The Unknown Princess Of Luxembourg [Slow updates]

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Chapter two

Chapter song : Khalid - Young, dumb and broke

Third person's POV


AMANDA, AMANDA !!! Wake the fuck up" Ever screams in her ear.

"What what" Amanda groans rubbing her eyes.

"Why aren't you ready. The movie starts in fifteen minutes also what did Tom say is he coming " Abby asks throwing her hands up in defeat.

"I'm sorry you guys. I was tired. You guys should go without me, Tom isn't coming either he says he has a shift at the restaurant" Amanda says and turning to the side, closing her eyes again.

"Oh no you don't get up, this instance Amanda" Ever says and Amanda groans.

"We have work tomorrow " Amanda says glaring at Ever and stands up.

She moves to her closet and takes out a pair of high waisted black jeans and a white crop hoodie.

"You didn't tell me you were getting new neighbors" Abby says while Amanda gets dressed remembering the moving truck they saw when they were entering Amanda's house.

"I lost interest in who resides in that house since the Smith's moved out 3 years ago" Amanda says shrugging refraining from saying his name for it brought back painful memories she wasn't willing to revisit.

"For what it's worth. They seem loaded" Abby says shrugging mentally cursing herself for bringing up Adam's house when she knew it was a sensitive topic.

"Let's go the sooner we get there. The faster we can come back." Ever says internally cringing at what is their plans tonight.

"Mom I'm going out" Amanda yells as they make their way out of the house and into the car.

"I swear to God if Kevin tries to make a move on me. I'm never doing something like this for you Abby ever again." Amanda vows still grumpy over the fact that they woke her up.

"Can we get some Mac'donalds to sneak into the cinema" Ever asks.

"Yes!" Abby says getting excited.

"I'm so tired" Amanda says yawning.

"We just woke you up" Abby says never really understanding why Ever and Abby liked sleeping so much.

"I know that but that wasn't enough. Can we watch a boring movie so i can sleep through the whole thing" Amanda suggests yawning again.

"There's no way that's happening" Abby says pulling into a Mac'donalds drive thru.

"I want nuggets. Perhaps 24 and I'm not sharing with anyone." Amanda quickly says.

"Hey i also want nuggets" Ever whines.

"Get your own" Amanda retorts.

"Is that all you guys want" Abby asks not wanting to get involved in Amanda and Ever's bickering over food. Lesson learnt from last time.

"I want a burger and fries" Amanda says "Come to think of it I'm hungry i haven't eaten the whole day" Amanda says in disbelief wondering how she survived the whole day.

"I'll have a burger and fries as well" Ever says.

"What type of burgers" Abby asks getting annoyed at the car infront of her that's been ordering. They were already late.

"A spicy canjun chicken deluxe" They answer her in unison.

Abby orders and pays and furiously drives to the cinema.

They put their food in Abby's backpack and power walk towards the theatre with Martin waiting outside.

He sighs in relief when he spots Abby, Amanda and Ever.

"Hey i thought you weren't coming anymore" Martin says giving Abby tickets for the movie.

"I would've called" Abby says.

"Well Cooper I'm surprised you're here , I figured you wouldn't come since you" Amanda cuts him off.

"I'm not in the mood for your bullshit Howard not today, not tomorrow. Try next door" Amanda says grabbing two tickets from Abby and makes her way to help Ever carry the popcorn and Slushies she had gone to buy"

Not today

"That was the longest 2 and a half hours of my life" Ever whines.

"Well i for one am glad Kevin didn't pitch. I enjoyed my night" Amanda says smirking.

"Fate works in weird ways you didn't wanna be here but you're enjoyed yourself. I couldn't even concentrate on the movie with Axel chatting my ear off. " Ever complains.

"Don't worry it will anytime now, remember we are going back to school on Monday" Amanda says

"Abby didn't even watch the movie. She was busy exchanging saliva with Martin. God i can't wait for their stupid fling to end. It's traumatic watching those two make-out" Ever whines cringing.

"Ever three o'clock." Amanda says quickly as she spots Axel making their way here.

"Hey girls" Axel says and Ever mentally groans while Amanda chuckles taking in Ever's pained expression.

"You know Amanda I'm really surprised you're here" Cary says eying Amanda as now she and her boyfriend Sammy were standing with Amanda, Ever and Axel.

"You don't say" Amanda says sarcastically.

Axel bursts out laughing. " You know Cooper you're very funny" He says.

"Really" Amanda says sticking her tongue out at Axel.

"Oh my god, that is so childish of Amanda" Angela says stopping next to Cary.

"Nice try Ang, not today though. I'm not in the mood for you" Amanda tells Angela seriously remembering the last in 7th grade when Angela called her childish and she knocked her out.

"Can we go now" Ever says spotting Abby making her way to them.

"Let's before i murder someone" Amanda mumbles.

The bonfire of the summer

Amanda enters her yard and finds Jay sitting ouside with a cigarette in his mouth.

Amanda scoffs. "You still smoke, i thought you said you quit" she asks him.

"I'm 20 years old i can do whatever i want to do" Jay retorts running his hands through his head.

"Classic Jay, so what's got your undies in a twist" Amanda asks him knowing he only smokes when he's stressed.

"Mom and dad were arguing and it's not the first time I've heard them since i came back from school , this is the fourth time" Jay confesses.

"Wha,what are they arguing about" Amanda asks dumbfounded, suddenly feeling panicked.

Jay lets out a sigh and blows out smoke and puffs another one and blows it out.

"That's thing Mandy, i don't know. They are always whispering" Jay tells Amanda getting frustrated.

"To be honest with you Mandy, I'm getting worried." Jay tells Amanda and her heart sinks.

"Do you think we should talk to them about it" Amanda asks.

"I don't know Amanda and that's what worries me, i always know, but something is telling me to stay out of it. Let them figure it out, you know" Jay says and gives Amanda a small smile.

Amanda nods. "Well I'm exhausted, so imma head and sleep" She tells him yawning.

"When are you ever not exhausted?" Jay teases her.

"Shut up, I'm a working girl now, i have to be exhausted" Amanda says chuckling.

"I'll come with you " Jay says standing and blows out his cigarette and walks over to the trash can and throws it in.

Amanda enters her room and throws herself on the bed.


A/N: I think we've established that Amanda likes sleeping a lot☻☻

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