Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 15

''Are you guys mad?!'' James yelled.

''You didn't even call me! And Violet you! How come you called Val first! Wasn't I on your emergency list?'' He yelled....again.

This situation seems familiar....oh yeah, even before my accident this was happening! --_--

Okay so let me fill in what happened once again. So I got into an accident after I followed my brother. When I gained my consciousness I was met with 6 faces that were of Val, James, Coby, Seth and Jeremy. When I woke up, I heard James yelling at boys that they informed him late and stuff.

''Okay guys! Shut up!'' I yelled. My head was hurting a lot! It felt as if someone was banging a hammer in there! Everyone went silent as soon as I yelled.

''Violet, why did you go there at the first place?'' James inquired.

As he asked this question, all memories came running back to me. Why is Zach ignoring me? Why is he not coming back? Does he know I was met with an accident? Does he even care about me anymore or all his emotions for me are also vanished?

My eyes became teary as I thought about all these questions. He doesn't care anymore right?

I started crying loudly and Val came running beside me and held me in his arms. I cried and cried more in his arms. He kept on saying soothing things to me which calmed me down a little.

''What happened, Violet?'' James asked soothingly.

'' I saw him James! I- i-'' I said and again started sobbing.

''Who did you see, Violet?'' James inquired.

''Z-zach'' I said and mom gasped.

''What? You saw Zach? Violet, please tell me you are not joking.'' Mom said, the tears glistening in her eyes.

''Yes mom, I saw him! But he ran away as soon as he saw me!'' I said and sniffled.

''Violet, can you explain a bit more?'' Val asked me and I nodded and explained them everything from beginning.

''Violet, don't worry. I'll find him! Just trust me!'' James said as he held my face in between his hands.

''James, do you think he still cares about me? He ran away as soon as he saw me!'' I said and a tiny sob escaped my lips.

''No Violet, he loves you for sure! He is your brother! Don't you trust him?'' He asked, making me look in his eyes.

''Of course I do! But why did he-'' I went to ask when he kept his finger on my lips to prevent me from arguing any further.

''Just trust him!'' He said and smiled while I just nodded.

He straightened his posture and motioned at the boys to come outside.

''Where are you all going?'' I asked, curiously.

''Just out. We will be back soon, okay?'' He said and I replied with a 'okay'.

''Take care.'' James said and kissed my forehead.

Coby came forward, tears still brimming his eyes.

''Dare you scare me like that again!'' He said with a cute grumpy look and I chuckled.

''Sorry Coby.'' I said and he hugged me. ''I was scared! I thought I lost you!'' He said to me in the hug and I smiled.

He stood up and kissed my forehead and went out.

''You cannot leave me before attending my party.'' Seth said and I giggled.

''Never!'' I said and he kissed my forehead and went out.

''Don't worry too much about everything, okay?'' Jeremy said and smiled and went out.

As he went out, my vision turned to Val. He was standing beside my bed looking at the door through which Jeremy just went out. He turned to look at me and a small smile formed on his face.

He came and sat on my bed and held my hands.

''You alright now?'' He asked, with a concerned look.

''Yeah'' I said and smiled a little which he gladly returned.

''You scared me so much.'' He said and single tear slipped down his face. I was shocked to see that he cared about me so much. Not just him but all the boys.

''I'm so sorry.'' I said and wiped his tear with my thumb.

Ah! The romantic emotional moment.

Really?! You had to butt in right now?

I'm your dear subconscious mind, honey. I'm just informing you about the situation right now.

Not the correct time, buddy. Shoo!

I am just helping! Look at him! Don't you wanna like do something?

Oh my god! I have got the most perverted mind ever! And weren't you against me liking bad boys?

Ahem...I guess I'm gonna make him an exception.

I just rolled my eyes at this comment of my dear mind.

''I'm telling you that we were scared shitless here and you are rolling your eyes?!'' He said angrily and I snapped back to reality.

Oh no no no!

''I didn't roll my eyes at that! Really! Please believe me! I just spaced out a little.'' I explained and he believed it.

''How much did James yell at you?'' I said and chuckled to lighten the mood.

Way to ruin the moment by including another guy in the conversation!

He is just my best friend, okay?

For YOU! We never know what Val might be thinking.

Where can I buy a new subconscious mind?


''When he came to know he came running! He literally lashed out on us! I had also started thinking what my last wish would be!'' He said with such a funny face that I couldn't help but laugh at.

''Ahem!'' I heard a sound.

I turned my face to look at the source of the sound. James was standing at the door, looking at us like an angry grandpa.

''I have to talk with you guys! Come with me, Val. Everyone is already out.'' He said, impatiently and Val just scoffed and got up from his seat.

''Take care, okay?'' He said and kissed my forehead and went out with James.

I need to find out where Zach is! I'll not leave all work to boys!

I stood up and made my way to the washroom and checked my injuries. One on my head, arm, stomach and a slight cut on my neck. I sighed after taking a look at them. I just hope that I don't fall in another trouble and hurt myself more because these injuries hurts like HELL!

If I would've told the guys that I want to find Zach too, they wouldn't have agreed so that leaves me with only one option.

Sneaking out of the hospital.

I tiptoed out of my hospital ward and started making my way to the nurse's private room. I know this hospital a little since I once visited here.

I opened the door to the nurse's room to find it empty. I made my way towards one of the lockers where I found jeans and a hoodie folded and kept properly. I changed into them hurriedly. I will be in a lot of trouble if I'm found eloping and these injuries are really not helping me at the moment!

Now! How to escape?

I saw a window on my right and I walked towards it and looked down.

Nope! Don't wanna die so soon! We are on third floor and if I jump from here, my next destination would be my graveyard.

Just then I remembered that I saw a cap lying on a waiting table! I started making my way there, trying to hide my face with my hair. I took the cap from there and started making my way towards the exit. When I was successfully out of the hospital, I heard someone call me.

''Hello Violet!'' I turned my face to see who this person is when my eyes widened in horror!

Ooh! A cliffhanger? Who might this person be? Any guesses? *wiggles eyebrows*. And I won't be publishing for 1 week because of exams! Don't worry, I'll publish new chapter in 1 week!!

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