The Unknown Princess Of Luxembourg [Slow updates]

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The last few days of summer break were dramatic for Amanda Cooper and she knew the drama would follow her into the school gates. She was preparing herself mentally for it but she wasn't prepared for the shocking betrayal and lies from the people closest to her. It's true what they say you have a negative attitude towards something you'll get negative results. Amanda's wasn't excited for sophomore year and it hadn't even began yet but it was looking to be the worst year of her life. Amanda tries to navigate the responsibilities that come with the truth and her confusing love life. An undeniable connection that promises to send her already confusing love life info a spiral. New friendships. Heartbreak and lies. Amanda's sophomore year looks to be anything but quiet.

Romance / Humor
Lilly Cress_x
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Third person's POV

"Jacob I'm scared, Amanda is gonna hate us forever and oh my dear sister Zoey. She won't be able to handle it if Amanda hates her." Sara sobs in Jacob's arms. "This is complicated" Jacob says not really sure how to comfort his wife as he was deeply affected by the predicament they were in. "They'll be here in a week, in a weeks time. What are going to do" Sara asks wiping her tears.

Amanda was quickly about to leave as she felt this was none of her business until she heard her name. She knew better than a eavesdrop but her curiosity got the best of her. I could never hate Mom no matter what she's my mom she gave birth to me, Amanda thought. Amanda was very confused as she had no idea who her mother was talking about she didn't know her mother had a sister and if she did why keep her secret and why would Amanda hate her.

"Do you think we should wait for Stefan and Zoey to get here or do we tell Amanda the truth before they get here. Which one will be better" Sara asks her husband not knowing what to do her emotions were clouding her judgment and logic.

Amanda couldn't wait any longer as she burst into the room.

"Tell Amanda what?" Amanda asks her curiosity clouding her better judgement.

"Oh my goodness" Sara looks at Amanda mortified as she begins to cry again.

"Tell me what" Amanda asks getting impatient.

"Honey i think you may want to sit down" Jacob says taking a deep breath, closing his eyes and reopening them. He squeezes Sara's hand.

"We have to come clean honey" Jacob says

"Sit down Manda" Sara says and Amanda sits.

"I don't know if there is an easier way to say this" Sara says and starts to sob. "I can't do it Jacob you should do it" She sobs.

Amanda's heart breaks at the sight of her mother's red puffy eyes and her father tearing up. "You guys don't have to tell me if you're not ready, as long as you're not getting a divorce" Amanda says tearing up herself.

"No honey. We need to tell you this, we've hid this secret for 16 years it's time we come clean. The truth hurts but someone has to dish it right" Jacob says chuckling trying to be strong for his wife and daughter but the sadness very clear in his eyes.

Amanda's chest tightens but she gives Jacob a small smile.

"Your mother is not originally from the USA" Jacob begins to speak. "She is from a small country in Europe called Luxembourg."

"Honey maybe we should call Liam and Jay. They deserve to know this as well" Sara interrupts and stands up to go get the boys.

"Jay hasn't left" Amanda asks. "No we asked him to leave at the end of this week so we could tell you guys what I'm about to tell you guys. We we're planning on doing it Friday after you've had your first week of school but i guess we have to do it sooner rather than later " Jacob says as Sara, Jay and Liam enter the room.

"What's going on" Liam asks as he and Jay take seats next to Amanda.

"As I had already told Amanda before your mother fetched you two. We've kept this secret for sixteen years and it's time we come clean. Firstly we would like to apologize to you three for lying and keeping secrets from you guys. Especially you Amanda. We are so sorry" Jacob says and wipes a tear falling from his face.

"Dad what's going on" Jay says taking Amanda's hand into his own and squeezing it.

"Your mother is not originally from the USA. She is from a small country in Europe called Luxembourg. A very beautiful country. We met there when we were both in University studying to become doctors. After we graduated we got married and stayed in Luxembourg. Sara fell pregnant and we had you Jay. " Jacob begins his story and stops and takes a deep breath.

"We stayed because Sara didn't want to leave her sister and their father was very ill. Sara's sister Zoey got married shortly after we did and 3 years after we had Jay. She got pregnant, Zoey I mean and she gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. I know i was the one that delivered the babies. Zoey's husband was from a noble family and at the time the King ruled in patriarchy system. Twins were banned from families especially if the family didn't have a first born heir that is a boy. Zoey and Stefan were just married and didn't have a first born heir. Twins were separated from each other and probably died without knowing they had a twin. Zoey feared for the life of one of her babies and it was likely to be the girl that was going to be taken but Sara, Stefan and I were not going to allow that to happen. We decided that Sara and I will take the baby girl and move to the USA. Our existence in Luxembourg was wiped. It was like we never even existed there." Amanda begins to cry as she had already put two and two together and figured out where the story was going.

"So where is the girl now" A totally oblivious Liam asks. "I'm the girl Liam" Amanda smiles sadly at him as tears kept falling from her eyes ."No No No No!”Liam starts sobbing and engulfs Amanda into a hug. "That means you're not my sister, no no. " Liam and Amanda sob into each other's arms.

"Why couldn't you have told us this years ago and why hasn't your sister come to visit at least once in Amanda's life" A very frustrated Jay asks blinking away the tears trying to be strong for his brother and sister, well cousin.

"It wasn't easy Jay. It really wasn't. We had to cut ties with them. We only speak to Stefan and Zoey once a year for it was dangerous and we had committed treason. We could have all been executed for what we had done. " Sara explains her body shaking.

"What changed, why did you decide to tell us now, you dad said twins were separated and probably died without knowing they ever had twins. What's the exception for me" Amanda asks wiping Liam's tears and her own.

"Your father Stefan decided to confess his crimes and laws in Luxembourg have been changed."

“Please excuse me” Amanda says and goes to her room and locks the door behind her.


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