Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 4

It has been a week since I have started my new school and avoided the boys and trust me I was doing a pretty good job at it.

I was in the hallway walking towards my locker. When I reached my locker I saw that Valentino, Coby, Seth and Jeremy were standing in front of my locker.

They all turned their attention towards me. Coby came up to me and asked, "Why are you avoiding us?"

"Me? Of course I'm not avoiding you" I said.

That is such a lame excuse! my subconscious yelled.

"Of course, you are avoiding us. Did we do something wrong?" Seth asked.

Can you all being badboys be considered I said in my mind.

"We are sorry if we did something to offend you" Jeremy said.

"No you all did nothing wrong" I said because now I was feeling bad cause all this time they thought that they did something bad to offend me.

"Then, why are you avoiding us? We just want to be friends with you, don't you want to?" Seth asked.

"But why do you guys want to be my friend?"I asked clearly puzzled.

"Because you are a person who is fun to be with." Jeremy said.

"You even made Valentino laugh...Nobody except us can make him laugh" Coby said and I glanced towards Valentino who was clearly bored and was on his phone.

"I don't want to be in your group with those girls and having food together with them" I said by giving more emphasis on girls and them.

"You don't have to be in our group and sit at our table. We can be normal friends" Jeremy said.

Maybe he is right. The same thing cannot happen again. I just have to keep in my mind to not to get too close with them and these guys can actually be a good company.

"Okay" I said giving them a genuine smile.

The best thing is that they forgot asking me about why I was avoiding them. Hehe.

They got happy except Valentino. Well, I cannot accept more from him anyway.

"Let's go to class then" Coby said

My phone started ringing and I saw that it was my mother who was calling me.

"You guys go I'll be back after attending this call" I said.

They all left and I picked up the call.

"Violet, I saw a gun in your drawer. Are you still in that mess?" my mom asked.

"Why are you checking my drawers? Scratch that...Why are you in my room?!"I said angrily.

"Answer me!" my mom said in a demanding tone.

"Mom, it's just for self defence." I said

"I hope you are not involved in it anymore" she said in a worried tone.

"No mom. Believe me."I said

"Okay, I believe you" she said

"Now, bye, I have class" I said and hung up and ran towards the class.

When I reached the class, I saw that Coby and Seth were my smiling at me sheepishly and Mrs. Lopez was looking angry.

"Why are you late this time, Miss Velez?"

"Nothing much, I was just having some coffee with Aliens from Mars."I said giving her my same cute innocent smile.

"Go take your place" she said in a defeating manner.

"Yuppp" I said popping the p.

I went and sat on the seat beside Valentino as that was the only seat available.

The teacher started teaching and I started taking down notes.

"You are really taking this lecture seriously" Valentino said giving me a funny look.

"I want to get good scores....Any problem with that" I said giving him a blank look.

"No, just never thought that you had a nerdy side of you" he said. Well, I am a little nerdy. I like studying in my free time.

"Well, where is your stop button?" I said

"Being sassy is in your blood right?" he said with a smirk.

"Yes, being sassy to arrogant guys has been a tradition in our family since past 100 years."I said sarcastically.

He laughed at that a little. Okay, now can anyone give me an award, I just made Valentino Anderson laugh.

"Is there anything funny Mr. Anderson?" Mrs. Lopez asked.

"Nothing much, Violet here is very funny." he said pointing his finger towards me and giving me his famous smirk.

"Mind sharing with me both of you?" she said.

Okay, both of you?.

Come on, it was his fault why is she bringing me in this.

You should've thought before giving her those sassy remarks back then, my subconscious mind butted in.

So of course me being me I said" We were just talking about how badly you treat children which might lead you to hell"

"And then we were thinking about what will happen to students in hell" he said which earned laughter from all class as well as me. Okay, so he is not that bad!

"Both of you, out of my class!" she said.

Trust me, if she was a cartoon you could see steam coming out of her ears.

Valentino and I took our bags and went out of the class. I started walking towards the ground.

"Where are you going ?"he asked trailing behind me.

"Playing basketball. Wanna join?"I said.

He looked surprised that I asked him and slightly nodded but if we were being friends I can do that right?

Again inviting a badboy, my subconscious mind again said.

I mean nothing bad will happen, okay? I'm sure I'm not going to fall for him no matter how hot he looks.

Wait! Did I just thought he looks ho hot?!

oh my god, get yourself together, Violet.

As soon as we reached the court we threw our bags at the seats and went in the court with basketball in my hand.

"Do you even know how to play? he asked.

"If I didn't know why would I ask?"I said giving him a deadpan look.

He just shrugged.

We started playing and I scored two points while he was on zero.

"You are really amazing at it...how did you learn that?" he asked still shocked that I could play so well.

"My brother taught me" I said smiling at the thought of my brother.

"Older brother?" he asked

"yeah, he was one of the best player in New York."I said

"Is he no more the best player?" he asked and I frowned a little.

"I don't know...He left the house 2 year ago and didn't come back" I said, frown still on my face.

"I'm sorry" he said.

"It's okay, it's not your fault" I said and the bell rang.

"I'll go to my next class, see ya later okay?"I said

"Okay bye" he said getting up and we both went our different ways.

While walking towards my next class I thought that Valentino is not that bad but still the badboy will always be the badboy.


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Finally Valentino and Violet had a proper conversation. In this chapter you also came to know she was in some mess earlier and has a gun with her and also about her brother. If you have any questions please ask in the comment section.

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