Dark Mage

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2_Saying Goodbye sucks

The maids made real fast work in packing up her stuff and loading it in the carriage that will take her to the dreaded journey to the summer kingdom.

Sighing, she took her time taking the stairs down to the front lawn. Taking in the gardens that she loves to tend with her father when she was little. The fountain of ruby eyed lion shooting out water from its mouth where she and her ladies in waiting loves to play and cool off during hot season. She even looks at the statues of gargoyles lining up the palace roof and balconies.

She had never thought in a million years that she will ever leave this place. After all, being a princess means being confined in the castle but here in the dark court laws are different that is why she loves her home so much. Scolding herself for being sentimental and wiping the invisible tears in her mind, she willed herself to face her mother and her advisor and her ladies in waiting that will see her off to her journey.

“Don’t worry my princess, it’s only six months. Time flies by and you won’t even notice it, you will be back here in Evalinesse once again.” Gamaliel said reaching out to me.

He stood as my father figure and my mentor when my dad passed away. He treated me like his own daughter and looked out for me. Tears started building up my eyes. Chastising myself, I smiled at him and even though it’s not royally, I hugged him really tight and smelling the familiar Oakwood scent that made me feel safe whenever I’m in trouble. I don’t really care for proper decorum at the moment, after all, I’m leaving.

I turned to my ladies in waiting. Amelia is holding back her tears and Frances is putting on a brave face. These two ladies had been my bestfriend for my entire life. We did everything together and I can’t believe they will stay here while I go and win some stupid contest. This is the first time that we will be separated this long. The tears that I have been keeping at bay burst out and I run to them and hugged them tightly. They both burst in tears and we hugged each other.

“Promise us that you will project to us every night and once you arrive there.” Amelia says between sobs.

“Don’t forget to kick everyone’s butt there. Remember that you rule and to kick the butts of those who cross the line, okay?” Frances made me promise and hugs me tightly.

“Okay” I laughed-sobbed at their words. “I will miss you guys. I promise I will call and promise me that you will not have so much fun while I’m gone. Okay?”

I turned to my mother and squared my shoulders wiping my tear streaked face in the process. I need to show her that I can do this.

“Lei, take care my daughter.” She hugged me and the feeling that was only reserved when something really bad happens and then suddenly all things are okay once again crawls in my stomach. I hugged my mother tighter because despite our differences, she is my mother and I love her.

“May the darkness of the realm guide you in your journey and back home” she whispered.

“May the darkness of the realm guide you as you lead us” I whispered back. “Good bye mother. I will be back.”

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