Life in Love (ON HOLD) (Perfect Life #1)

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7: "Dallas?"

I go into the Pandora store at the mall to get Angelina a bracelet for Christmas. I walk into the store and see that all the staff are busy talking with the customers.

I wait around for a few minutes and see that there’s one staff available. As I walk up to her, I see her lift up her head from the computer she’s working at and acknowledges me. “Hi, How can I help you?”

I smile at her and respond back. “I’m looking for a bracelet for my friend. Do you have any BFF ones?”

She turns back to her computer and I hear her start typing. She looks up at me again. “We have only one in stock right now. Would you like to buy it?”

“Can I see the bracelet first before I decide?”

She grabs something that looks like a tiny, black microphone that’s clipped on her shirt. She brings the tiny, black microphone to her mouth and starts speaking into it. “I have a customer who wants to see the one friendship bracelet we have left. Do I have permission to show it to her?”

I notice she’s listening to something. I look at her ears and see those communication wires bodyguards have.

After a couple of minutes of watching the lady waiting for her answer, I can’t help but think I’ve seen her somewhere before. I hear a throat clear, I look back at the lady startled. She gives me a weird look, then I see her give me a big smile.

“Good news, I have been given access to show you the bracelet. Just please don’t touch it.” Where have I seen her before? She leaves the help desk and I jog to catch up with her.

“Hey, I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before.” She abruptly stops, she whips her face to me and fear washes over it.

“No!” I’m taken aback by her shouting at me, “I-I mean no, you’ve never seen me before.”

“I think so,” I say monitoring her reaction to my words.

“Hey Dallas, there’s a customer over here in need of your service!” I hear one of her co-workers shout to her from across the store.

Dallas? I see her gulp and then nod. Then, it hits me, I know exactly who she is.

“DALLAS! I missed you so much, Dal.” She looks at me confused, then it’s like a light bulb went off in her head.

Her face turns into a big smile, “Brianna?”

I nod my head, “Yes, its me, Brianna.”

“OMG! Bri, I haven’t seen you since senior year.”

“I know, where have you been?” I notice her all of a sudden become nervous when I ask that. I take in all her features, “Wow, Dal, you look good.”

“Says you, you look gorgeous!”

We both burst out laughing, but Immediately sobered up when we heard yelling. “Dallas! I told you to go help this customer not laugh your life away!”

I see Dallas look down in shame. I put my hand on her shoulder and she lifted her head up. “Hey, it’s ok. I’ll go buy the bracelet, while you help that customer. Sounds good?”

I see her nod her head and give me a big hug, “Thanks Brianna.”

I smile at her as we walk back to the checkout line, “Your Welcome Dal.” I take out a piece of paper with my number on it. “If you want to hangout, call me up.”

She takes it and puts it in her pocket, “I will, thanks.”

I wave bye to her as I walk to the available cashier. I put the bracelet on his desk. “That will be $20.”

I hand him two ten dollar bills and watch as he puts the bracelet in the bag. I pick up the bag and get ready to leave. “Have a nice day!” He calls out to me as I walk out of the store.

Now, where to go next?


What has Dallas done that she doesn’t want anyone to recognize her? Also, do you guys like short chapters or long chapters?

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