Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 5

Finally the school was over! The whole day went pretty well. I had few classes with the boys and i realised that we get along very well.

Nina was gone to see her grandmother and Annie was sick. After school, Lexi went with her boyfriend.

I was going to the parking lot where my car was parked. I started the engine and then it made some sound and stopped. I started it again and it again stopped.


I got out of the car and opened the hood of it but then i realised that i don't know what to do after that.

I started looking at the sky with a puppy look and begged god to throw a car from above.

"Need help?" someone said.

I looked in front and there was no one.

Omg! God just spoke!

Then i felt a hand on my shoulder and i saw Jeremy.

Ok, so he is the god. I mean.... the person who spoke.

Okay Violet, are you really that dumb to think that god was talking to you?!

"My car is not working so i opened the hood to see what's wrong but then i realised that i don't know anything about it " i said with a embarrassed laugh. He laughed at that.

"You're cute." he said with a smile. I blushed at that.

Please don't torture me by making me blush.

"Let me see" he said and fiddled with some wires.

"The car needs to be taken to repair center. " he said.

"Umm... Okay" i said. Now I'll have to walk home. Amazing!

"Actually, we all are going to McDonald's. Wanna come? We can also give you a ride." he asked.

"Okay, why not" i said. I don't even have an option and I'm also hungry.

We started walking towards another car which i recognize as Seth's car.

"Guys, Violet is coming with us, her car is not working." Jeremy said.

"Yayyy" Coby yelled. I really doubt that Coby is a child who is put up in an adult's body.

"Stop yelling, idiot." Seth said.

"But, what about my car?" i asked.

"Don't worry, it will be repaired by tomorrow" Valentino said.

"Let's go now!" Coby yelled... again.

"Coby we are just going to have lunch, not a feast. I hope you know that." i said to him slowly as if talking to a kid.

"I knowww but food is my baby" Coby said and everyone including me shook their heads.

We all got in the car. In Valentino's car it was him and Jeremy . In Seth's car it was Seth, Coby and I. Coby was talking so much that i really wanted to remove my ears and keep them away from his rubbish talks.

As soon as we reached McDonald's, i got out of the car and ran towards Jeremy to save myself from Coby.

"Can you please cut his tongue?" i said to Jeremy at which everyone laughed while Coby pouted and said, "hey! I'm not boring."

"Trust me, i really thought that blood was going to come out of my ears." i said and again everybody laughed while Coby fake pouted and said "you are mean." and went inside through the glass doors and we followed him, with smiles on our face.

We sat at a table where Coby was sitting and called the waitress.

"What may I get you?" the waitress said in a flirty tone to all the boys and her eyes mostly focused on Valentino.

"One chicken burger" Jeremy said but her eyes were still on Valentino whose eyes were on his phone.

I coughed to seek her attention but she just gave me a nasty look and again turned towards Valentino.

"What may i get you?" she asked Valentino.

Okay so now I was getting angry. She is not even taking an effort to even ask me what I want.

"Sorry to interrupt your flirting but your work here is to serve i suppose and you are doing a really bad job at it and as far as your flirting skills are concerned, you suck at it. So please, may i get chickens nuggets now?" i said in a calm tone.

The boys were looking at me with wide eyes and trying their best to not to laugh while the waitress was throwing daggers towards me.

" They all will also take chicken burgers "Jeremy said and she went to the kitchen i guess.

As soon as she went from there, they all started laughing so badly that few people looked at us as if we were retards.

Now I'm considered as a maniac because of these four dumbos!

" You were so amazing!!" Seth said after recovering from his everlasting laughter and i just flipped my hair at that comment and laughed with him.

"You are really blunt, aren't you?" Valentino said with a smirk.

"That's the talent, babe" i said copying his smirk.

We talked for a while after our food arrived and we ate it. When we were walking out of McDonald's, Coby's phone rang. He talked with the person with yes' and no's.

"Actually, we all have to go now" Coby said. Somehow all the guys understood what he wanted to say and they nodded their heads.

"I'll take Violet home" Jeremy said.

"No,you go. I'll take a taxi from here." I said to him. They all looked as if they were in rush.

"I'll take her, you all go" Valentino said. I tried to protest but they all told me to go with him.

I sat in his car and both of us were not talking. It was an awkward silence i decided to break it.

"Where are you guys going?" i asked.

"Our friend needs help i guess" he said slightly glancing at me once.

"Okay... You are going to join them after dropping me?" i asked

"Yupp" he said.

"Is he a friend from school?" i asked.

"You surely do ask a lot of questions don't you?" he said with a chuckle.

"I'm just curious" i said with a shrug.

"Haven't you heard, curiosity killed the cat" he said teasingly and i just rolled my eyes.

"We are here." Valentino said.

"Okay bye and thanks for the ride" i said with a smile and removing my seat belt.

"No problem, princess." he said with a smile.

"Since, when did you started calling me with nicknames?" i said, smile still on my face.

"Since we became friends" he said with a genuine smile.

Violet spent her day with the boys and she also had a sassy comeback for the waitress. The boys were also very suspicious. What do you think would've happened? Let me tell you..

Sorry I'm not going to tell😝. You'll come to know later. Till then buh byee

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