mouth.

"Violet! What happened? Where are you?" He asked, concern lacing in his voice.

"At th-e 5th la-n-ne of--" before I could complete the sentence I was welcomed by darkness.

Whoaa! An accident?! I felt so sad while i wrote this chapter. I know...a little boring and short, right? But i promose that the next chapter will be fabulantastic! 😬🤭 But anyways, she finally met her brother, Zach but was witnessed with a tragic accident! What do you think would've happened or will happen? Your views,lovelies!♡♡

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