Dark Mage

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4_Welcome to Summer Kingdom?

The statue of Theros, the horae of summer, is standing at the middle of the front lawn. Figures, of course this is Fyndria, the summer kingdom. Horae is a place where they worship deities once upon a time but now in the modern times, people serve their own. Other older families, like the royal families of Horae still observe the tradition but with the new generation in line to take the throne, everything seems to be set in motion to change.

Henry started down the front lawn. There are at least 20 people on the ground ready to welcome the participants of this year’s selection. Judging by the disapproving looks of the welcoming party I think I’m the last one to arrive and I’m late.

Who cares, it’s not like I wanted to be here at all so they can just go and make their annoyance known to somebody else. I took my time exiting the carriage it’s not like I could any be later than this. Right?

“Welcome to Summer Kingdom Miss?” An elderly woman behind me spoke. I turned around and realized that this must be the queen. If the crown on her head is any indication at all.

She had plastered a sweet smile but nothing can fool me, that smile was given to me a thousand times in the royal courts ball or functions or whenever there is any event in the palace where fake people come and show off their dresses and get to me to kiss my mother’s arse like being good to me could give them what they wanted. So I did what I have been doing for the millionth time. I smiled as sweetly and brightly as I can.

“Greetings, your Majesty” I curtsied low like the perfect daughter my mother raised me to be. She eyed me approvingly and nodded for me to stand straight. A tall lean man stood beside her and spoke.

“Her majesty the queen asked you a question miss. State your name and Kingdom.” He must be the royal advisor judging by his clothes and the tiny rose pin at the top left of his shirt.

I leveled my gaze to him and stood straight projecting every inch of command and confidence that my mother taught me.

“I am Eve and I’m from Evalinesse’s dark court.”

Someone on the background gasped and whispers started to circulate. I forgot that our reputation outside the kingdom is bad even though we had been liberated or something like that. Like we need liberation. I sighed. Glad that my mother warned me not to reveal my real identity as the crown princess and pretend to be just a lowly noble mage. The reason for this? It is unclear to me but what she says is what goes and besides I need to complete the task that my mother gave me. Bring back the crown prince and that means sabotaging his engagement ceremony with the spring princess that will be held at the end of the contest and kidnap the crown prince back home. Like it is something that is a piece of cake and like probably wouldn’t cause a second great war.

“Silence.” The queen looked at me and smiled. “What brings you here Miss Eve of the Dark Court?”

“I believe that it has been a decade since the last selection. I am here to represent my kingdom and win this selection.” I don’t really understand why this is an issue, we send mages every decade to participate. It’s not like we are entirely closed off to other courts.

We just like our privacy so much that so few people know about our kingdom and those who dare venture our kingdom are mercenaries and adventurers who likes to go out on the caves and explore and disturb the dragons and when they come back in their realms they are either singed or dismembered or some part of them missing.

She gave me a look and nodded. “Fine, Giro, escort the miss to her temporary quarters and welcome to the summer court once again, Eve."

She turned back and walked inside the castle. Other members of the court scrambled to catch up to her. They say that she has been the most powerful queen for a hundred years now but I beg to differ. My mother is the most powerful queen to ever grace this world, not that we are willing to advertise that and risk a war just so they can prove it.

Henry tugged at my sleeve. I turned back and looked at him.

“Thank you for bringing me here Henry. Now go before the thunders catch you on your way home. May the darkness of the realm guide you home” I smiled at him gestured for him to go.

He was about to bow to me like they usually do at the palace but I held on to his shoulder and shook my head. He looked at me and nodded in understanding and whispered, “May the darkness of the realm protect you, princess.”

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