Loving the badboy.

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Chapter 8

Right now I'm looking at myself in the mirror. I'm wearing black ripped jeans, black crop top with a black leather jacket over it and black boots. I'm giving out a badgirl vibe. I've dressed up just the same way I used to dress up when I was in Skull gang.

Right now,it's 1.40am so I should get going now. I took out my gun from the drawer and put it in my boots.

Making sure to not to wake mom up I descended down the stairs and opened the front door and went in our garage. There was standing my Royal Enfield Bike.

My baby.

I hopped on my baby and started the engine to go to the Scorpion Gang's base. It was a fifteenth minutes drive from my house to there. It was after such a long time that I was riding on my baby. Going around on your bike at night is the best feeling ever.

When I reached the base, I ringed James and he picked up after two rings.

"Where should I come?"I asked.

"If you look to your right,you can see a black door. Open that and come in."he said.

"Okay"i replied.

I went towards the door and opened it.
Is he pranking me or something? Why am I seeing a wall in front of me?!

I called him again.

"Don't tell me you've called me here so late at night just to make me see a wall!"I yelled.

"Jeez...stop shouting woman. Just wait."he replied and the wall suddenly opened.


Okay...so now this something amazing!!

As soon as it opened I saw my best friend standing there aka my big bear.

I jumped in his arms and he hugged me. I call him bear because he gives best bear hugs.

How much I missed him!

"How are you, oreo?"he asked me still in his arms. Well,you see I like oreos a lot and so does he,so he gave me that nickname.

"I'm good. I missed you soooooooo much"i said .

"I missed you too"he said and chuckled.

We break away from the hug and I asked him,"why did you call me suddenly?"

"I wanted to tell you something about Zach. We have seen him a lot in the area where you live so I guess that he is somewhere near you."he said.

Omg....Zach is somewhere in my area and I didn't even see him?

"Well,you see,you are pretty busy with the boys"my subconscious mind butted in.


"Okay,but you could've told me this on the call"i said,trying to be as calm as possible.

"I have to tell you something else too"he said with a serious look.

Oh..oh...When he gives this look, it means he is really serious.

"Continue "I said to let him know to go ahead.

"Ryder is here."he said in a dead serious tone.

"Okay" I said casually but it was actually freaking me out.

"Okay? Like seriously? Okay!?"he yelled.

"We have made a deal...you forgot that?"I said.

"You still believe his deal and him after what he did?"he said.

"Right now the only thing important to me is finding Zach. I don't want to pay attention to anything else."I said.

"I also want to ask you one more question."he said.

"Go ahead "

"Can you join the Scorpion gang?"he said nervously and I chocked at my own saliva.

"Whattt?!You know that I don't want to join any gang and always get into fights. "I yelled at him

"You don't have to be permanent. Just come with us to fight important gangs because you are an amazing fighter. My boss told me that if I couldn't convince you,he will punish me" he said with pleading eyes.

"What?!omg I'm going kick that guy in the balls!"I screamed.

"So...what is your answer?"he asked.

"I can't say no now since my best friend is in risk"i said with a sigh and he engulfed me in another bear hug and I smiled.

"Thank you so much,Violet"

I patted on his back and said "No problem,bear. So I'll get going now,okay?"

"Okay "he said and I left the place.

The next morning I didn't felt like waking up since I slept at 3.30am and the news about Ryder was killing me from inside.

"Violet, get up! You'll be late." Mom yelled.

"Getting up,mom!"I yelled back.

I got up and wore white shorts, pink crop top and a white jacket over it and white shoes. I applied eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara.

Here I'm ready to go!

"Good morning, mom "

"Good morning, sweetie "

She putted the plate of waffles in front of me and I ate it as fast as possible because I WAS LATEE!

"Bye mom " I said and ran out of the house.

When I reached school, I ran towards my first class. I opened the door and was met with a beautiful face of Mrs.Phoenix. Note the sarcasm...

"Miss Violet, care to explain why are you late today too?"she said.

"Good morning to you too, Mrs. Phoenix. Well I'm late because I woke up late"i replied smugly.

"Why did you wake up late?" She asked.

"Because I slept late. Duhh" I said and class laughed.

"Is there any point arguing with you? "She asked defeatedly.

"Nope"i said popping the p.

"Go and take your seat."

"Ookaayy"i said in a sing sang voice.

I saw Val and Jeremy at the last seat so I went there.

"Miss Sass Queen is again late huh?" Val said.

