Dark Mage

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8_Introducing the royals

If I thought that having gold lining every inch is flaunting your riches then this ballroom is an overkill with its massive space with marble flooring, big airy windows that leads you directly to the gardens and don't get me started on that diamond chandelier.

It's like their main hobby in this court is to show of their money for all the world to see. It's like inviting chaos at your door to plunder your riches or like my grandpapa always told me "Flaunt your riches and it will be your downfall" or something like that. These people must be really confident on their military power to flaunt it all to the other royal present.

"Hey Evie, taste this," Izzy shoved a bite sized cheesecake on my hand.

In less than an hour, I found out that her cold exterior is a facade and if you offer her sweets and cakes, she'll basically transform into a different person. This is the fifth time that I have to force myself to eat the cake or receive an are-you-crazy-look from her.

Like every royal ball, the queen is always fashionably late. It has been 30 minutes since we arrived and the party is not in full swing. There are a lot of people in this room and no royal in sight. Only lesser nobels whose clearly scouting the contestants and a few media mages to broadcast the event.

A trumpet sounded and all music fade away, the chatter died down and all faced the big oak doors.

"Announcing the arrival of the Horae Royals:

Wendelin’s Crown Prince Demeter Eunomia and Crown Princess Eirene Eunomia of the Autumn Court

Hyalen’s Crown Prince Leviathan Cheimon of the Winter Court

Dryath’s Crown Princess Daphne Eiar of the Spring Court

Fyndria’s Crown Prince Ashton Theros and Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Clarissa Theros of the Summer Court!" everyone on the room dropped into a courtsy or bow.

I quickly followed, dropping into one myself. Darn it, I was not accustomed in curtsying at anyone aside from my mother.

When the queen reached the dais everyone rose from their position and the chatter continued. I looked at the 4 heirs in their sit beside the queen.

"Prince Demeter looks so dashing tonight and ohh look at the way he is looking at princess Eirene, they are such a cute couple, I wish to find love like they have," Izzy said between sip of champagne.

Base on the tinge on her cheeks I'd say that she is on the line between tipsy and sod off drunk.

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