Dark Mage

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3_Summer Chill is not my cup of tea

“HENRY! COULD YOU SLOW DOWN A BIT!” I chastised my coachman. He was the only one to be with me throughout this 3-day journey but the way that he is driving right now proves how he wants to drop me off and get back home as fast as the griffins will allow him.

Unlike other kingdom, the dark kingdom has teleportation barriers so traveling by land or by air is your only choice of reaching it. It prevents both people inside and outside the realm to easily travel back and forth.

“Sorry missy but the clouds in the horizon are showing signs of thunder and I assure you rough ride is better than thunderous one.” He clucked his tongue at the pair of griffin flying us for nearly 3 days now. Man they must be exhausted but thank magic that we have this super power pellets that energizes them so that the 6-day journey by land was made into a 3-day journey.

“We’ll be there in a jiffy milady.” He suddenly tugged the reigns slowing down the griffins into a full stop.

I spied the crystal white palace lined with gold on the outer edges. The lands are vast and I can see the vineyards and orchards at the back part of the castle. The front lawn is majestic but despite being in the summer kingdom I sense a warmness and sweat running down my spine. Definitely, not my home.

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