Life in Love (ON HOLD) (Perfect Life #1)

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3: "Flight number 156 flying to Houston, Texas is boarding now."

Hey guys! Sorry this chapter is pretty short, but today I’m double uploading. So, I hope you enjoy this chapter and the next.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing. I do my morning routine and head out of my room into the kitchen, where I see Angie leaving. I hurry to catch up with her.

“So, my mom called last night and she told me I can come over for Christmas.” I start to tell her.

“That’s great Bri! I know you really like to go home for the holidays.”

“Yeah, so, anyway she said I could invite Alec, but we broke up. So, I asked if you could come instead and she said yes.”

“Wait! Really?”

“Yup, but I do have to warn you, the Wayne family comes over every Christmas. But this Christmas, Ms. Wayne, also known as Kimberly, invited my parents to go on a vacation. So, it’s just going to be us kids. Do you want to come?”

“Hell yes!” I get my phone from my pocket and text my mom.


Me: Angelina said yes, to coming with me for Christmas.

Mom: Ok Sweetie.


Over the last 2 weeks, Alec has been calling trying to get me back, but I always say no.

"Flight number 156 flying to Houston, Texas is boarding now." That’s our flight. We board our flight and when I sit down I get a text.


Brandy My Twin Bro: Hey Bri, Trent and me aren’t picking u up, sorry.

Oh, the text is from my older twin brother, Brandon.


Me: Ok, that’s fine. And let me guess, you two are probably picking up girls. Right?

Brandy My Twin Bro: Wow, bravo, u know us so well. I got to go, bye.

Me: Bye!

I tell Angie the news.

“Angie, we are going to have to get an uber to get to my house.”

“Huh, Why?”

“Because my twin brother, Brandon, and his best friend, Trenton Wayne, were supposed to pick us up. But, they are busy with their player ways. So, they can’t pick us up.” I see Angie pull out a magazine.

“OMG! Do you mean this Trenton Wayne?” I look at the magazine cover and sigh. Darn you, you beautiful bastard.

“Yup, that's him. I’ve never met him in person, only talked to him over the phone. He’s always busy with his career so when his family comes over he’s never with them.”

“Wow, I can't believe I’m going to meet him. My sister will be sooo jealous.” I laugh at what she said because it’s so true, her sister, Amanda, is obsessed with Trenton. It’s hilarious.

Before she can say anything else, a flight attendant comes to take our order for drinks.

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