Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 3

I woke up and started to get ready for the next day in hell.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower and washed my hair. I decided to wear a gray crop top with a white cardigan over it and dark blue jeans.

I applied my eyeliner, mascara and lip balm. I brushed my brown hair and went downstairs. I ate my breakfast and pulled out my car and went to the school.

After i walked out of the car, i decided to go to my locker first. When I reached my locker, there was someone standing there. He was the sweet guy who was with Coby and others.

"Hey!" he said.

"Hi...." i said not being sure of why he is here.

"Well, i came here to say sorry on behalf of Val. He just hates every girl who doesn't love him."he said feeling a little awkward.

Is he really such a big jerk? Like seriously?! Just because some girl doesn't like him. Oh oh oh sorry...correction Love him, he hates them.

"Well, then i have to say that your Val guy is really self centered." i said giving him a smile.

My smile seemed to ease him a little from his awkward feeling.

"Yeah, you can say that. Anyway, my name is Jeremy." he said giving me his toothy grin and holding his hand out for me to shake. I took his hand and gave him a friendly handshake.

"I know u know who i am but still... My name is Violet." i said at which he chuckled a bit.

"Well, then I'll leave you for now. Bye!" he said before walking off and waving his hand in a goodbye gesture.

I took out some books from my locker and went towards my geography class. I was late by 5 minutes. I didn't care though. In fact i love to talk back to teachers since I was small.

I opened the door to my class and saw around me. Mrs. Lopez was looking at me with happiness? No.... Anger? Yes!

I even saw school barbies and Valentino and his group at the back.

"Violet, why are you late?" she asked with a straight face.

"Well, nothing much... I just saw a pokemon running in the hallway so i was chasing it."i said in a polite tone with a innocent smile on my face which earned laughter from the whole class. And God, did she look angry.... Yeah.

" Then you should've gone to find some more why come here? "she snapped.

"I was going to, but then the Pokémon told me that i should attend the class and not make you angry or else you would blast like a volcano. And I also don't want these students to die" i said with a wicked smile on my face. Students started to laugh like maniacs.

Just then i looked at her and realized that she was really going to blast.

"Detention! Now!" she yelled.

"Whatever" i said and walked away.

I went directly to the detention room and sat on a bench. I took out my earphones and started listening to On and On by Cartoon with my eyes closed.

After like.... 10 minutes, someone removed my earphones and i opened my eyes to see Coby, Valentino, Seth and Jeremy standing in front of me and i realized that it was Seth who removed my earphones.

"Can i have those back? Yeah? Thank you" i said by taking them back and plugging them back into my ears.

He again removed those and put them in his jeans pockets.

"Hey i want those back" i said clearly getting pissed.

"How about no?" Seth said.

They took some chairs and dragged them towards the bench where i was sitting and sat there.

"What are you guys doing here?" i asked.

"Nothing much, we saw you getting detention so we decided to join you and keep you company and trust me girl, you were awesome. You are the first person to talk back to Mrs. Lopez ." Coby said with amusement.

"I don't need your company so bye!" i said ignoring about he saying that i was awesome and getting up from the bench and sitting somewhere faraway from them and looking out of the window.

I didn't care about my earphones because i have tons of them at my home. Well, you can say that I'm a music addict.

Guess what? They came there too.


Why can't they just leave me alone?!

"Would you guys mind leaving me alone?" i was angry but i said it in a sweet tone in between my gritted teeth.

"No and why do you don't want us around you while each and every girl is dying for us to be with them." Seth said.

"Then guess what, I'm not one of those girls and i really don't want those bimbo barbies ripping my head apart just because I'm hanging around with you. So... Nope" i said popping the 'p'.

"Bimbo barbies? Seriously?" Valentino laughed and said for the first time.

"Yeah that's what they are because first of all they are dumb so bimbos and second thing, they dress up as if they are in shortage of clothes" i said casually.

They all laughed. And may i mention for a very long time.

Once they all gained back their breath and stopped laughing Jeremy said, "You are really fun talking to."

I just sayed "ohh" because i really didn't know what to say to that.

The bell rang after that and i rushed out of the detention room away from them.

I'll have to say that they are fun to be with but they are badboys and therefore i should stay as much far as i can from them.

I ignored them almost all day. In class, i used to sit as much far away as i can from them. If i saw them walking in the hallway walking towards me i would turn around and walk away. At lunch, i sat with the girls and spent my day with them.

The girls told me that i was so cool at geography period and that teacher was pissed for the whole lecture at which i chuckled.

They seemed to like me a lot for that i was happy. They even told me that after i went to detention the boys started throwing paper planes at everyone because of which they got detention. They say that Valentino started it.

Is it because he wanted to see



Why would he do that when he hates me? I'm just thinking too much.

After school i went home and watched F. R. I. E. N. D. S for the rest of the day.


I hope you all like it. This is a little lengthy chapter. There may be mistakes so sorry.

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