Dark Mage

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16_ Fuck it, I'm royally screwed

"You can stop manhandling me now," I told Levi as we walk to have his stupid tea, but in reality, I'm enjoying his touch so damn much.

I tried to pry his hands from my elbow but he held on tighter but not enough to hurt me.

"Nah, I like where my hands are right now," he said smugly and leaned unto my ears, "I know you like it too, sweetheart," he whispered, smiling his handsome sexy grin.

I blushed at his statement. This is a different version of him. A far cry from the arrogant and irritating prince from the ball.

"They're all staring at us. Besides, isn't there a rule that forbids a commoner from touching a royal or is it the other way around?," I argued as I eyed the maids scurrying about eyeing us with interest. I gave them my "piss-off-or-I'm-gonna bite-your head-off" glare.

I have never cared for others opinion before but I'm on a different Court. This is an unknown territory and I'm a freaking undercover agent at the moment. I'm supposed to be on the down low.

"Nope, no such law. I can touch whomever I want. Especially, if it's you," he whispered the last part. Tugging me closer to his body and sending my heart into a frenzy. Seriously, what's wrong with me.

"Well, I don't want you touching me," I said but even my inner voice is yelling at me, Liar! Liar! You want his touch that your brain and heart is going into frenzy. Shut up stupid self. Great, now I'm turning into a psychopath. His hands are cold but instead of being repulsed from it, I find myself wanting it more. Imagine those hands on my body and.....eeww.. stop it Everleigh!

I sent a wave of magic on my elbow, lightning it up to send him a jolt. I need his hands off me or I might do something that'll bring shame on my court.

"You have to try harder than that. A simple jolt won't get rid of me. Feisty women turns me on," he whispered in my ears, sending delicious shivers to my core. "Stop squiggling sweetheart, we're almost there."

We walked inside a greenhouse. There are different colorful flowers and medicinal herbs and trees. It's like another dimension. A thriving ecosystem. He led me to a gazebo at the middle of the green house.

"Sit. We have to talk," he said seriously. I sat down. Now, this is a first. I haven't obeyed someone other than my mother for a long time. I eyed him cautiously. What did he do to me?

"What do you want?," I asked. The feeling of excitement of being with him bugs me.

"You feel it too, don't you. The pull," he said. It can't be. No, not with him. This can't happpen. I eyed him, trying to hide my shock. He can't be my bonded.

"What pull?" I asked dumbly, eventhough, I know exactly what he's talking about. Play it cool Lei.
He squinted his eyes at me. Eyeing me suspiciously.

"Oh hush, sweetheart, we both know that you're not some dumb clueless girl." Is this really how he's going to talk to me?

I stared at him. Contemplating whether he's really the one the goddess told me about. "I had the dream," he stared back at me.

"We cannot hide or run from this. We cannot disregard this. This is a big deal." He said seriously.

"Pshh, what's the big deal about it? What do you want from me?," I said.

This is far from what I expected when I meet my bonded. All the illusion of having him by my side, loving me and supporting me, I can't possibly have that with Leviathan.

"Because for a hundred years no one in Horae has ever bonded," he whispered frantically. I straightened at my seat.

"What do you mean, no one? I thought it was only rare?" I asked elated and suddenly bothered by this news.

"I don't know the whole story but from what my father told me. It has been a hundred years since the last recorded bonded couple and it's here in the Summer Court," he said.

"Y...you mean Ashton's grandparents?"

"Yes, how did you know?" He narrowed his eyes at me. "You talked to him," He said jealousy laced his tone. "No, this isn't true?" I said.
"What do you mean?" He asked confused.

My parents were bonded. The week before my departure, one of Ames' maid got married to her bonded. I knew that it was rare but they actually believe that it has been a hundred years since the last bonded pair?

Given the state of how closed off the dark court is, I never imagined for it to be this complicated. I can't possibly tell him that we have numerous number of bonded couple in the dark realm. That would bring suspicions and surely heretics will have a filled day if news got out. I still can't trust him. Even if he is my bonded, I don't know him and he can use that information to start another war with my kingdom.

I sipped my tea contemplating. There's only one thing to do to confirm that he is my soulbond.

"Kiss me." I stared at his grayish blue eyes. He stared at me dumbfounded but he recovered quickly and understanding lit up his face.

He smirked and got up on his seat and stood beside me. I stood up facing him. I never paid any attention to our height difference before. He towers over me.

I slowly traced his arms with my hands resting them on his chest. The look in his eyes is the look of a starved man in the dessert that finally stumbled upon an oasis.

Dad always told me that a bonded male feels the need to protect his bonded even at the risk of his life. He needs to hold her every second and never let go. Parting to your bonded for the first two weeks would be impossible. Not until he marks you and declare to the world that your his or atleast that's what I remember.

He bent down to kiss me. I tiptoed meeting his lips because honestly, I can deny it all I want but I ain't fooling nobody.

A surge of heat made it's way throughout my body. I can feel my magic stirring inside of me. Wanting to get out. There's overwhelming energy coursing through us. His lips are soft as a cloud. He taste sweet and deliciously cold. How can someone so cold be so sweet, delightful and delicious at the same time.

Seriously, it's like being in heaven or something. He carefully kissed me as if afraid that I'll ran away if he so much as deepen the kiss.

I parted my lips to invite him and he responded, like it's the only thing he needs. He deepened the kiss. I felt a wave of pleasure and elation. My heart melted away.

I can feel his thunderous heartbeat beneath my fingers. Then, I felt it, a hole in my heart that I didn't know existed. Like a sunshine after a rain and light at the end of the tunnel. My heart is filled with adoration and love for this unknown and possibly dangerous hot stranger in front of me.

Fuck it, I'm royally screwed.
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