Dark Mage

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7_Dressing Up

“Lei! Finally, we have been waiting for your call.” Amelia squeaked.

“hey, what’s up? Why are you on your undies dude?” Frances gestured to my half naked figure.

“I need your opinion on my dress tonight. So what should I wear?”

“Let me guess, formal attire?” Amelia snorted. She knows I have no sense of fashion and she loves dressing me up so she is my go to fashion guru.

“Just wear your slacks and put on some leather jacket Lei. Don’t dress like a wuss in front of them.”

I gave Frances a smirk but Amelia frowned at us and shoved Frances away.

“You and your horrible fashion sense. Honestly, what would you two do without me.” Amelia rolled her eyes.

“Okay, let me see your wardrobe.” Projecting is a form of communication that lets you communicate with people. While you get to talk to them and see them, you can’t and they can’t touch you. This magic is only known at the dark realm royals and very few trusted people of the royal court. I opened my wardrobe for Amelia to see.

“oh one more detail, it supposed to represent my court.” I hastily added. Frances blew an annoyed sigh. “Figures.”

“Then you should definitely wear the one with the delicate flowery details with an illusion neckline.”

“uhh, where is that dress?” I looked at her dumbly.

“The one with the Mikado flared skirt” she pointed. “I still don’t get it Ames” I looked at her helplessly.

“Oh for darkness sake, the one with the side pockets where you can easily slip your favorite knife, the black gown that you used in lord Brandi’s ninety-eight birthday.” Ames shouted irritated. Frances snickered.

“Ahh, this one?” I plucked the dress from its hanger. Amelia nodded.

“Now for the hair, I think you should just wing it” Frances offered. Amelia shot her daggers and turned to me.

“Oh shut your trap Franny. Do a half up half down loose braids and add some Black Hellebore for decoration. And the shoes, well you could wear your strappy wedge”, she finished.

I quickly waved my hand and willed the things that Amelia described. I glamour my hair and eyes and finished the look with some cat eyeline makeup and glitters on at the end and applied my favorite burgundy red matte lipstick.

“How do I look?” I turned to her.

“Ehh, you look better with white hair,” Frances said but nodded appreciatively.

"You look like a smokin' hot dark mage. Now go show them that we get what we want," Amelia grinned happy at her artwork. A knock sounded at my door, I looked at them and said my thank you and good bye.

“One second.” I shouted at the person who’s banging at my door.

I hurriedly open the door and peered outside. A girl dressed in slate blue off shoulder ball gown and looking like the snow queen herself smiles at me.

“Hi, I’m Izzy, winter court and your next door neighbor.”

“Eve, nice to meet you. What do you need?” I asked her politely.

“I was wondering if I could borrow some hairspray, my hair won’t hold very still for some reason.” She gestures at her loose curls that can’t seem to be tamed.

“No hairspray, but I could do your hair for you,” I offered. She looked at me curiously and stared at my hair.

“Fine, just don’t do something that will ruin my curls or we'll be very bad enemies.” She joked.

I went out my door and followed her to her room next door and I’ll be damned her room is much bigger and more furnished than my original room before I did my magic. “Okay, sit.” I gestured for her to sit in front of her vanity mirror.

“So you’re a mage at the winter court?” I asked Izzy. She nodded at me. “And you are the mage from the dark court?”

“Yes, I am.” I finished her hair adding some snowflake headband at her up do with cascading curls framing her delicate face. “Nice, you are good with your hands. Thanks for your help. Want to go together?”

I nodded at her and smiled broadly.

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