Life in Love (ON HOLD) (Perfect Life #1)

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4: "Brianna Moore, I would like you to meet Trenton Wayne, my best friend."

Hey guys, here’s the next chapter of my double upload. Enjoy!


Me and Angie get off the plane, go get our bags, and leave the airport to get an uber. When we get in the uber, I get a message from my brother, Brandon.


Brandy My Twin Bro: Just arrived home, see you soon! ;)

That son of a-

He could’ve just picked us up.


Me: I hate you, you know that.

Brandy My Twin Bro: Awwww! Don't lie, you love meeeee!

I sigh, such a dork.


Me: Whatever, we are on our way to the house. See you soon.


We pull up at my house. As we walk up to the front door, Angie stops walking. I turn to her.

“What if they don’t like me?”

“Don’t worry. They have no reason not to like you.” When I see her nod and mumble an ok, I ring the doorbell.

I hear someone’s footsteps running towards the door and I see it swing open. I'm greeted by my older brother, Liam.

“Brianna!” Liam steps forward to hug me. Liam is only a year older than me. Then, he notices Angie behind me.

“Andddd, who’s this?”

“Liam, meet Angelina Martini, my best friend. Angie, meet Liam Moore, one of my older brothers.”

“Pleasure, Beautiful.” Liam grabs one of Angie’s hands and brings it up to his lips, to kiss it.

“Hello.” Angie says while blushing at Liam’s actions. Liam walks into the house saying,

“Welcome, Angelina, to our home.”

“Thank you and just call me Angie.” She replies as we walk into my house.

“No problem, Beautiful.” I hear Liam shout at us and Angie giggles.

Uhhhh, gross!

I notice the house is empty except for me, Angie, and Liam. Just as I’m about to ask, Liam gives me my answer.

“Everyone’s ou-” He gets cut off by the door opening and tons of people rushing in. They don’t notice me and Angie yet.

“Hey guys, look who has arrived.” Liam motions toward us. Everyone looks in our direction.

“Brianna!” I hear many people shout, as I’m trampled in a hug. I suddenly feel all wet. That’s when it hits me, they must have been swimming when we got here.

When everyone gets off, I clear my throat.

“Its good to see you all! Now, I would like to introduce to you all, my best friend.” I point to behind me and motion Angie to speak.

“Hi! I'm Angelina Martini, but please, call me Angie for short.” I hear a chorus of ‘hellos’ and ‘sups’.

Throughout the commotion, there is one person who’s not saying hello to us. He looks oddly familiar, but I can’t place my finger on it. He looks like a god, with those blue eyes and brown hair. I look at his clothes and find him shirtless with swim trunks on.


He’s very toned.

I look back at his face to see he’s smirking at me.

Oh shit! He caught me.

“Hey Bri!” I jumped, caught off-guard. I turn to see Brandon.

“Brianna Moore, I would like you to meet Trenton Wayne, my best friend,” TRENTON! I smile up at him, since he’s a couple inches taller than me, “And Trenton, meet Brianna Moore, my younger twin sister.” He returns my smile with a smirk. Oh hot damn! I decided to speak.

“Hi, nice to meet you!”

“You too, Brianna.” I shiver at the way my name rolls off his tongue. Oh gosh, get a grip Brianna!

The door slams open knocking me out of my thoughts, I look around confused, to see if I missed anyone. Then I realized, I missed Knoah and his wife.

Knoah is the eldest child in my family. He has a wife and a child on the way. His wife’s name is Veronica Moore, before she got married her last name was Dean. Now, she is pregnant with a baby girl.

“Heyyyy, Sista how y-” Knoah stops talking when he sees Angie, “Who’s your friend, Brianna?”

“Knoah, Veronica, meet my best friend, Angelina Martini. Angie for short.” Knoah and Veronica greet Angie and she does the same back.

I look for my two sisters, I spot them talking together in the kitchen. I greet them.

“Jade, Alina, hi!” They both turn their heads and nod back.

Jade is my older sister, but she’s younger than Knoah and two years older than Liam. She’s also an actress, so its rare for her to have time off.

I also have a younger sister, who is the youngest in our family. Her name is Alina. Alina is very sporty, she plays volleyball in High School, right now. Alina is a senior at Centerbrook High School.

After I talk with Jade and Alina, everyone leaves to go sleep. I didn’t get to talk to the Wayne kids, actually scratch that, I only talked to one.


Oh well, maybe tomorrow. I get in my room and hop on my bed. I soon drift off to sleep.

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