Life in Love (ON HOLD) (Perfect Life #1)

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Brianna Moore is in college at the University of Florida, where she majors in Marketing. She thought her last year of college would be easy, but she was very wrong. How will she deal with life at home when she has a supermodel mom, a chill dad, 2 overprotective older brothers, an older sister that’s an actress, an older twin brother, and an athletic younger sister. Christmas is coming up, so she has to go back to her home in Houston, Texas. The one thing she is not looking forward to is seeing Trenton Wayne, even though their families have been close ever since she was 11. She has never met Trenton in person, she’s only talked to him on the phone. Brandon Moore is Brianna’s older twin brother by 10 minutes. They have this special bond that no one else in their family has. Brandon is best friends with Trenton Wayne, who’s a famous model. Trenton has every girl’s heart. Except one, Brianna Moore. Brianna and Trenton hate each other, but sometimes people question if it was really hate these two felt for each other. After all there is a saying that the line between love and hate is blurred.

Age Rating:

1: I just can’t believe I thought he would change for me, I should've known.

A/N: This is my first story I’ve written, so I just wanted to say please don’t give me hate for the bad grammar. This story is also on Wattpad, my username is SophSim13, please go check it out.


SHIT! I'm late, I'm sooo late! I’ve gotta keep running, don’t stop. I look over at the clock and see its 7:25. Dammit, 5 minutes left!

I round the corner of the hallway and see my classroom.

Almost there.

When the clock hits 7:30, I'm in my seat next to my best friend, Angelina Martini, listening to the teacher start her lecture.

After class, me and Angie (A/N: Angie is a nickname for Angelina) meet up with Kyle, Ace, and Alec. "Heyyyy girls!" Kyle shouts to us when he sees me and Angie enter the lunch room.

“Hi!” Me and Angie reply in unison.

“Hey, whats up, beautiful?” Kyle asks me.

“Nothing’s muc-” I get cut off by Ace and Alec.

“Sup Bri, Angie!”

“Hi Ace, Alec.” I reply back

“Hi guys!” Angie replies back after me.

“What are you guys doing for winter break?” Ace asks.

“Me and Ace are going skiing. AGAIN!” Kyle replies. Kyle and Ace and their families have gone skiing for the 3rd time in a row. Every winter break since they have been in college, is when they go skiing.

“Im probably going to stay in my dorm all day during winter break.” Angie sighs.

“Do your parents not want you to come down?” Kyle questions.

“Nope, my parents hate me a lot, ever since Ive been in college they never let me come. Though, Im kinda glad I dont have to go, I dont want to listen to their insults all day about how un-perfect I am and how perfect Amanda is.” Amanda is Angies twin sister, but Amanda doesnt go to college because shes a model. I like Angie better because Amanda has a face caked with makeup, very revealing clothes, and a bitchy attitude.

“What about you Bri?”

“I dont know, Im waiting for my mom to call me to tell me what the plans are. I say frustrated that my mom hasnt called yet.” I look over at Alec and realize he’s been surprisingly quiet for someone as hyper as him.

“So, Alec, what are you doing for winter break?” I ask him.

“I-I uhm-nothing!” He stutters out. Well, that was just weird, no one seems affected by his behavior, maybe Im overthinking things.

The bell rings signaling the end of lunch. Me and Angie are walking back to our dorm, when we hear someone holler.

“Bri! Angie! Wait up!” I turn around to see Ace trying to catch up with us.

“Can I hangout with you guys in your dorm?” He asks.

“Sure, but you guys go ahead. I have to tell Alec something. I start walking to my boyfriends dorm room. Today is the day Im going to tell Alec I love him. Usually Alecs the one to tell me he loves me, because I never felt like I loved him. But now, I realize I love him too. Im super nervous though, hopefully all will go well.

I arrive at this dorm and take out the extra dorm key he gave me. He doesnt have a roommate, so he gave it to me so I can go into his room whenever I want.

I hear some weird noises that I cant make out, so I open the door to see whats going on.I see Alec and some blonde haired girl naked on his bed. I cant believe it, he is cheating on me. I gasp and both of them snap their heads up to look at me.

“What the hell!” Alec looks at me with a shocked face, while the blonde bimbo has a smirk on her face.

“Bri, its not wha-” I cut him off by slamming his door and running back to my dorm.

When I arrive at my dorm room, I feel something wet slide down my cheeks.

Then it hits me, Im crying. I dont know why Im crying though. I dont really feel sad, more angry at myself for thinking Alec really wanted to be with me. This was probably why he was acting weird earlier at lunch.

Alec is the most popular guy in the University of Florida, the college I go to. Before me he would have a lot of flings with a lot of different girls, just like my brothers and Trenton did. Except Alec is not as bad as them.

I just cant believe I thought he would change for me, I should’ve known. I snap out of my thoughts as I hear my dorm door open.

“OMG! Bri, what happened? Are you alright?”

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