Dark Mage

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17_Congratulations, Your life officially sucks

"You are my bonded," I whispered in awe, certain of it now.

My irritation for him is nowhere to be found. My heart beats in sync with his. I can feel his emotion like it's my own.

"Yes, sweetheart. I am," he said breathlessly.

Stealing another kiss from me and moving his lips to my neck. He sucked on my nape where he's supposed to bite me.

"Ohh goddess help me, I need to mark you," he said helplessly. I can feel his canine teeth grazing my skin. My breath hitched, suddenly aware of our closeness.

A shiver ran through my body as he continues to nibble the sensitive spot on my neck. Things are moving way too fast but I don't really care at the moment. A delicious heat gathering at my core. I inhaled his scents. I could stay in his arms for all eternity and not care about anything at all. I feel at home. Finally at peace. I found a place where I can stay forever.

"You know you can, if you want to," I responded. All rational thoughts thrown out the window. This is so not me. I've never been this too reckless before. He straightened up, looking me squarely in the eye.

"No. Not like this." My heart felt a jolt of rejection and pain from what he said. I started to walk away. My heart breaking every step that I take. Of course, I'm not enough for him. He thinks he's too good to be with me. After all, I'm just some lowly mage at the moment.

He hugged me from behind. "I'm sorry, I mean, I want to but not like this. You are more than enough. You might regret it later on and then you'll truly hate me. I don't want you to hate me. The very thought of it hurts me," he said ashamed of admitting that he's scared. My pain melted away with his words. He cares for me. I know it's only the bond talking but I care for him too and I appreciate his consideration.

"I won't regret it but you're right, we are not thinking straight right now. We need to cool down," I said as I extracted myself from his hold.

"Besides, I could be disqualified from the contest if we push through with it." A look of pain appeared on his face. I can read his emotions and expressions like an open book. Gone was the stoic prince from before and standing in front of me was a sweet dangerously handsome and deliciously sexy looking prince ready for my perusal.

"You mean to say, that you'll still compete?" He asked dumbfounded.

"You are bonded to a Prince! To me! This right here is a miracle. That freaking contest can wait."

"Yes, I will compete. I know that this right here," I gestured between us. "is important but this doesn't change the reason why I'm here."

"And why are you here Eve?"

"To win this fudging contest," my heart hurts just lying to him but I can't just out myself to him. My mother would kill me.

I gasped remembering that one important thing. "I ha-have to go.." I ran out of the room and quickly transported myself to my room.
I paced back and forth.

How will I finish my mission if my bonded is here to distract me. He will have a fit if he knows who I truly am. Everyone and I mean everyone in Horae will freak out if they ever find out who I am.

I tapped on my bracelet and projected Frances who is sleeping soundly at her room.

"Seriously Lei. If I didn't love you I would kill you the moment you step foot in the kingdom again," she angrily said as she removed her eye mask. She sighed and sat up from the bed, ready to throw the pillow at me. The sight of me distraught and on the verge of tears made her stop on her tracks.

"Oh no... who the hell do I need to kill," she asked angrily.

"I n-need your help," I croaked.

"Oh, shhh, I'm right here." She patted my back but I felt nothing but sadness and loneliness in my situation.

"He's here." I cried harder. "Who's here?" She asked carefully. Unwilling to set me off in a crying fit that would make me hiccup for hours.

"My...my bonded. He's here Fran and it's the winter court prince," I told her the events that transpired this morning. There's a moment of silence which is very rare when it comes to Fran. "What do I do? I can't tell him the truth but it hurts to lie to him. Like ripping my own heart."

"Uhh. Wow. I don't know what to say. Congratulations, your life officially sucks," she said. I glared at her and wiped my tears.

"What? You can't do anything about him. You and I knows what's gonna happen if you get caught Lei. If he finds out that you are the dark kingdom's princess, there will be chaos all over the realm. It will be a political disaster that can lead to war between kingdoms. The Evaliness princess out of the kingdom. Unprotected. Alone. Can you imagine the chaos that it would bring? Not to mention, the standing rule that no royal can join the contest."

"I know Fran, I don't know what to do," I said. "You have to focus Lei, the mission you have involves seducing another prince." She stated.

Sometimes, I hate how rational she is but this was what I needed to hear. The unfiltered truth of what I need to do. "Right, that freaking impossible mission. I need to freaking know why I'm on this mission Fran. My mother won't tell me why," I rattled off.

"The reason why, doesn't matter anymore. Lei, we need a way for them to not find out who you really are. Sooner or later, he will figure out taht you are hiding something," she said. "We need a distraction," I said.

"Fran, I need you to do something crazy for me," I looked at her straight in the eye. Showing her that what I say next would totally kill her for trying but she has to do it anyway. She nodded her understanding.

"Anything for the princess."
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