Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 7

We all were going to Starbucks now. I was in Seth's car and Coby was putting bandages on the scratches that were given to me by Jessica.

"Oww" i hissed when he applied force at the scratch when he was putting a band-aid.

"Sorry" he said casually, not actually meaning it so i hit him.

"Okay okay, I'm genuinely sorry. Happy?" he said with a scowl.


"Well, how did you throw those punches?" Seth suddenly asked.

"What do you mean?" i asked.

"I mean those were pretty hard punches..... so, how did you know how to do that?" he asked.

"Umm...well...my friend's hobby is boxing so he taught me." i said not very confidently but happy to come up with a good lie.

"Okay" he said believing me.

"Okay so I've covered all your scratches" Coby said and i mumbled a thanks.

"We are here." Seth said and we got out of the car.

We all took a seat at a table. Val on my right and Coby on my left. We told what we wanted to Jeremy and he brought our drinks.

"So, Violet, we don't know much about you so can we ask you some questions? " Coby said.

I was nervous because i didn't knew what exactly this boys were going to ask me and my life was and is pretty messed up. But if i decline, they may get suspicious of me.

" umm... Okay"i said hesitantly.

"What is your favorite colour?" Seth asked.

"Black" i said, feeling happy that they are not going too deep.

"Favourite food?" Coby asked.

"Anything tasty" i said.

"How many boyfriends you had?" Val suddenly asked.

I was a little nervous because in all my life i only had one boyfriend whom i loved a lot but he just used me and my feelings.

"One. Only one." i said trying to sound as normal as possible.

"Really? That is not possible! You are so pretty! How is it possible that only one boy dated you?" he said shocked and not believing me.

I just shrugged.

"What is your favorite moment and with which person?" Jeremy asked.

Finally a good question.

I don't even have to think much about which is my favorite moment and with whom.

"My favorite moment is with my brother. Three years ago, on Halloween, my mom and dad were gone out somewhere and my brother and I were alone in the house so we decided to prank our neighbour who used to hate me and my brother a lot. She was in her twenties. We climbed fence and went into her backyard. We knew she was very afraid of scary things. My brother and I spread fake blood everywhere and also applied some on our clothes and made our faces a little scary. We rang her doorbell and scared the shit out of her by acting like zombies. My brother and I were grounded for two weeks. "i said with a smile on my face.

All of them were laughing but Coby and Seth were laughing so much as if the world would end if they stop.

" I would like to meet your brother. " Jeremy said with a smile and i smiled back.

" Guys, should we go back to school now. I've already missed four periods." i said noticing the time.

"okay" everyone said and threw their now empty cups in dustbin.

We rode back to school. I attended all the classes. Even though, i was hell-a-bored, i still listened to everything teachers were saying because i did not want to miss my studies.

"You are not hurting too much, right?" Nina asked genuinely concerned.

"No, Nina, I'm absolutely alright." i said.

"But I'm sure that's not the same case with Jessica." Lexi said and laughed.

Well, now, that was true.

"How did you know all that fighting?" Annie asked and i told the same lie that I told the boys.

"The best thing is Jessica and Dave will not bully any more people now." Annie said and we all agreed.

"So, guys, I'll get going now. Bye!" i said and they all waved back.

I went in the direction where my car was parked. When i reached near my car, i saw the boys there.

"What are you all doing here?" i asked raising my one eyebrow.

"There is a party at my house at Saturday. You will come right?" Coby asked with puppy eyes. Aww... How am i going to say no to that?

"Sure" i said with a smile.

"But you didn't come to my party." Seth said fake pouting.

"Because at that time we were not friends but the next time you host a party I'll make sure to be the first one to be there, alright?" i asked and pinched his cheeks lightly as if pinching cheeks of a kid.

"Okay" he said enthusiastically and engulfed me in a hug which i returned and in a second Coby hugged both of us and later Jeremy and Val did too and it turned into a group hug.

When i was around these boys i feel safe, warm and protected. Even when they all broke away from hug, i could feel their warmth on my skin. I just then realised that even though we all have known each other just for few days i felt so close to them.

"I should get going now so bye guys." i said.

They all chorused goodbyes.

I started my car and drove off towards my house.

When i reached my house, i went into the kitchen to drink water and saw a sticky note at the fridge.

Will not be back by tomorrow. Dinner is ready. Just heat it and eat. Love you.


I read it and threw it in the dustbin. I drank water and went in my room.

I opened the drawer of my study table and removed a journal in which I've written everything about the investigation I've been doing about my brother to find him.

My one friend saw him last in a mall in California. I was however going to shift here to find my brother but coincidentally my mother also got a job here so she also came with me.

I have been trying to find my brother for past two years but he keeps on changing places.

My friend, James, is helping me. We both were in same mafia gang.

My ex-boyfriend was a member of Skull Gang. He told me that he would help me find my brother but he never even tried to find him. He knew i could fight well so he taught me fighting and made me fight other gangs while i thought that he would be feeling proud of me as my boyfriend but little did I know that I was just a tool for him to fight other gangs. I never knew that he was not putting any effort to find my brother. When i came to know this i left the gang, they tried to kill me but then later we made a deal that i would not tell anyone about their bases and plans to anyone and they will not hurt any member of my family.

James also was in Skull Gang. He was the one who was actually helping me to find my brother. We both were best friends and when i left the gang he did too. While i decided to live a normal life, he decided to join Scorpion Gang. Because he was in gang, he kept on informing me about my brother's whereabouts. I'm really blessed to have a friend like him.

James and I were in same school earlier, Ryder, my ex boyfriend, was too. I used to always hate Ryder, he was school's typical badboy so i kept away from him but then later we started to get closer and started dating. James always told me Ryder is not good for me but I never listened. When I was taken in the gang, James also decided to join.

My biggest mistake was that I fell for a badboy.

I kept the journal back in the drawer and went and sit on my bed. In front of my bed, on the wall, was hanging a picture of my brother and I both smiling.

My brother, Zach and I had sauce on our face and we both were looking at each other and laughing. His hands full of sauce which were on my cheeks and a sauce bottle in my hand from which sauce was pouring on his head. I smiled at the memory. I was so happy that time.

I was woken up by this trance when my phone made a notification sound.


Come to the base of Scorpion Gang at 2 am.


Finally the secret is revealed... only to you guys😛. In next chapter, there will be James, who is Violet's best friend. You also came to know about Ryder, her ex. There will be more of revelation of secrets in next chapters. Till then byee.

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