Dark Mage

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1_Bad Day for Me and my Hair

Everleigh is having a bad day.

She woke up soaking wet from the prank that her two bestfriends, Frances and Amelia pulled on her. They cleverly tied a bucket full of ice cold water on her bed frame and when she removed her blanket, that triggered the bucket to tip down and pour the contents to her unaware sleepy self. Making her hair frizzy and unmanageable all day much to her dismay and now sitting infront from her mother arguing about the one thing that could make her totally lose her mind.

She was chosen by the dark queen herself to represent the dark court in the once in a decade Sweetheart Mage Selection. Where the winner gets a chance to tour around the Horae realm and luckily catch the eye of one of the heirs to the throne of the different courts and blah blah blah but you see that's not the whole truth behind it. The winner should be the one that would lead an expedition beyond the borders where she'll exterminate monsters for a whole year and upon returning, she would be honored the prestigious position of being the head mage of the Mages Magical Association or MMA. They are like the security force of all mages in different courts.

So what's this all got to do with me? You see, I'm more of a homebody. I never wanted to travel or go out to the world. I was happy living my un unanimous, simple yet overly complicated, happy life here in the dark court. If not for that stupid great war ages ago, I would still be able to commit crime to kill someone just to be exempted to join on the stupid contest that now disrupted my entire life.

Despite the belief that dark courts residents are all evil because of the kingdom’s name, some of its citizens are really sweet and helpful. All evil dark citizens were either banished to the forbidden forest or killed when the great war happened. The great war was the war that almost wiped out the entire dark race led by the summer king himself, King Feodore. He captured and killed the past king of the dark kingdom and appointed his daughter, Princess Faelle to become the queen and ever since then the crown was passed on to the first born princess of the royal family. The Dark court royal family and it's residents are considered as the sentinels that keeps the monsters of the wasteland where they belong. So I don't see the need for me to join the stupid Selection because whether I like it or not, it is ky birth right to protect the border and the citizens of dark court.

“You are the crown princess, Andriea. What I am asking you to do is simple. Join that contest and break the engagement of the summer prince and the spring princess." She said. I stared at her dumbfounded.

"What? It's not that hard,” My mother argues with me. My eye twitches as I hear the last statement.

"Mother, what they do in their courts is their business. I thought you never cared for politics and besides, breaking up a couple is not my cup of tea," I snorted.

She leveled her gaze with me and squared her shoulders. “I am your Queen and you will act accordingly, Princess Everleigh Andriea Eris. You will go to the summer kingdom and that is final.” She used my full name invoking me to obey, along with her regal voice and quickly turned back to walk out the door.

"Oh and one more thing, while you're at it, win it." I stared after her mouth agape. Seriously, she's worried about some union that's why she orders me to join some contest. After all this years, I have worked hard to catch my mother’s attention, to make her notice me and this is what it comes to. Sighing in defeat, I turned back to my reflection in the mirror.

“Well, I guess it’s you and me now buddy. Let’s hope that I can do what my mother wants me to do or we will both be damned.
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