Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 2

After my English class, i had my math class where i met this girl named Annie. She is very sweet and just like me she is very fun going.

My other two classes also went well and I shared those two classes with Annie.

After the fourth period it was lunch. We went to the cafeteria. She went to a table where two girls were sitting.

"Hey guys! This is Violet. The new transferred student." Annie said in a very happy tone.

"Hey, my name is Nina" the black haired girl said.

"And my name is Lexi." the red head said.

"Hey guys, I'm happy i made friends on the first day of school" i say.

Then we all talked for some time and ate our food.

After eating the food and before getting up to leave they all stared at eachother grinning.

"Why are you all grinning?" i ask.

"You've passed our test!!!" said Lexi with a squeal making me a little scared.

"Test?" i say getting little confused.

"Yeah, we wanted to talk to you first to see if you are okay to be in our group and guess what?... You've passed it" Nina says with a very excited tone.

"Okay?" i say still feeling little awkward.

"Don't feel awkward. We just wanted to see that you didn't have any alternative plans. Once there was a girl who was in our group to know Nina's dark secrets because she was jealous of her. " Annie says by seeing my awkwardness.

"Welcome to the group!" they say together giving me a hug which i happily return.

Hanging out with these girls is going to be fun!!

After the lunch break, we all went separate ways. I had history while Annie and Lexi had Spanish class and Nina bunked school to go on a date with her boyfriend.

The day went pretty well. I had that Mr. Arrogant Badboy, Coby and the other boy in few classes that i attended but i always made sure to be seated away from them so i was not disturbed.

When the bell rang i went to my locker to keep few things in it before leaving to go home.

I kept my small makeup pouch inside it and my few books.

I closed the locker door and decided to make my move to go to house.

"Hey Darling!" a voice shouted.

I instantly recognized that voice.


I turn around and see that he was not alone. Trust me.... I was looking at a pack of hot devils!!

With him there was Mr. Arrogant Badboy, the boy from the class whose name i don't know and one more guy who was looking more of a sweet person than the other three.

"What do you want, Coby?" i say impatiently.


Now i was getting pissed. This boy doesn't know anything other than flirting or what?

"Are you doing a major in flirting?" i say getting obviously pissed.

"Ooh... You surely do have the best comebacks, don't you? " he says making me more angry.

Cool down, Violet. Don't get angry. He is just trying to make you fall for him. You know very well it is not going to work on you so don't worry.

"Listen, i don't have time to listen to your flirty comments. If you have something important to say then say and let me go." i say being calm.

"I just wanted to invite you to Seth's party tonight at 8.00pm."Coby says.

" And who's this Seth? "i say, not knowing this person.

" It's me, baby girl "says the boy who was in the english class with Coby showing his smirk.

" Okay. But I'm not going. "i say

" Why? "Coby says with a frown.

" Have some errands to run. "i say

" Okay, no problem "Mr. Arrogant Badboy says quickly.... and happily.

" Why are you happy that she is not coming to the party? "Seth says.

" I don't want to see the face of an arrogant girl. "he says.

Wait.... What?

Arrogant and me?

And isn't he the one who is arrogant?

" Don't talk like that, Valentino"the sweet boy says.

Oh so his name is Valentino.

"I'm just telling the truth." he shrugs.

"Don't you think you are the one who is arrogant here, jerk." i say sweetly.

"You-" he goes to say something but is interrupted by Coby.

"It's okay, darling. I'll tell you later how much fun i had in the party." he says giving me a wink and then walking away with his other friends.

Then i walk towards my car and ride to my house.

The whole ride i was just thinking about that bastard named VALENTINO. Oh my god, he was more frustrating than Coby. But one thing for sure.... all these boys were so damn hottt!

But they are badboys..... I should not fall for them. I've done this mistake in the past and I'm not going to repeat it.

Once i reached my house. I went to my room and changed into my sweat pants and a t-shirt. Mom was not home. She must have been at work.

I went to the kitchen and made some food for myself.

After savouring my food i went to my room to sleep.


Heyy guysss! This is the second chapter of Never love the badboy. Hope you like it.

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