The Unknown Princess Of Luxembourg [Slow updates]

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Chapter one

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Third person's POV

Behind the counter of The frozen spoon

Amanda and Ever sat behind the counter of The frozen spoon in their uniforms which they really despised. Watching they best friend exchange saliva with Martin Howard. "Do they really have to make out here." Ever asks gagging at the sight in front of them. "I don't know what's more gross us in this uniform and these hideous hats or Abby making out with Martin, i mean the guy is a total douche" Amanda groans thinking of all the times Martin has shoved poor kids into their lockers. "He's a hot douche though" Ever argues licking ice cream. " Hot or not he's a total douche, i don't even know what's so interesting about him, he just gets on my nerves." Amanda argues. "Don't let Abby hear you say that she just might call you bitter" Ever warns putting her cup of ice cream down before moving to serve a customer.

"Well come to the frozen spoon, what frozen good would you like today" Ever says internally cringing.

"I can't believe we have to say that everyday" Amanda huffs ."I'll take a double scoop of the chocolate ice cream" The customer tells Ever and Ever hands Amanda the order.

"She can call me bitter all she wants. I tell the truth and the truth hurts but someone has to dish it , you know me I'm a realist" Amanda tells Ever and moves to serve the ice cream.

"I know and i appreciate you for that, one of the qualities i love most about you and so does Abby but right now she won't appreciate it so much, atleast not with Martin's saliva affecting her brain cells." Ever points out and pinches Amanda's cheeks.

"What time do we get off. I am not going to the movies with Martin's friends in this unpleasant outfit. " Ever says. "I thought you didn't care what they think of you" Amanda teases Ever. "I couldn't give a shit what anyone thinks, however i care about what i think and i think i look hideous." Ever says.

"Do we really have to go out with Martin's friends, y'all know Kevin is asking me out and he doesn't understand that I'm not interested in him" Amanda whines.

"What's wrong with Kevin though, he's cute" Ever asks. "He's just not my type of guy" Amanda says shrugging. "Is it Mandatory that he be your type of guy. I mean we're only 16, live a little" Ever objects

"You're right it's not really Mandatory but it's Amanda-tory though" Amanda says chuckling looking at the clock and then taking of her apron.

"For someone so smart you say the stupidest things ever" Ever says wiping the counter and then takes of her apron.

"I'll let Mrs Harrington know that we’re leaving and by the way that wasn't stupid, it was very smart and creative, don't be a hater" Amanda says sticking her tongue out at Ever and disappears into the back.

"Mrs Harrington, we're heading out" Amanda says popping in Mrs Harrington's office, the owner of the frozen spoon.

"Thank you girls, see you tommorow" Mrs Harrington smiles at Amanda knowing Ever was going with her.

"We're good to go" Amanda tells Ever. Ever motions Amanda at the inseparable couple Martin and Abby "who is going to tell her that we need to leave" Ever asks

"I ain't doing that, you know very well that me and Martin don't get along." Amanda says shrugging.

"Argh why do i have to do everything" Ever whines and walks towards Abby and Martin.

"Okay lover birds cut it out, we have to go" Ever says and Martin groans. "Don't worry baby you'll see me later." Abby says standing up and Martin pulls her in for another kiss.

"I think i just puked in my mouth" Ever says as she, Abby and Amanda make their way to Abby's car.

"I wonder what you and Martin have been talking about for the past hour" Amanda asks curiously but cringes at the thought of spending an hour with Martin.

"You know I've been wondering too because Martin is like no shade but one of the dumbest people i know" Ever asks.

"Lucky for me i don't have to indure a meaningless conversation the entire time because we spend most of our time making out" Abby shrugs and starts the car.

"I cannot believe we hanging out with Martin and his friends. Jacqueline’s friends better not be there I can not stand those bimbos" Amanda complains.

"Well Angela is gonna be there cause you know she's with Ace and so will Cary cause she's with Sammy and then it will be Martin, Kevin and Axel and then the three of us." Abby explains.

"This doesn't sound like a causal hangout, it sounds like a group date. Hell to the fucken no am I hanging out with Axel he's like the manwhore of the school and the biggest douche behind Martin. No way Abby no way. I've indured enough already with Martin in our personal space already. Axel! You've got to be kidding me and Amanda doesn't even like Kevin. Ewww" Ever complains.

"Yeah Abby i don't like Kevin" Amanda adds on.

"You guys chill it's not a group date." Abby says not really sure what to say because she was unsure of Axel's intentions with Ever.

"It better not be I’ll text Tom and invite him to make sure it’s not a group date" Amanda says as they turn into her street and types a quick text to Tom.

"Whose car is at your place" Ever asks eyeing the shiny black SUV at Amanda's gate.

"I have no idea" Amanda says shrugging and opening the door. "I'll see you guys later" Amanda smiles and exists the car, making her way inside.

"Hey Liam" Amanda smiles at her brother who was sitting on the kitchen counter.

"Hey Manda" Liam smiles at Amanda. He starts snickering. Eyeing the ice cream hat on her head.

"You're a little devil, you know that right. "Amanda groans as she takes of the hat. Mentally cursing herself for not leaving it at the shop like she usually did.

"What's so funny" Jay, Amanda's older brother walks into the kitchen shirtless.

"Can you put a shirt on" Amanda says cringing.

"Nah sis, it's summer, it's very hot, I'm hot. I'm trying to cool down before the ladies melt" Jay says pointing up and down at his body.

"You're more disgusting than Abby making out with Martin Howard" Amanda says and shoves Jay playfully.

His eyes land on the ice cream hat now laying on the counter. He snickers and picks it up. "You wear this" Jay and Liam burst out into laughter.

Amanda huffs and grabs the hat from Jay muttering "How am i even related to these morons " under her breath and walks out of the kitchen.

Amanda enters her room and throws the hat on the floor. i really need to clean this place. She thought. She looked around her room and then her bed.

I'll clean later. She thought as she jumped on her bed, taking a nap.

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