Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 6

"So, i heard you are hanging out a lot with Valentino, Coby, Seth and Jeremy." Annie said with a grin.

"Are those guys trying to pursue you?" Lexi yelled.

"Are you dating any one of them?" Nina asked... Oh sorry... screamed because of which we got a lot of attention from the students.

Let me tell, what happened. After Val dropped me at my home,yes.... Val. He told me to call him that since we were friends. Anyway, back to the point, after he dropped me home, i directly went to my room and did my homework. At 9 o'clock i messaged them to ask if they reached home and they all replied with a yes. I was not hungry so without having food i just slept and i woke up today early so right now I'm in school hallways with Annie, Lexi and Nina who are bombarding me with questions about the guys.

"No, we all are just friends. Nothing more than that." i explained them.

"Maybe they will start growing feelings for you." Nina said wriggling her eyebrows.

"No, why would they take interest in a girl like me." i said in matter of factly tone.

"We'll see" Annie said with a smirk.

We were walking towards our first class Maths which i hate a lot. Right now I'm hating it more because today we are going to do geometry which is even worse than accounting and in geometry..... Wait.... Oh shit.... I forgot my geometry box in my locker.

"Guys, i forgot my geometry box in the locker. You guys go ahead I'll be in there shortly" i said.

"okay" they all said simultaneously and went ahead.

I opened my locker and took out my geometry box and as soon as i went to shut it someone from behind came and locked me between their body and the locker with that guy's hands on either side of me. When i turned around i saw it was none other than the school's jock, Dave.

"Hey beautiful!" he said with a smirk.

Oh god, how i wish i could wipe that smirk off his face.

"Didn't your parents tell you that it is bad manners to invade someone's personal space" i said, not affected by his awesome body and face. This is what happens if you live with a handsome brother... lived with a handsome brother.

"Playing hard to get, huh?" he said

"No one's playing hard to get... It's you who is just irritating me or should i say harassing me?" i snapped back.

"Don't worry, after this your opinion about me will definitely change." he said with a smirk and started to close the distance between us.

Okay so now this guy is asking for it. Without any further thinking, i kicked him where the sun doesn't shine. He held his crotch and fell to the ground.

" You should've thought before irritating this beautiful girl." i said.

Now when i looked around me i saw many students gawking at us while filming whatever is happening. Anyways, it doesn't matter. I go on my way towards the class.

I see that the teacher has not yet arrived so i go and sit beside Lexi.

" What took you so long?" she asked.

"Nothing much, just dealing with a jerk." i said casually and shrugging.

She went to ask a question but at that time the teacher entered.

After the lecture ended, i went out of the class with Annie, Lexi and Nina.

I was too bored to attend other classes and besides there was only explanation which was going to take place in all classes so i decided to bunk them.

"Guys, I'm not attending the other three classes. I'm going to the library." i said.

"Is it something important?" Annie asked.

"Yeah, kind of..." i said.

"Well okay then, bye" Annie said

"We'll see you at lunch" Nina said

"Okay!" i said and started walking towards the library.

When i reached library i started the search for the book which i wanted.

Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?


Fighting Skills.

It's an amazing book which has a lot of fighting techniques. Well, at least i can spend the three periods properly.

When i was reading them i was so impressed by it that I wanted to try it but urghhh.... I was in a library.

I was so excited that I was making faces which were creepy and the boy sitting in front of me was definitely getting scared.

I knew a lot of techniques from them. I am an expert at fighting. My ex boyfriend taught me a lot of fighting.

When the bell rang signaling that it is time for lunch, i took my bag and started to make my way towards the canteen.

On my way, I saw a few students staring at me. Okay sorry, not few but many.

I'm sure this is all about that Dave thing.

I went in the cafeteria and saw Annie, Lexi and Nina sitting together. I went there to join them.

"Hey" i said.

"Girl, you are amazing!" Lexi yelled.

"Is this all about kicking Dave in a private area?" i asked

"Yeah!"she said

" You were amazing, the video is sent to the whole school and everyone is so impressed by you because all he used to do was bully others "Nina said.

" I don't think it's a big deal. He was just invading my personal space so i had to do that. "i said shrugging.

" You are so oblivious of how amazing you are. "Annie said with a smile and shaking her head.

