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Chapter 3

Chapter song: Ariana Grande - Breathin

Third person's POV


"Mandy, it's time to wake up love, you have work" Sara says walking into Amanda's room.

"Just 5 more minutes" Amanda mumbles.

"Amanda Cooper , your room is such a mess, no girl's room should be this filthy and you slept in your clothes" Sara scolds Amanda.

"Mom seriously, it's to early for this" Amanda groans looking at the alarm clock reading 05:30am.

"Get up this instance Amanda and i mean it, you're to old for me to be still waking you up" Sara says.

"Fine fine! I'm up, now get out of my room. You didn't even knock. We spoke about this mom. Privacy and I'll clean my room when i get out of work, now leave" Amanda says and Sara walks out.

Amanda looks at her bed and debates whether to make it now, or leave it for later.

Later it is. She thought and walks out of her room to go take a shower.

She brushes her teeth and showers very quickly.

"Last day in this stupid uniform" Amanda mutters to herself as she looks at herself in the mirror.

"Morning morning "Amanda greets everyone as she sits down for breakfast.

"Morning sweetie " Jacob greets.

"Well you look like shit" Amanda says to Jay observing him.

"Amanda! Language " Sara scolds and Liam giggles.

"Sorry mom" Amanda says grabbing a piece of toast.

"What are you doing tonight?"Jay asks Amanda.

"I don't know yet" Amanda says shrugging.

"Isaac and I, we're hosting a bonfire at the beach later, come and bring your friends " Jay says sipping his juice.

"Why so you pry on young teenage girls" Amanda teases him wiggling her eyebrows.

"No so they can pry on me" Jay says licking his lips.

"You're so gross. Literally disgusting" Amanda says cringing at the act.

"If you're done Amanda I'll drop you off at work" Jacob interrupts Jay and Amanda's bickering.

"Let's go dad" Amanda says grabbing a banana and another piece of toast.

"Dad are you okay" Amanda asks Jacob recalling her conversation with Jay the previous night.

Jacob's heart races, "uh yes of course honey I'm okay, I'm good" He says clearing his throat.

"Okay" Amanda says and kisses his cheek and exits the car.

"Hey!" Ever greets Amanda when she enters the shop.

Is Mrs Harrington here Amanda mouths and Ever shakes her head. "She went out" Ever says.

Amanda starts dancing. Ever starts laughing. "What's up with you, you seem awfully happy" she asks.

"It's our last day, in these ugly clothes" Amanda sings cheerfully.

"You're ridiculous you know that" Ever says laughing it off, putting a spoon of ice cream in mouth

"Eating ice cream already it's 7am." Amanda says looking at her watch.

Ever shrugs" It's our last day of eating free ice cream so fuck yeah, I'm eating free ice cream at 7am however don't tell Katherine Richards she'll definitely kill me" Ever jokes eating another scoop.

"Have you talked to Abby today" Amanda asks Ever now eating ice cream as well.

"Nop, i think she went to yoga with Pearl" Ever shrugs.

"Jay and Isaac are throwing a bonfire party at beach later today, want to go?" Amanda asks Ever.

"A party with your hot brother and his hot friends I'm in, definitely " Ever says

"Jay is not that hot, you give him too much credit for his looks, that's why he's so cocky" Amanda says shrugging.

"Of course you'd think that. He's your brother, it's inevitable that you'd think he's not hot, however for the record. Jay is hot. He's fucken hot, it's unreal" Ever gushes about Jay smiling.

"I'm not even gonna participate in this discussion any further, I'll text Abby and tell her about the bonfire tonight" Amanda says taking out her phone.

8 hours later

"Thank you girls for your help during the summer, i will miss you guys" Mrs Harrington says tears fall from her eyes.

"No thank you Mrs Harrington for giving us this opportunity and we will pop in from time to time to visit you" Amanda says sniffling wiping her own tears. "We definitely will visit Mrs Harrington, i think I'm addicted to ice cream now" Ever says pulling Mrs Harrington and Amanda into a hug.

They all chuckle at Ever's joke. "I hope to see you girls here next summer" Mrs Harrington smiles sadly at the girls as they make their way out of The frozen spoon the last time as her employees.

"Hey guys" Abby greets Amanda and Ever as they enter her car. "Are you guys okay" She asks taking in their appearances.

