Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 16

"What do you want River?" I said, glaring at the fucker in from of me.

''Oh well, nice to meet you too, but don't you think you should be in your hospital bed with all those injuries." He said, standing by his car with his hands in his jeans pocket.
Oh yea, but you see, my enthusiastic ass couldn't rest itself on that rough bed.
''Why do you care? Also, I don't have time to for your nonsense so I'mma go now" I said and started limping towards the road to fetch a taxi so that I can go back to the cemetery road and find clues about where Zach went.
"I can help you to find Zach.'' He said and I turned my back, giving out a humourless laugh.
" Right! Of course you will help me. You will ask me to repay you by asking me to go fight for the gang and then what? I don't get my brother and I will also put my life at risk for some shitty gang? Fuck off River!'' I snarled at him.
"Oh calm down tiger, listen to me, I am not in skull gang anymore and my sister, Leah, she is kidnapped by someone but I don't know who, so I thought we can help each other." He explained and all I could do was stare at him with my mouth open, I just hope no fly went in there.
"This better not be a fuckin lie River" I said while glaring at him angrily while he just sighed and gave me his phone.
There was a video of his sister tied to a chair and asking him for help. So he is telling the truth.
But now think, If James and boys come to know that you are with River...uh oh, what do you think will happen?
Really my dear subconscious? this is the question you have for me? Don't you know already?
Oh well, I do know, they will wrap you in a polythene bag with dog poop inside it and throw you off a cliff.
Fun stuff, isn't it? yayyyy
"Okay but dare you try to use me, I will make sure to fuckin put a dagger in your balls!" I said and sat in the passenger seat of his car, while he just chuckled and sat in the driver seat.
"So, where are we off to?" I asked him while fastening my seatbelt.
"Let's go to the cemetery first." He said and accelerated the car.
This reminds me of the old days, he used to take me on long drives, mostly near the lake, that was our favorite place to hang out. The way he used to treat me, no one could've ever guessed that he was just using me. Dates, parties, teaching me how to box, giving me gifts and surprises, this guy was an example of "the ideal boyfriend."
"So, when did you leave Skull gang?" I asked him, not diverting my vision from the view outside the window.
"Hmm, I guess few months?" he said, with a not-so-sure tone.
"Why though?"

"Let's just say, I didn't follow their orders so they kicked me out of the gang" he said and shrugged.
"Wait for a second, don't they kill you if you leave the group?" I asked.
Like seriously! Those jerks were chasing me for so long to kill me!
"Nah, they did nothing, that's why I assume that they kidnapped Leah."
Well, that's a reasonable assumption. Skull Gang indeed is very cruel, smart, and powerful.
"Alright, we are here" he says and gets out of the car while I was engrossed in my thoughts.
I get out of the car and go to the guard's office, he must have seen Luke.
"Hey Garry" I greet him with a smirk, apparently he is like my uncle because I've known him for a long time and he used to console me when I used to come to meet dad.
His eyes widened and he got out of his cabin and almost tripped over the radio.
"Violet! Why the fuck are you here? How are you? You still have injuries! You should be in hospital, do you know how scared I was?"
"Calm, calm, calm, I am alright!" I say, patting his shoulder and making him sit down, which I ignore.
"Oldies" River says and scoffs while I step hard on his right leg and he frowns in my direction.
"Listen, Garry, I need your help, you know Luke comes here, right?"
"Yeah" he agrees with slight hurt in his voice.
"I know he asked you to not tell me, so don't think much, it's fine" I give him a small smile.
"He said he is in some mess and he doesn't want you to get involved, I told him many times to talk to you but he never listened to me"
"Do you know where he lives? Or where he goes from here? Or anything that might help us to find him?" River asks him.
"I don't know where he lives or where he goes, but once I heard him over a call, he asked someone to meet him in Phoenix Bar."
That's close from here, we can reach it in few minutes.
"That's close, we will reach there in 20 minutes" River says my thought out loud.
"I know that." I say, giving him a deadpan look.
"Thank you so much, Garry, I'll have to leave now" I say but River holds my arm and pulls me in a corner.
"What?" I shout at him and pulls my arm out of his hold.
"Don't you think you are forgetting something?" He asks me with expecting eyes, but my stupid brain goes MIA so I end up saying, "using the washroom?"
He sighs and facepalms, "boys must've found out by now that you are not in hospital and they might come here" he explains.
Yes, "ohhh". Thank your rude ex-boyfriend for reminding you that or else you would've been dragged to the hospital bed in few minutes.
Whatevah, I would've remembered it anyways.
Oh really?
"You are again talking to your subconscious aren't you?" River says and chuckles.
"I-" My speechless self is only able to say one letter because I was surprised that he still remembers about my this habit.
"Tell the guard not to tell them where you are and come to sit in the car, we have to leave as soon as possible." He walks away while twirling his keys in his finger.
I go back to Garry and explain to him how he should lie to the boys and not tell them that I am in the bar. I am sure that by now they must've known that I am with River.
Holy frikkin cookies! What will they do to River when they find us? And James is soooo going to hospital arrest me!
Uh, hospital arrest as in...you know home arrest cuz you locked in the house, so since I'll be locked in the hospital....hospital arrest? Get it? No? Okay never mind. This wound has definitely affected my brain.
"Where the fuck is she?" James yells in frustration.
"Dude, calm down, we all are worried, we should think about how to find her." Coby explains.
"Guys, we can check CCTV cameras outside the hospital." Jeremy mentions and i run towards the operating office of the hospital, other guys following me from behind.
We explain to him the situation, how a patient ran away from the hospital, so he let us see the footage.
"Isn't that River?" Seth points towards a guy who was standing by his car. He talked to Violet and then she sat in his car? How the hell did he convince her to do so?
"THAT SON OF A-" James yells and Coby closes his mouth with his hand.
"We are in hospital, James. Calm Down, we will find her" I tell him calmly and we all run to our cars so that we can find Violet.
Please be safe, Violet. I'll find you soon.
Oh damn, it's been a long time since I updated, honestly, I was thinking about updating it next year, but then when I see you guys' comments, I feel more motivated to write, so thanks to all the readers who read the book and support me <3
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