Dark Mage

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10_Dancing with Cold

“Wow, that was beautiful Eve. What’s that place you just showed us?” she looked at me with amazement.

“Oh, uhm, that was just a meadow near my place in the dark kingdom” I lied to her. It’s not like I can advertise that what they saw is part of the royal garden from our castle.

“And now the introductions are over, Crown Prince’s first dance of the night.” Giro announced.

Ashton stood up and he turned to Daphne. She took his hands and looked at me, a pout starting to form on her lips. Demeter stood up and gathered princess Eirene towards the dance floor. I responded to the light tap on my shoulder.

“May I have this dance my lady?” a sexy husky voice said. Before I even turned around, I smelled the chilly air and the smoky coldness coming from the prince of winter himself. I faced him and smiled the most charming smile I could ever pull off.

“It would be my pleasure, your Highness.” I accepted his hand. Whispers started to erupt all around us. I can feel the disapproving stares coming off from other nobles and the jealous stares from other girls all around the room. Izzy was actually giving me a thumbs up and grinning from ear to ear.

“I think, I just made the top 10 girls to kill,” I joked lightly at the prince. A flashed of amusement crossed his eyes.

“So tell me, mysterious Eve, what does a dark powerful mage like you doing in this court and no less entering a needless contest?”

“I don’t know. I entered it just for fun,” I jested at him. He is more perceptive than he looks. "I doubt that. Judging by your looks, being called Horae Realm's Sweetheart was not your childhood dream?" Well, there goes my attraction to him. Alright, hombre. Two can play the game.

"Oohdoublefudge! What gave it away? Was it my eyeliner?" I asked sarcastically. His eyes shined with amusement.

“Did you chose me to dance with you so that you can ensure that I won't run away screaming and kickin' while you interrogate me?” I added a mix of insult just to throw off his game. He smiled that irritating smile. I swear one of these days I'll wipe that smile off his face.

“What was your first clue?,” he spun me to the center of the room and looked me in the eye.

“I was kind of curious about you, You have this mysterious vibe going on with you. I love a good puzzle.” I can’t tell if he is flirting with me or bullsharking me.

"Be very careful, princeling. One missing piece and you'll never be able to see the whole picture." I winked at him. Curtsying as the music ended. Signaling a second bout of dancers to the dancefloor.

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