Dark Mage

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6_Other people are so overrated

The architecture in this place is really cool but overrated at the same time. I mean gold lining every inch? Flaunt your riches too much? The place is beautiful with the century old paintings and architecture mix that with some modernized furnishing and it’s a perfect combination.

We trudged toward the east wing, there is a burst of activity in the area and I’m guessing that this place is for the common folks and workers in the palace. More people, means more curious looks and in no time I hear whispers in my wake.

“I heard she flew here on top of a griffin like some savage or maybe she’s one.” I heard a gasped and rolled my eyes.

“I heard that people in the dark court are all dark mage and they associate themselves with monsters.” Someone whispered.

Well that one is not farfetched although there haven’t been any dark mages in ages since the great war and being one in my court means great honor, you could be the most powerful person in a room if you can control the darkness.

I posted my nonchalant evil smirk for all to see. It’s like throwing chow to sharks but I enjoy making people uncomfortable and scaring them. We crossed the training ground and I spied shirtless men sparring. Coming to a round stair case, Giro handed me my baggage.

“Take the stairs, last room at the left in the third floor is your new room. Welcome party will start at 7 in the evening. Formal attire for the contestants consisting of your court's color. Don’t be late.” He looked at me sternly at the last part before I could ask any question, he is out of my sight.

I willed my magic to float my bags. It’s not like its hard and I can’t flaunt my magic. I am here to participate on the sweetheart mage selection so having powers is a natural thing.

You see outside the dark court, no one aside the royals and the mages who was believed to be loved by the deities have magic but common people don’t have magic.

In the dark court, we are blessed and favored by the goddess Nyx consort of Erebus, deity of darkness. It was believed that Nyx wanted her very own human followers and she was so pleased with my ancestor that she rewarded them with gifts and magic to prosper our land.

It is a common knowledge in the dark court that everyone, yes, even children of right age meaning 12 years old has power and it gets stronger as they reach maturity but it is also the most guarded secret that we have until King Feodore found out about it and wiped out my ancestors because he believed that being blessed by the goddess of night means being evil. What he didn’t know is that the royal family of the dark court are direct descendant of the goddess and messing with them would incur her wrath so when he killed my great-great-great grandfather, his entire army was cursed to die a dark death and to atone for his sins he assigned the princess Faelle to the throne to console the goddess.

I opened the door to my new room, I mean, if I am not on a mission right now, I would be pissed that they assigned me to this shitty hole they call a bedroom and curse them like my goddess did. No worries, I could flip this room in no time.

I snapped my fingers, ridding the horrible mess in front of me and waved my hand to replace it with furniture’s that matches my taste. I installed security symbols on my bedroom door and windows to make sure that no one can come and go without my permission and make sure that no one can sneak a peek inside.

I sighed in relief, letting myself relax. I face my mirror and looked at my reflection. My midnight blue hair turned back to its natural snowy white color and my boring chocolate brown eye color turned to back to my natural violet ones. I stripped my wrinkled journey clothes and jumped to the shower. I made a quick work even though I would like to enjoy a long hot shower, I cannot be late for the welcome party.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I tried to imagine my look for tonight's affair. I love my hair and my eyes but if I want to remain undetected and not give away who I really am, I must glamour myself and hide it away. I stared back at my reflection in the mirror.

“You know you can do this; you can always turn back to who you are when you are in your room. Now stop dillydallying and dress up.” I'm a mess right now. I’m giving myself a pep talk. I need my ladies. Touching my crystal bracelet communicator, I projected my consciousness in summoning Amelia and Frances in the room.

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