Dark Mage

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15_maybe I ate something bad

The mindless chatter of the ladies of court was mind numbing.

The latest gossip in the rumor mill was about a noble lady who ran away with her protector. It doesn't matter that the particular noble they are talking about was the second child of the Autumn Court's right hand. They have the audacity to criticize her for her actions and life choices.
Even though, they are intolerable at times, they can be pretty useful for gathering informations about the court. Gotta hand it to them, they are updated in everything, they know everyone and nothing escapes their grasps. They are like tiny spy network that broadcast everything that goes on in court.

Relationship with a non noble is a controversial topic in Horae especially if you're not bonded with that person. In Evalinesse, you can have a relationship with anyone you want without the fear of being criticized nor scandalized for your life choices. That's because people in my court, they don't care about those trivial and menial things. Yes, your poor life choices can still and will be used against you politically but the rumor mill is not as big and active as this one right here.

Besides, I think, these ladies are just jealous because they can't do a single thing that they want. Their every move and thought must be pre planned because one wrong word and they too will have their name sullied in the rumor mill.

You'll be surprised of how much these ladies suppresses just to attain the respect that they so earnestly seek.

I tried to tune them out and focus on the game of polo that the prince's and noble lord's are playing.

I set my eyes on a particular golden haired boy. The one that I need to kidnap and his gray eyed friend who irks me in a way that makes me want to break his nose but I think it won't mar his beautiful face. Maybe his crooked smile will go well with his broken nose. He swing the stick to pass the ball and his muscle grew tight. It would be interesting to be wrapped around those biceps. I smiled at the thought.

Oopss, stop straining away, you stupid eyes. Wake up and stop daydreaming about stupid arrogant Levi. I should focus on my mission. Win the contest and kidnap the Nik. I sighed, easier said than done.

As if thinking about Levi is some kind of a radar, his gray eyes focused at me for a moment. He smirked at me ever so slightly as if he knows what I was thinking about moments ago, making me blush. Someone nudged me making me lose eye contact.

"The boys loves to swing that stick around even when we were little. They play that sport every chance they get," Daphne sat beside me.

The other ladies look at us, surely intrigued by our strange duo. It was definitely out of decorum for a royal especially a princess to associate with a commoner.

Great another reason for them to stare at me.

"They played so much that they even tried to make me play with them. But after one ankle sprain that made my father contemplate going to war with their kingdoms, they ignored me and left me to play with Ashton's little sister," she snorted continuing oblivious of the attention that we are attracting and took a sip at her wine glass.

"He has a sister?" I asked.

"Yes, her name's Aravella. She is a sweet little thing but too shy too actually attend gatherings and parties. She loves spending time in the library or her room. She's a bit sickly so it was stuffy being with her so most of the time, I just ditch her and find other noble ladies to talk to."

I quirked my eyebrows. Reading and being alone actually sounds freakin' fantastic and smart, compared to tolerating this mindless bubble heads all day.

"Sounds like a wise girl," I supplied.
"Oh, she is but a bit dreary," Daphne continued. Waving her fingers at Nik as he walks towards us. A sweet smile plastered at her lips making her face brighter. In that moment I saw the mask that she wears expertly.

"Hey there beautiful," he reached for her hand and kissed it staring at her eyes like he could ravage her. Uhhmm, awkward much?

Daphne scrunched her nose as Nik's sweat drip on her hand but she didn't withdrew her hands from him. "Ew, so unhygienic Ashton," she commented but there was no trace of disgust in her voice just plain old pitch high flirtation. I rolled my eyes internally, she may call him a douche all she wants but she actually likes him.

"Care to walk with me?" Prince Ashton offered his hand to Daphne to support her to stand.

"Fine," Daphne looked at me apologetically. "Au revoir eve, see you soon."

I nodded at her and looked on ahead. Not really acknowledging the prince at her side.

"M'lady," Nik said acknowledging my presence for the first time as if last night's encounter never happened.

A tinged of anger and jealousy wormed its way into my heart. I quickly squashed it and plastered my most charming smile at him.

Daphne looked angry for a second but schooled her features quickly. Okay? What the heck is that look? That did not go unnoticed by me.
I stood up and quickly walked back inside the palace.

What is wrong with me? First the dream and now jealousy? This is so not me. Maybe I ate something bad.

I continued to walk and bumped into a hard bundle of muscles, more like an electric fence, making topple over and sit on the floor.

"Aww," I rubbed my bum as I glared at the gray eyed man in front of me. A shot of lightning worked its way through my heart, right there at my freshly imprinted mark at the sight of Levi.

"I'm sorry. Here let me help you up," he said, a tinged of laughter is noticeable at his voice.

"You seem to be very distracted to actually not see me standing here. Anything bothering you?" He asked.

I swiped at his hands and righted myself up, ignoring the shiver crawling through my body by the mere contact. Seriously, what's wrong with me. I wanted to wipe off that stupid smirk on his face not jump him right here. I harrumphed hiding my growing frustration.

"I don't need your help. I can't have a debt to someone who interrogates me every chance he gets and no, I don't even want to talk to you," I said irritated and walked pass him.

"And yet you did," he whispered as he walked beside me. I walked hastily trying to get away from him.

He matched my candence determined to ruin my mood.

"What got you so riled up my sweet eve?" He teased.

"None of your business princeling," I snarled. I know so unladylike but it was the only way I could hide my emotions.

"Care to join me for some tea or maybe a walk?" He pressed on.

I laughed at the thought of us having tea together. "Ha, is this another ploy to get me to talk," I abruptly stopped walking and faced him.

"Look here princeling, I'm in no mood to play with you right now so go ahead and find someone else to irk." I walked on ahead.

He stood there amused for a second and caught up to me. "I am not trying to interrogate you or irk you for that matter." He held on to my elbow stopping me. A wave of pleasure shot through me by the gesture. His eyes rounded a bit and he smiled widely. "Come on, it's an apology gesture and a date."

I wanted to shrug off his touch but I can't seem to bring myself to do it. The delicious sensation along with his frosty fragrant scent made me shiver once more.
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