Amanda smiles sadly at Abby. "We're okay, it was just a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to Mrs Harrington" Amanda says shrugging and Ever nods.

"That's good, where to now" Abby asks starting the ignition of her car.

"Amanda's?" Ever asks "I don't think i want to see my mother right now" Ever says sadly tears welling up in her eyes.

"Amanda's it is" Abby says looking at Ever from the rearview mirror worried but decides not to say anything. In her 7 years of being friends with Ever she knew to never pester her to speak about what was wrong, she would say when she was ready. Abby looks at Amanda who was deep in thought herself.

They drive silently to Amanda's house, everyone lost in their own thoughts

"You didn't make your bed" asks Amanda looking around in her room.

"Shhh, Sara already gave me a lecture about the state of my room already, I don't want her to know that" Amanda hisses at Abby and starts cleaning up around her room.

"Need help" Ever asks.

"Of course she needs help, let's make the bed" Abby says.

They clean Amanda's room in silence.

"Mandy!!, you in here" Jay shouts standing outside Amanda's room as the girls collapse on the bed.

"What do you want" Amanda asks.

"I'm about to leave for the bonfire, you need a lift" He asks.

"No I'll come with Abby" Amanda yells back and looks at the clock and curses.

"What" Abby asks.

"I thought i had time for a nap but apparently not" Amanda says yawning.

"I'll need to borrow some clothes" Ever says.

"Knock yourself out" Amanda says opening the door to her closet.

She grabs a pair of black jeans. "No no no no, this is a party with college boys. You're not wearing those, move so i can find you proper clothing" Abby says shoving Amanda aside.

"Hey my clothes are proper" Amanda whines.

"I don't think black jeans and a hoodie is proper clothes for this specific occasion" Abby says grabbing a black skirt and an floral top and throws it towards Amanda.

She eyes Ever "and for you" she grabs a floral white shorts and a yellow crop top.

"You own something yellow" Ever gasps in shock.

"She doesn't, it's mine" Abby says.

"That makes perfect sense" Ever says and changes very quickly.

Abby goes through Amanda's drawers. "Are you kidding me, you have no make up whatsoever" Abby says. "Where's the set i got you for your birthday" She asks accusingly.

Amanda stops in her tracks. Fuck she mentally curses.

"I'm sorry, i regifted it to you as a Christmas present" Amanda says shamefully.

"You dirty hoe" Abby says feeling stupid she didn't realise that when she got the gift.

"Not gonna lie, that was fucked up Amanda, but fucken smart" Ever says chuckling.

"Let's go I have make-up in my car" Abby says still annoyed at Amanda.

"I'm really sorry Abby" Amanda keeps saying.

"Okay Abby you're dragging this out way longer than you need to. You knew Amanda wasn't gonna use the set when you bought it. She knew you would love it and she regifted it to. You loved it. Was what Amanda did okay, fuck no. Twass really fucked up. Is she sorry, Definitely she hasn't stopped apologizing since we left her house and I'm sorry but I'm sick of hearing Amanda say I'm sorry. Now fucken make-up already" Ever sighs dramatically.

"You're a real bitch you know that, but serves me right for buying something i knew you wouldn't like" Abby says.

"I'm sorry, i really am. I loved the Phora hoodies thou" Amanda says shrugging.

"Yep you did, you've been wearing them every week since you got em" Ever comments.

"Can we go to a Phora concert" Amanda asks.

"Again" Abby asks, not really sure why her friends liked Phora so much.

"Yes again" Ever says. "I'm game, I'll check when and we can buy tickets perhaps VIP this time and we should invite Tom. He’s a hardcore fan as well." Ever concludes as Abby pulls into the beach parking lot. “One of the things we have in common with him” Amanda shrugs smiling.

"This awfully looks like one of the cars from your new neighbors" Abby says.

"Knowing Jay, he's probably befriended them already" Amanda shrugs, not thinking to much into it.

"I'll go get us drinks!" Ever says and Amanda nods.

"I'll go talk Martin, you know break things off" Abby says spotting Martin with Steve.

"Great leave me alone" Amanda Mutters to herself.

“Amanda” Adam says and Amanda’s breath hitchens.

“Adam” she says turning around to face him.


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