Dark Mage

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9_On the Spot

"Oh did you know that we have to perform tonight?," she whispered at me conspiratorially.

"We have to do what?," I look at her dubiously. Nobody said about any performance tonight. She shrugged at me and waved her hands.

"Oh you know, show them some of our power and create a beautiful show for these royals, you know sort of like an entertainment," she tipped her champagne all the way.

"Why am I only hearing about this now?," I was fuming in anger and irritation. No one briefed me about what would transpire tonight. Would it kill them if I knew what would happen? Izzy was shaking her shoulders in laughter.

"Relax, I was just joking," she laughed. It's official, she's drunk.

"Okay, I'm cutting you off. No more campagne. Fudge, how many did you drink to be this drunk, shouldn't Fae blood be resistant to alcohol." I pulled my mint herbal potion and wafted it toward her nose to remedy her drunken state. I started concocting my drunk potion remedy after my drunk episode when I was sixteen. Frances and I made a bet on who would be the last person to hit a bullseye on the target board while drunk, took us 10 gallons of fae wine to get drunk. I lost by a margin and boy did we both regret drinking so much the day after. I smiled at the memory. I miss my ladies. Sighing, I poured some of the potion in my hand and applied it on Izzy's temple.

I started concocting my drunk potion remedy after my drunk episode when I was sixteen. Frances and I made a bet on who would be the last person to hit a bullseye on the target board while drunk. I lost by a margin and boy did we both regret drinking so much the day after. I smiled at the memory. I miss my ladies. Sighing, I poured some of the potion in my hand and applied it on Izzy's temple.

She looked up at me. Her head perched on my shoulders. No one besides my ladies had ever breached my personal space before except the few moments that my mother or Gamaliel showed me affection.

"Wow, that eased my spinning head by a lot. What is in that potion?," she sounded far better than her drunken state. Still tipsy but atleast less drunk. I shrugged.

"Nothing that you want to know," I smiled playfully at her. It's not like I can tell her that black roses and winter mint and other things only found on the dark realm can alleviate drunkeness and possible other illnesses and besides it's my recipe.

Never share your treasures, if you do, make sure that you give less than a quarter of what you have. That is what my granpapa always taught me. Not to be selfish but to protect yourself, after all, you never know when you need it.

"Sheeesh, stop grinning all evily, they are about to announce us to the crowd. Thank you for saving my ass, I was just so nervous," Izzy said sheepishly.

"It's okay," I shrugged nonchalantly.

The clinking of champagne glass was heard from the dais. We look for the source and Prince Ashton stood at the middle. He looks so dashing tonight. Like the other princes, he had donned his royal dress tonight. A mixture of orange and yellow color, if not for his handsome face he would look like an orange to me but with his face, he is totally working it. Focus Everleigh! I chastised myself.

He was announcing something to the crown and suddenly Izzy is pulling me towards the dais.

"These five fine ladies from the five courts will be competing for the title of Sweetheart Mage of the Decade and an honor to serve at five courts as a royal mage, not only that but in addition to this year's prize, she will be awarded as the personal liason between the mages of the five courts and the neighboring realm," he announced at the crowd waiting for their reaction.

I process the information and realized that he said five courts at the end of his statement. I looked at him confused, did my mother actually agreed to have a liason come to our kingdom and work with the mages? And why is this the first time that I'm hearing about it? Is this why she wants me to join? For me to ensure that no else can come within the dark court premises?

Giro stepped down from the dais and huddled us together at the corner.

"Now, ladies, I need you to introduce yourself to them. Use your magic, wow them. Part of your victory is on their hands. The people will vote for you at the semifinal round so bring out your charms and knock them out with it," he looked at us one by one. He grinned at us and faced the crowd once again.

"Let's start off with our first candidate, our very own summer mage," Giro announced enhancing his voice with magic volume.

A petite girl with blond hair stepped in front of the room, commanding her magic to form her name, Stella. I can taste the rivulets of sunshine spilling from her magic with a mix of lavender aroma in the air while she was busy doing her magic, I turned to Izzy.

"What in the fudge is going on! I thought you said you were just joking!," I whisper-yell at her. I was not prepared for this. Some big plot twist was just thrown in my way and there is no way in a thousand years will I lose.

"I was really just messing around, I didn't know that it would come true. Stupid lips and tongue," she tapped her mouth lightly with her hand and looked at me apologetically. “At least we will go last.”

I turned my attention towards the dais once again and the smell of sweet rain tickles my nose as I watched the second girl, Flori the spring mage, put on a lovely show of growth and life and thriving.

I turned to Izzy to look for any indication of nervousness. Her lips are slightly parted and a sheen of sweat is forming at her temple. A musky sweet smell comes from the front of the room where Clara, the mage from the autumn court is making an illusion of an autumn walk in the forest and the constant hurrying of the animals to find food before winter comes.

She ended her performance and Izzy nudge me and smiled, “Wish me luck.” She winked at me and walked in front of the room swaying a little bit as she goes. She made the room cold with a flick of her finger and gradually sparkling snowflakes rained down on us. The chilly air continues to blow all around us and many of the nobles are enjoying the skating couple Izzy has manifested in the middle of the room.

I felt a heat of a stare directed at me, I fought the urge to prevent myself from tearing my eyes from the show but the intensity of it just increased. I looked at the dais and met the stormy gray eyes sprinkled with blue specs that I have been thinking off this whole time. It draws you in and plunges you deep into his soul. I stared at him back and reminded myself to focus. I slowly walked at the center of the room keeping my gaze at him. Izzy bowed and everyone in the room clapped at her.

I tore my gaze from his mesmerizing eyes and I killed the lights off as I walked, I heard gasped from people around us and sharp intake of breaths. A panicked squeaked came from one of the lady at my side. I continued my walk and every step I take toward the dais, I imagined my garden at the palace manifesting them. I portrayed the flowers, black roses, black dahlias, black tulips and black petunia and every other flower in my garden just like how I saw them during my midnight walks in the garden under a moonlight turning up the show by adding the smell of the my favorite Chocolate cosmos flower that smells like duh, chocolate. Ending up at the front of the room, I ended my walk and surrounded myself with hellebore flower and made black hollyhock rain down around the room. I flicked my fingers and the lights turned on and the flowers around us arranged themselves into my name. EVE.

Everyone was quiet for a while and then rounds of claps and oohs’ and ahs’ were heard throughout the room. I turned my gaze back on the royals in front of the room. Daphne was beaming and grinning from ear to ear. Ashton and the other royals were speechless and Levi was still staring at me with a mischievous glint. I want to wipe of the sexy smirk he’s got going on his face. I curtsied to her highness and she nodded politely. I walked back to the other girls and Izzy smiled at me.

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