"Miss Sass Queen? Seriously? "I said and giggled and Jeremy laughed.

"Why are you late though?" Jeremy asked after his laughter died down.

"Didn't you hear? I slept late at night. "I said.

"Why did you sleep late at night? "Val asked.

"I was watching a movie " I lied smoothly.

"During a school night?" Jeremy asked.

"What is this? An interview? Quit asking questions guys" I said.

Rest of lecture,unbelievably, they both were silent and trust me it was creeping me out because these guys can never be this quiet.

As the lecture ended, I started packing my bag and saw one girl whose jeans was stained with blood. She might don't know she is having her period. I packed my back hurriedly and ran towards her.

"Hey! Wait!"she turned around and looked at me.


"Well, you see, umm...you have a blood stain on your Jeans"

"What?!"she shouted not so loudly and turned back to see the stain.

"Take this!"I said and removed my jacket and gave her.

"Omg...thank you so much!"she said.

"It's alright. But my jacket is white so it may be seen through that too, so you go to the washroom, I have extra jeans in my locker. I'll bring it for you."I said.

"Thank you so so so much!"she said and ran towards the washroom.

I went to my locker and took a jeans from there and went to the washroom.

"Here"i said handing her the jeans.

She took it and went inside the cabinet and changed and came out.

"Sorry,I stained your jacket. I'll wash it and give you back."she said.

"No problem. Anyways, my name is Violet. "I introduced myself.

"My name is Mia " she said.

"So,which class do you have now?"I asked her

"English "she replied.

"Same here. Wanna go together? "I asked her.

"Sure!"she said enthusiastically.

Seems I made a new friend today.

During recess, I brought her to meet other girls and AGAIN they took test and Mia passed it. All the girls were very friendly with her and there was one more girl added to the group.

Today for most of the day I didn't see boys a lot. I met Val and Jeremy in the first period but after that I didn't see anyone. I wonder where they are...

Right now,I'm walking towards my car when I see the boys going behind the school. I followed them and saw that they were talking to a man who was wearing black suit. He is a member of Scorpion Gang. I know I am right because he is having a Scorpion tattoo on his neck.

Why are they talking to a member of a gang?!

They gave that man a box. The man walked towards his car and drove away and the boys started coming towards me.

I went to my car and waited for them to come there after seeing me. I'm going to confront them and ask them, what business they have with people like this,because I know how dangerous these people are and I don't want these boys to be in any trouble.

When they saw me,they started coming towards me. Coby and Seth were yelling my name and waving their hand while Jeremy and Val were smiling and coming towards me,whereas I had folded my arms and looking at them with a blank face.

"Hey,how are--" Coby went to ask me and I cut him off.

"What business do you have with Scorpion Gang?"I asked with a serious face. All of them went pale after listening to that question.

"How do you know about Scorpion gang?" Seth asked still a little shocked.

"First answer me."

"None of your business " Val said.

"Tell. Me" I said in a low and demanding tone with anger flaring in my eyes. I could tell by all their faces that they were scared.

I calmed down and told them, "listen guys, I don't know what you are doing but let me tell you that being involved in a gang risks your life I hope you know that. Especially if the gangs are the Scorpion gang or Skull gang. Once you are in these things, it is hard to get out of it."

"We know this,but the point is...how do you know about all these?" Coby asked.

"First tell me about yours,then I'll tell you about mine."I said . They all looked hesitant." The boss of the Skull gang killed our parents." Val started speaking. "We are close since we were young. Our parents were also best friends. We were celebrating Christmas together when we were ten years old. That day few people all dressed in black came and shot everyone. Coby,Seth,Jeremy and I hid under the table. Later, the people of Scorpion gang came and saved us. They said that we owed them so when we were 15 years old we had to join the gang. We joined the gang so that we could take our revenge for killing our parents." Val explained.

I never knew that they had such a tragic past. They used to always carry a happy face so I never knew they suffered so much.

"So...after your parent's death,where did you all lived?"I asked still shocked.

"We were sent to an orphanage. We all decided to support eachother throughout and take revenge for our parent's death." Seth explained.

"Omg guys, I'm so sorry"i said and hugged all of them in a group hug.

"It's alright,it's not your fault." Jeremy said in a muffled voice since his mouth was on my head.

We broke apart from the hug and Val asked me,"So,how do you know about all these?"

"It all started two years ago..."

Even the boys are in the gang! Amazing right?! Well,we also came to know about their past and now they are going to come to know about Violet's past too. Ryder is in California too. What do you think will happen in next chapter?

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