" Take this, i brought noodles and cream cupcake for you. "Nina said.

" Thanks! "i said and hugged her.

" No problem"she said and hugged me back.

We were talking randomly and three bimbos thought that it would be fun to interrupt our sweet talk.

"Hey, why did you kick my boyfriend?" Lia said. She is one of the minions of Jessica.

"Well,your boyfriend was invading my personal space and trying to kiss me!"i said calmly.

" He can never be attracted to a girl like you, you are so weird! "she screamed which gained attention from whole canteen. Val, Coby, Seth and Jeremy were also looking at us.
Jeremy had a concerned look on his face while other's face held a smirk.

" I'm not weird hun, I'm a limited edition "i said with a smirk.

" You are so ugly! "she yelled.

" I'm a human, dear, not a mirror "i said calmly.

"You make me so mad!" she said.

"Don't be mad because I'm beautiful, be mad because your boyfriend thinks so" i said which gained a lot of 'oohhss' and 'aahhss' from the students.

"Listen, you bitch. Stay away from them" this time Jessica said pointing towards the boys.

"Oh, sorry, i didn't knew u own them." i said sarcastically.

"You, bitch!" Jessica screamed.

"Say bitch once again!" i said.


"Yeah, that's right, bitches do what they are told." i said and people doubled in the fits of laughter while Jessica became a fireball.

She took a cup of water and poured it down on me and smirked.

She is the one who asked for this!

I took the plate of noodles and put it all over her and then took the cream cupcake and smashed it on her face.

The students and the boys doubled over in fits of laughter. The look on Jessica and her minions' face was priceless.

She slapped me and in a millisecond i grabbed her hair and pulled her down by her hair. I was on top of her and she was using her perfectly manicured nails to hurt me. I punched her in the nose. She screamed and kicked me at my leg.

Someone held me from behind and Coby held back Jessica.

"Slow down, tiger" the person holding me said and I recognized that as Val's voice.

Now, I'll use my tactic!

"Okay, I've calmed down. Leave me!" i said calmly.

As soon as he released me, i jumped on Jessica and slapped her face and before I could so anything else, Val held me again.

"You definitely are bold!" he said with a sigh.

"What's going on here?" the principle said coming towards us.

Let's play the victim card!

"Sir, she started this first. She called me a bitch. You can ask anyone she is the one who poured water on me first and then slapped me.Many people have recorded it so i even have an evidence " i said fake sniffling.

"Let me see the video!" he said to one child amd saw the whole video.

"Miss. Jessica Louis you are suspended for two months while Miss. Violet Velez you will get two days detention." he said.

"What? Why? How can you do that?" Jessica yelled.

"I am the principle Miss. Louis." he said with a stern face.

Jessica went out of the canteen with her minions.

"Violet, you okay?" Annie asked.

"Yeah, I'm good. The bell has rung, you all should to go to attend your lectures, I'll be alright." i reassured them with a smile.

"Okay, bye" they all said and went.

When i turned, Val, Coby, Seth and Jeremy were looking at me.

"How did you do that?" Seth asked with a shocked face at which i wanted to laugh so badly.

"What?" i asked.

"Everything!" they all said simultaneously.

"Well,i knew that the argument will definitely turn violent so i controlled myself so that she could attack first which will make it look like she started it and my brother taught me how to play the victim card" i said.

"Woahh!" Seth said.

"I never knew you had a brother" Coby said.

I can tell them right? If i can tell Val then i can tell them too.

"Yeah! I've a older brother." i said

"How old is he? I've never seen him before." Seth said.

"Guys, let's just not talk about it." Val said.

"No it's okay! I can tell." i said with a smile.

"He is two years older than me. He left the house two years ago. He was one of the best football player" i said and smiled thinking about my brother.

"He must be a great person." Jeremy said looking towards me and smiling.

Seth, Coby and Val were also looking at me and smiling genuinely.

"Let's go to Starbucks, guys." i said breaking the emotional atmosphere.

"Let's go" Coby said coming back to his baby form and we all shook our head.

I hope you enjoy reading this chapter. There was an amazing cat fight in the chapter too XD. There will be a be revelation of a secret in the next chapter. Till then buh byee!


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