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Chapter 14

Val's POV

''Violet! Violet! Talk to me! Where are you?!'' I yelled in the phone. She was not replying anymore.

The boys were looking at me curiously so as to know what is happening.

''Damn it!'' I yelled as I got no response from her.

Where is she and what happened?

''What happened, Val?'' Coby asked.

''Violet is in some trouble. Before she could say the address, the line went dead. '' I explained.

''Fuck!'' Seth muttered.

''What did she say?'' Jeremy asked. Although he was acting all cool and calm, his eyes gave out all his worry for Violet.

Why do I feel hurt?

''She said that she is in fifth lane, but before she could tell me specific address, the line went dead." I said, running my hand in my hair.

''We can trace her phone location." Coby said and headed towards his laptop which was lying on his study table.

He typed few codes and scanned something and later, there was a map of the town. A red light was showing us Violet's location.

''Let's go!'' Coby said, as he grabbed his laptop and made his way there.

In less then 15 minutes, we were at the Violet's location and there we saw Violet's car smashed by the truck that was standing there.

I was baffled by the sight.

Violet, please be okay!

We all ran towards the car first and saw Violet inside the car, lying unconscious. Her whole face was covered in blood.

That was the moment when I got scared of loosing her. I agree that I met her not too long ago but I cared about her. A lot!

But why?

''Violet, get up. Get up, Violet!" I was brough out of my thoughts by Coby. He was yelling at Violet's unconscious body to get up. He was also crying.

I have never seen Coby looking so vulnerable.

I was feeling numb. I was just too shocked to see the sight in front of me.

''Guys, I have called the ambulance.''Jeremy said. He was the type of person who will act sensibly in this kind of situation.

''Guys, the truck driver is also unconscious but he is not much hurt." Seth said.

Soon, the ambulance arrived and we all were in the hospital in few minutes.

We all were sitting outside the ICU. I called Violet's mom, informing her about the accident and she came within 10 minutes. She was sobbing continuously.

I cannot blame her. It's her daughter who is in the ICU. I sighed and looked around me.

Jeremy was trying to console Mrs.Velez, Seth was sitting on a chair with his head in his hands and Coby was sitting on the floor, his knees were brought up to his chest and his head was burried in his knees. While I was leaning on a wall beside Seth.

What was Violet doing there at the first place? She was going to head home but how come she ended up on cemetery road?

My thoughts drifted back to the last interaction I had with her. I had ruffled her hair and teased her. When I bent down to her eye level, I felt my stomach doing summersaults. I always had this weird feeling when I was around her.

Do I like her?

No! Not possible! I met her few days ago. How can I like her? It's just because she is my friend. Yeah, she is just my friend.

''What was Violet doing there?'' Jeremy asked to no one in specific.

''She must have gone there to meet her father." She said.


''Her father's tombstone lies there." She answered, as if reading my thoughts.


Violet's father is dead?

Well, I didn't see him the day we visited her house, but I thought he was out on work.

''But I can't understand one thing. " Mrs. Velez said.

''What?'' Coby asked.

''She never visited her father often since it used to make her sad." She said gloomily and we all looked at eachother.

Then why did Violet go there?

My thoughts were interrupted by the doctor who came out of ICU ward. Everyone stood up and I straightened myself.

''How is she?'' I found myself asking.

''Doctor, please tell me you saved her!'' Mrs.Velez begged to him.

''She is out of danger. Don't worry.'' He said with a reassuring smile and we all released a relieving sigh.

Thank you, Violet. To be safe.

''The impact of the crash was quite a lot but since the truck came from opposite direction, she didn't get hurt that much.'' He explained.

''Thank you very much doctor.'' We all thanked him.

''Can we go in and see her?'' Coby asked.

''Yes, but she has not yet regained her conciousness.'' He said and we nodded and went inside.

When we went inside, we were met with a sight of injured Violet. Her forhead was wrapped in white plaster. I felt sad that I couldn't do anything. I felt sad because I was not there for her! I suddenly started feeling a little guilty.

I went and sat beside her on left side while her mother sat on right side. I held her soft hands in my rough ones.

''Thank God Violet, you are safe." Mrs.Velez said.

''Why did you go there? I already lost one child, I can't think of loosing another." She sobbed and Seth tried to console her this time.

''I guess I'll take some fresh air first.'' She said and flashed us all a small smile.

I know she just wanted all of us to have some private time with Violet.

As she left the room, Coby took her seat. He held Violet's hand and looked at her with teary eyes.

I suddenly felt a pang of jealousy.


''Why do you guys think she went there?'' Seth asked.

"I don't know. Do you think she was missing her father?'' Coby asked, wiping his tears that slipped down his face.

''According to what her mother said, I don't think so. Even before leaving, she was acting normal. No signs of sadness.'' Jeremy said.

''I guess we should just wait for her to wake up.'' I said and sighed.

''Oh shit!'' Seth yelled and I jumped a little.

''What?'' I asked, annoyed.

''We didn't inform James.'' He said.


I looked at the boys and they all held same looks on their faces.

Hieyaa! What do you guys think about this chapter? Writing from Val's point of view was hard *sighs*. Anyways, Violet is fine tho ;) I know this was not that good, but I promise to be back with an amazing chapter :)

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