Life in Love (ON HOLD) (Perfect Life #1)

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6: Christian Wayne.

“Hey Brianna!” I hear two people say it at the same time when I’m eating. I look up and see Nickolas and Jackson Wayne, they are twins and the second oldest in the Wayne family. They are fraternal twins and don’t look alike.

“Hey Nick, Jack!” I greet them. Nickolas and Jackson are my favorite Wayne family members. We are very close with each other.

I hear someone going down the stairs, I look towards the stairs to see Ashlina Wayne coming down the stairs. Ashlina looks up and notices me, Nick, and Jack eating breakfast.

“Hi, Brianna, Nickolas, and Jackson.” All three of us acknowledge her. I notice her leaving in scrubs that doctors work in.

“Are you not staying?” I question her.

“I’m sorry, I cant, I got called in to the hospital.” Ashlina is the oldest Wayne sibling and she is a doctor at Midville Hospital, one of the best hospitals in our city.

I hear the door open and close, I guess she just left. I look outside and see two people outside in the pool. I get up to go ask them if they want breakfast, but when I get outside the two people I see playing together in the pool shock me to the core.

Angelina and Liam.

I stand there with my mouth open, holy cow! I watch Liam drag Angelina underwater and then they both come up. I'm about to turn away when I see them get really close to each other and you won’t believe what I saw.

Liam and Angie kissing.

Ok, now I’ve had enough.

“Liam, Angie! Do you guys want breakfast?” I see them jump apart, face’s flushed.

“Uhh... S-sure.” Liam stutters. Wow, that’s probably the first time I’ve heard Liam stutter since he wet himself in second grade during school, in front of the whole class.

“Y-y-yeah, what he said.” I smirk, deciding to tease them a little bit.

“By the way, how was the kiss?” I shouted to them walking inside.

“BRIANNA!” They both shout, embarrassed. I laugh while finishing my breakfast. Nick and Jack see me laughing.

“What’s so funny?” They both ask.

“Liam and Angie kissing in the pool.” As soon as those two hear that, Nickolas starts laughing.

“Really, I thought Brandon and Angelina would be a good couple.” I hear Jackson mumble, but I think he’s talking to himself.

I finish my breakfast and go upstairs, while Nickolas and Jackson start up conversation with each other.

As I’m walking to my room, I heard sniffling. Is someone crying? I reached the room I heard sniffling in. Hey, wait, isn’t that Trenton’s room? I knock on the door and the sniffling abruptly stops.

“Come in.” I hear from the other side of the door. I open the door and see Trenton on the floor with a tear streaked face, holding a picture.

“Hey, You ok?” I ask him. I hear him sigh and put the picture on the floor. I look at the picture and see why he’s crying. He was holding a picture of his father. Christian Wayne.

“Yeah, I'm fine.”

“You sure? It’s ok to let it all out.” After I said that he burst out crying. I walked over to him and hugged him, while whispering comforting words to him.

“I-I miss him so much. He taught me how to play football and I wish he could come to my games to see how much I’ve improved. When he died in the Hospital, I wasn't there for him. I was too busy with football, I-I'm a horrible son.” Christian Wayne, Trenton’s dad, died 4 years ago. He got shot on the side of his head and died in the hospital.

But it’s so weird for Trenton to be thinking of this now, he usually doesn't get upset when people mention his dad. That’s when I realized why he’s upset, today is the day his dad died. I thought it was today, but then the twins didn’t look sad. Usually, the twins get emotional when their dad is brought up, so I thought it wasn’t today.

“I miss him too.” I’ve met Christian before and was there the day he died, like the rest of my family was.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Trenton’s sniffles quiet down.

“Hello, Trenton?” I didn’t get an answer. I look at him and see his eyes closed and his face looking relaxed. I put my head to his chest and heard his heart beating softly. He’s asleep.

I try to lift him off the floor, but he’s way too heavy for me to carry. I know it’s muscle fat because he doesn’t eat many sweets. After many tries, I go with lifting him up and then gently throwing him on the bed. I go and lay on his bed with him. I feel like I just ran a marathon.

After a few minutes, I catch my breath and head back downstairs. When I reach the living room, I hear a video playing and laughter that sounds like Nickolas and Jackson’s. I was right. Nickolas and Jackson are watching home videos of when their father was still alive.

I go and sit on the couch next to them. They snap their heads to me.

“Oh, hi Bri!” I noticed their excitement that was here this morning is gone and replaced with fake excitement.

“How are you guys?”

“We’re fine.” That's bullshit!

“Bullshit! I know you two are not fine, you don’t have to fake your happiness today. It's ok to be sad.” I say softly.

“Look... we just want to be alone right now. Sorry Brianna. Just- I dont want to have this conversation right now.” Nickolas says, turning back to the TV to finish watching the videos. I get up and turn off the TV.

“No, it's not healthy to keep everything in.” I stubbornly say.


I can hear my heart breaking, I haven’t heard them yell since someone teased them about not having a dad.

“Fine I'll go.” I say on the verge of tears. Their face’s soften.

“Wait, Brianna, I'm sorry.” They say, but I’m already upstairs.

As I pass by Trenton’s room, I look inside to make sure he’s still sleeping. I breathe a sigh of relief, when I see him still sleeping. He didn’t wake up from my conversation with Nickolas and Jackson.

I pass by Liam’s room and find the door open, but the room’s empty. Huh, where did he go? Oh wait, I remember, he and Angie left to go do Christmas shopping.

SHIT! I should probably go do Christmas shopping too. I sigh and go back to my room to get ready to go out.

Sorry for the wait, here’s a long chapter for you all.

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